Monday, December 31, 2007

Hillary = Geraldo! - Capt. Ed On A Roll!

The man is on top today....

This is one I agree with completely....there is NO fabrication too big for Hillary as she fights to be bill.....

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters tells it.


The Early Primary System Is Flawed!

That includes at least Iowa and New Hampshire.....and, for quite different reasons.

There has been, in the past year, a great deal of movement and jockeying about by a number of states to address their perceived slight under the current primary setup of the GOP & Democrat parties.

Many states changed to earlier dates....several are being made to pay for not following the party line.

Capt. Ed gives us a look at WHY THE IOWA CAUCUS IS FLAWED!

The Iowa caucus is usually little understood outside the circle of politicians, local residents, and news folk who seem to fail to point out the problems listed in the Fund article above.

In New Hampshire it is a completely different system, but just as flawed. NOT flawed by the voting, which is open, but flawed because of the fact New Hampshire is so far LEFT as to make normal voting impossible....particularly on the GOP side.

The two states seem to set some sort of trend, usually, and thus project their own flawed system upon at least the psyche of other states.

The major parties wish to keep the system as it is with Iowa and New Hampshire leading the pack...probably in some ill-conceived perception that they are providing a vote they, in effect, control.

It is time for the major states to stand up and stand forward. Not the "True-Blue" or "Ready Red" states.....those states with some swing in their voting history and of enough size to actually impact the races. The result would be a return to the system which seemed in place when I was young and 1st a where candidates often went to the convention with a number of votes, and then horse-traded to win.

I am tired of conventions which seem a coronation instead of an actual political challenge.



Deaths in Iraq are now THE LOWEST SINCE THE WAR BEGAN! Read it at Gateway Pundit.

Bet this one does not get front page.....hell, front section coverage by the MSM who are still waiting for the war to reignite! Without it their long-crafted story line just goes no where!

Sad old Antique Media......Next they'll be bemoaning the fact that the war does not choose to follow their story line.

Reminds me of the minority contractor who once told me the house he built for a poor family on a government program didn't have doors in the right place because the architect didn't design it the way he built it. (True story)

Ya gotta love the Antique Media.....well somebody should...with a believability factor somewhere South of idiocy, they need some love.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Harry Potter #8??????

J. K. Rowling, author of the celebrated Harry Potter series has intimated that there MIGHT be an 8th book!

Primary among her reasons.....she feels drawn to the story, and...teen daughter Jessica is urging a return.

Rowling, however, has established that IF there is a #8, Harry would not be the prime character.

As a devoted follower of the series (along with various grandkids, AND the Duchess) I find the best possibility for further exploration to be Harry's wife....The lovely young lady has been given exposure as possessing some extraordinary powers beyond what most had in the series. After all...a Weasley character brings a plethora of possibilities for the story line...just from strange family members!

Bring it on! My ending of the series as reading material brought on the same sort of delicious enjoyment/major disappointment as I realized there was nothing more.

One of my enjoyments of Asimov books was the knowledge that there would be more, and the various series all tied together at one or more points. What a master of the written word!


OMG!!!!! - Illegal Immigrants Named "Texans of The Year????"

Who is in charge of THIS NUT HOUSE?????

The fact a major Texas newspaper would do such a thing is preposterous.....Michelle Malkin TAKES THEM TO TASK!

I am speechless.....Illegal Immigrants ARE NOT all hard-working, dedicated family folks. Can someone at the newspaper's "REPORTING DESK" possibly look at some crime stats on Illegals???? Can they look at the return of those convicted and once/twice.thrice deported????

Nope...the Liberal story is....."Nothing to see here...Just Move Along!"

Oh My God!

We're in the process of PCing ourselves to D-E-A-T-H!


Hillary's Final Message To Iowa! - Nanny State in FULL BLOOM!

I got your back....front....both bottom! So sayeth the Hildabeast as she unveils her plans to help everyone, anywhere, for any reason and every all times!

From the HuffPo!

Those who do not see this woman as V-E-R-Y S-C-A-R-Y!!! Are not thinking beyond the nanny-state education offered in our government schools.


The Border is Dangerous! - Reporter Cannot Find His Lead!

The Mexican-United States border is becoming much more dangerous for our Board Patrol. That story, however, gets buried in a fluff piece about how increased border patrols are endangering scientists along the border.

The nugget of a real story is buried deep several paragraphs in: "Smugglers have responded with violence. Assaults on Border Patrol agents are occurring at a record pace, with 250 attacks reported from Oct. 1 to Dec. 16, an increase of 38 percent over 2006."

The entire story Is here! (& of course from Associated-with-terrorists-Press)

While I can feel for the scientists being impacted; what is wrong with a lead about the 250 assaults on our border patrol in 75 days?

Guess I am not sophisticated enough to filter this in proper perspective.....let me see a few scientists are scared and might leave their place of work vs Border Patrol agents facing more than 3 attacks EACH DAY! Oh, and these attacks are not by knife-wielding low-lifes, but sophisticated attackers who are professionals possessing high-powered automatic weapons!

Wonder why our major media don't see this as a news story of importance. Oh, right! It is tied tightly to the illegals coming to nirvana address one part, the media would need to address the other and that is forbidden territory.

I'm really getting sick-to-death-tired of this selective-biased news coverage from the supposed venerable media elite. I presume their own elitist attitudes might be creeping full-blown into their news story selection as well as the bias within each story.



Saturday, December 29, 2007

75% of Al Qaeda in Iraq Destroyed?

At least one Iraqi General believes it is so......FOXNews reports it.

I am cautious, but the extended read of the report indicates more along with my interpretation of events....many parts seem to be involved to equate to the lowering of civilian and American deaths.

HOWEVER....I do not believe there would have been any appreciable change without General David Petraeus & the Surge!


Friday, December 28, 2007

Why My Doubts????

Guess it comes from the failed efforts of the Pakastani Government to prove they are in control....AND that they were NOT involved in the assassination!

There seems too much effort at justification...

Perhaps guilt defused?


Dolphins - Patriots.....What is What???

The 1972 Dolphins finished a PERFECT season....17 and 0....They also were the team of history. They were the 1st ever to be undefeated....the 1st to go a season with no one topping them.

The 2007 Patriots could, given the failure of one of their opponents to break the string...finish 19 and 0.

That is simply because there are two more games now than in 1972!

To be perfect is astounding. The comparisons will be limitless.....

I am a Dolphin in this struggle. They did it first, and No ONE will ever top them. They might TIE them, but not top them. Having two more games is simply a function of the schedules.

The Patriots are a great team....BUT the Dolphins did it 1st!

I love football, particularly NFL ( though I am much more college-oriented in the last few years!).

It is all good!

&....My Illini, fresh off their best season in Umpty Years, are playing once again in the Rose Bowl. They have a challenge of the 1st water....They will prove the Illini did well by obtaining the wrongly-cast-off coach of Florida.....

Florida is now in a downward spiral since they are missing Ron Zook. They acted hastily, and Zook's follower at Coach benefitted from Ron's expertise in recruiting. Shame to see Florida falling below Zook's level...this will haunt Florida for YEARS!



Hellllooooo Europe! Awake to the Killers Abroad...but Headed to YOUR Place!

This is too much truth for most European appeasers (Leaders).....

Scott Ott Warns the appeasers.....

For those who did not go read the above link.....let me offer Scott's description:

"The assassination of Benazir Bhutto has put on notice the leaders of every European nation.

Your secularism, your democracy will not stand. The growing Muslim populations in your own lands that you have done so much to tolerate, protect and celebrate, will soon rise up against you. Sharia law shall become your law. The Caliph shall rule you.

It remains only for you to choose submission or assassination.

This bullet to the neck of democracy in Pakistan should cause a twinge in the carotid artery of each leader in France, Britain, Germany, Belgium, Italy, them all."

AMEN, but do you really believe the Euro-leaders are ready or even aware that they need be ready to defend their country from this Islamofascist idiocy? I do not think they are ready or cognizant of the threat!


Thursday, December 27, 2007

McCain A "NO GO" For Me!

John McCain is a fine example of a military hero. He is irrational as a legislator!

I could not support him for President. If we have a Hildabeast/McCain shoot-out for the POTUS spot, I may just stay home.

McCain has three strikes against him (Yer-Out! in baseball vernacular)....

1. The Gang of 14.......7 GOP Senators, led by McCain GAVE AWAY the GOP right to have GWB's judicial nominations approved. The fact is, to this day GWB is getting NO approvals according to past history....Thanks John!

2. McCain-Feingold.....A fine example of McCain's Democratic leanings. He joined with a lunatic Dem to produce "Reform", and instead produced muzzles on freedom of the press! Thanks again John!

3. Kennedy-McCain.....John's wonderful effort to make all lebenty-seven Illegals legal! How very nice! This was the crowning blow for McCain....His party is 60% PLUS against making illegals legal. He now talks a new game, but in office would revert in a heartbeat to illegal-lover. Thanks again John!

Now you know my feelings.....Go out and vote for ANY GOP candidate before John McCain. He is a RINO.....not in the usual sense....but instead an alledged GOP Senator who more-often-than-not votes as if he were liberal......Thus the Lieberman support!

No John for me!


Bhutto Killed - Possible Disasterous Results

Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the opposition leader in Pakistan, was killed today at a rally where she spoke. The cause has been accorded to either a bomb blast by a suicide bomber, or a gunshot wound to the neck....perhaps a shooting followed by the bomber.

Whatever the cause the results could horrendous as civil war is not out of the question. Civil war in Pakistan, a nuclear nation, has many negative ramifications. Chief among the problems is control of the nuclear weapons AND process. Iranians, located next door, would love to have access to the process, and of course the actual weapons.

This needs to be watched for the next few days to see what happens in the country. I am sure Pakistan's military and police will be on full alert and Washington will follow the developments closely.


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"Huck-a-Boom!" - A Bust?

The fade begins. Nothing like the light of day to uncover things you are trying to hide. Huckabee came on like gangbusters, and he could fade just as fast. I must confess I am in line with his ideas in ONLY one area......The Fair Tax. He is right about this one, and it is being maligned, and perverted by many writers.

However, once beyond the tax thing, I am not in tune with almost anything he has done....and that, not what he now sez, is what is likely to follow election.

This, for me, presents a quandry....I like Thompson. He is dying in the polls. Romney is possibly my 2nd choice.....Guiliani my 3rd, and of course, no matter who is included (Paul counted) McCain is my last.....Too much Gang of 14; McCain-Feingold; Kennedy-McCain Illegal acceptance......I cannot do that. If the field in the final is McCain vs Hillary, I'd have to refrain from voting. It is just that simple. As a fairly-conservative/libertarian fellow, I could go with Romney, Thompson, Guiliani...


Illegals - Take Yourself Home!!!!

Sound a bit silly to you? It is not, and that is being proven by Arizona.

Jay Tea at Wizbang TELLS THE STORY!

From the story line, and other items I have read about this new move by Arizona....and, more importantly about the RESULTS....It is time for each of us to begin pushing our state to act as responsibly as has Arizona.

Not only are these folks going home, but also they are obtaining Mexican citizenship papers for their born-in-the-USA "anchor" kids so they can attend Mexican schools. That is a fairly permanent move!

While there is much kerfluffle about this from our beloved politicians...of both stripes...the fact is politicians motives are VERY transparent.

Democrats see a new "entitlement" class in the illegals...if they are made legal. One that will vote for the entitlement providers...Democrats.

Republicans see it as a "business" issue. The businesses which provide much of the GOP support like having C-H-E-A-P labor. They are not concerned about the average joe, just about where they can keep costs down and allow we taxpayers to fund the social needs of said cheap labor.

The voters.....YOU and ME.....that is the group that can make this happen and the problem go away. Simply hold our politicians feet to the fire until it happens.

Illegals need to come to the USA, but LEGALLY....You know LIKE YOUR FAMILY & MINE DID!


Another From The WTF? Department - Radaring Sledders?????

Don Surber gets DOWN TO THE RUNNERS on this one.

Waukesha, Wisconsin police are radaring night sledders to see how fast they are going. Seems they feel a law for sled helmets must be necessary.

Guess they have "ZERO" crime in Waukesha.....else the boys in blue parkas would be trying to solve real crime. What was that song...."Too Much Time on My Hands!"

I heard Wisconsin folks can be silly!...particularly their police. Why last election these cops had nothing to do in Wisconsin while some voters managed to cast their ballots......AT 4-6 DIFFERENT POLLING PLACES! Nothing to see here, move along.


Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas is Bright In Iraq.....No Hannakah in Iran!

This is the story you'll NOT read in your local antique media in the morning.....

In Iraq.....AN UNHEARD OF JOINING of Christians and Muslims! HURRAH!

In Iran.....JEWS ESCAPE TO ISRAEL to escape persecution....Nazi Style????

Merry Christmas.....and a celebration of Christians & Jews, and the joining of Muslim and Christian to make a strong healthy Iraq.



Cool Yule Lights & Charges!

What a COOL YULE......

Received two items ostensibly for my RV time, but in effect good for lots of uses......

The 1st a Panther Vision Lighted Cap. This one is not your typical "light-strapped-to-a-cap", but instead a cap fitted with twin LED lights in the cap bill...unseen unless you do a close-quarters inspection. The batteries and switch are on the size adjuster in back. Came home last night and dropped my cell phone in a dark yard. Flipped on the light and BINGO, daylight in an 8 foot circle. This will be great for night hook ups of the RV to water/electric, etc.

2nd great gift was the Sharper Image Jump-Start DC Power Plus. This great little item....about the size of a squared off three cell flashlight is capable of: 1) quick-charging your vehicle battery, 2) Providing a bright flashlight, 3) portable power for cell phones, laptops, camcorders, CD players and more. It comes with connectors for ffive types of DC equipment, a direct accessory plug in for cars, a 110 volt plug in for recharge, and a lot more...all in a zippered canvas bag.

NEAT Stuff from a family paying attention to my needs!


Sunday, December 23, 2007

"Confounding The Pundits!" - Thompson Moves On

Fred Thompson is not going to wimp out.....His promise of "A Different Kind of Campaign!" has been true so far.

Now he is amazing some, and possibly shaking the trees in Iowa.....

Ruffini sez so....

I predicted some time ago a 1st or 2nd for Thompson in Iowa.....I'd be happy with Ruffini's prediction!


Holiday Statement!!!!!

Earlier I posted my Christmas message......

Now, my favorite statement on what to do about the endless food, drink and excesses of the Holidays........

Remember this motto to live by: "Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, martini in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming "WOO HOO what a ride!"

Love it!

To hell with the Vulcan "Live Long & Prosper!"......My Motto....."Enjoy Life to the FULLEST & Make Enough to Do So!"


Bulletin! - Emily Litella Is Back.....

I loved the winsome young lady for her frankness.......

Like Emily, Harry Reid now sez....."Nevermind!"

What a reversal by the Houdini of Congress....

I do notice the main stream media is not playing this a lot.....see post below for details!


I Got Your Iraq Story - But Won't Tell It!

From the "Just What We Expected" Department.....

Pew Research has a story explained by Captain's Quarters own Capt. Ed!

If it is not a) Anti-Bush; b) anti conservative...then it is a NO GO in the story lineup. Who'd a thunk it?

Bias, I don't see no media bias, do you see any media bias?????? & By-the-way Bush avoided Vietnam while Kerry was using the Magic Hat to Invade Thailand! is so plain to all EXCEPT the media themselves.

They maintain this absurdly anti-American line that exposing one of our secrets as a country or of one of our intelligence agencies is "reporting".....after all you know Russia, China, N. Korea, and the Middle East countries all operate on an open media why not us?

IDIOTARIANS! - The media are responsible for creation of the word! It is self-descriptive.


Tis The Season...

As THE day approaches, Duchess and I would like to wish each and every one of you a

Merry Christmas!

We hope your holiday is as filled with Family/Friends & enjoyment as ours will be!

Best to you all.


Friday, December 21, 2007

"Sempar Paratus!" - My Friend From The Past!

As we watch this draw to a close, the number of WWI vets diminishes by 1/3rd Three became two...IT HAPPENS... It is natural!

My own Father was WWII, and there are too few of them as well.....But the folks of WWI were a different breed. They fought a war of attrition...a war of gases, and trenches, and illogical methods of fighting one another. They provided a 1st stop to the juggernaut "Germany" which sought to rule all.

These folks fought in a way as foreign as the days of soldiers today from 3rd world countries.

A salute to my fallen comrade.....

Long live your memory my friend...I am proud to have know of your exploits.....

Duke.....BC-MSN (Lt. Commander, USCGAux) Ret.

THIS IS Hillary!!!!!

For real, and actual.....


Do YOU want this woman as your President?????

I do not, and I am sure anyone who has read what she actually represents and sez....not what her campaign writes and presents as something the American Public cannot accept....Maybe that is why more than 40% of the voting DEMOCRATIC public say they cannot vote for her!


UPDATE!: This piece tells the tale of a person infected with Hillary-mania...and writing as if a neutral observer....AS "John" said in the famous movie about summer camp...."IT JUST DOESN'T MATTER!" I buy the plot, and I WILL justify it!


Thursday, December 20, 2007

400 Scientists Question Global Warming - U. S. Senate Report!

Yes sir folks....

400 Scientists.....

This is huge.... READ THE STORY!

When, oh, when will the major media folks begin to question OwlGore and Company....or will they read such as this report and still be blinded by the glare off the Nobel Prize???

Guess we know the answer to that one kiddies!

The planet will be a frozen wasteland before the MSM begins to change their tune. & Gore will still be jetting around the world telling us the sky is falling.


I Have Experience, I Just Cannot Tell You About It!

That continues to be the story of the 2,600 pages of records closed off by President Clinton.

Recently he denied this, but his own Clinton Library admits the 2,600 pages are being held at his direction.

How convenient! I have ALL the experience for being President.....but, you can read about it after I am elected.

Right...and I'll believe a Clinton!


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Voice of Reason on Illegals!

U. S. District Court Judge Neil Wake , is leaning toward denying a request to delay implementation of the new Illegal law in Arizona.

Usually a proponent of big business, I am in agreement. Democrats, while seeking votes from illegals, are in my opinion losing a great opportunity to bring out their usual drum beat of "big business is bad".....and garnering more votes. I guess they feel voters will not penalize them for their illegal support.

Oh, and this tidy little added bit....2/3rds of Mexicans coming to the USA are doing so illegally! Sur-prize!

Of the actually 68% who are illegal, more than half pay a guide to get across. In my mind I picture really, really strong laws which lock up these guides when caught ofr oh say 10-15 years. That ought to lower the flow of illegals.

It is time our politicians began to hear the public...not their own special interests. So the chances of that happening are ???? Z-I-P! Look at the action yesterday by the Congress....they gutted the 700 mile fence bill, AND voted $10 million to lawyers representing these same illegals. It is long past time for the voters to express their outrage at the polls. KNOW YOUR CANDIDATES!


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Bilbo Will Live!.....Again!!!!!

Frodo did his three-movie march through the wilds of the world and now, the original book...."The Hobbit" will live again.....apparently as a two-part movie.....


Have always been a fan of the Tolkien stories.....

READ and HOPE!!!!

This MUST be filmed in New Zealand, as the three Lord of The Rings films were.....

The geography is splendid.....

BUT, who will play Bilbo????

Who will play the other parts from the LOR series???? Perhaps the same folks who played in the LOR can come back as different characters for the people of the Hobbit!

I shall awai thtis with great anticipation. Peter Jackson did the LOR series so well, I am sure he cannot fail the Hobbit story....


The Sky Is Falling, The Sky Is Falling!

No less than the United Nations itself has decided we are about to starve.....


I guess I'd give this a lot more credence if the U.N. had A-N-Y form of reliability as a know, something to give us a factor of at least 50% believability in their pronouncements......Most of which are usually just revealed before a MAJOR fund solicitation from the major nations.

This is ridiculous. The U.N. is ridiculous.

We need this body headquartered in Bahrain or some such place......perhaps Antartica where land is cheap, and flights very, very limited....



Well, nothing like sticking it out there for all to see.....

DEMS - Obama by a hair over Hildabeast....enough to bring the Hillary campaign to reality. Despite Bill's "she never counted on Iowa" comment, this would be a real slap in the face to the lady who felt she was working toward crowning as the anointed person for 2008.

GOP - This will be a make or break for Thompson, and I firmly believe he will finish 1st or 2nd....possibly 3rd by a hair in the Hawkeye State......This should be enough to : cause major problems for Mitt, and gasps of surprise for the others who seem to have abandoned Iowa. Thompson, with a win or 2nd place here, suddenly is VIABLE!

Interesting to see what happens.


Bill (POT) Meet Obama (KETTLE)....

Too funny....Bill Clinton makes a giant error in describing Obama.

HAR HAR HAR! How soon Bill forgets.

It is nice the new media seem to always catch these things.


IDIOCY! - Thy Name is Public (Government) Education!!!

This is just too much.....


The schools recognize the girl was bringing the knife to cut her lunch. They know she meant no harm. They know the facts are clear and open. They are idiots!

Political Correctness run amok!

Our schools are a cesspool of people leading our kids into a spiral from which they may never recover. "Don't Move, Don't Think, Don't Have an Opinion!" Any one of those could and probably would get you in trouble.

What happened to COMMON SENSE in the minds of educators?????


McCain Still A "NO-Go" For Me!

John McCain is suddenly the media darling in the GOP race......Romney is faltering; Huckabee is a "bubble"; etc.

Read the Opinion Journal piece!

I can only revert to two things regarding McCain.......Illegals and McCain-Feingold. Those two items will forever end my ability to accept McCain. This man, once in office, will be a loose cannon.

I cannot go there.


"We Have Only Just Begun!"

I had often wondered what happened to the "stream of energy" from black holes. If you are not familiar, then go read about black holes and come back!

They basically suck in anything within hundreds of light years.....BUT they expel energy in a stream out at a 90 degree axis from the intake....(Roughly speaking)

It now appears one of the black hole's (there are thousands/millions) exhaust streams is striking another galaxy....

OH...Just go READ ABOUT IT!!!!

Fascinating stuff, but we are just infants in understanding ANYTHING about our universe. Not in my lifetime will we have any grip on the reality of space/time....

Probably not in my kids/grandkids either....

We are truly rank amateurs in this area....

Wish I could be around for say 200 years or so and see what more we discover/explore. After all, think where we were in scientific understanding in the year 1807!!!!

In my lifetime we: made an atomic bomb; we landed on the moon; we launched a telescope which has allowed us to see galaxies 14 BILLION light years away; we cured polio; we began replacing people's damaged organs (& are now near to replacing organs with fully-contained artificial organs); we launched vehicles which now roam Mars; we launched others which are exploring our solar system; we identified "black matter" as existing; we thought and wrote of the singularity; and so much more.

How do we rank these items in their impact on us and the future? The future of Earth AND of mankind? Who knows...and only time will truly rank their impact upon us.

One thing stands tall in my reasoning about mankind's hope for A future....Mankind must deploy. We must establish other outposts. The odds of annihilation are simply too great on this small, vulnerable place called Earth. One major meteorite and all of mankind is either extinct or impaired for thousands of years. Man must have alternative locations....& the Moon is NOT enough....probably the solar system is not enough, although a major outpost on a moon of one of the gas giants is a start.

The thoughts run rampant....the needs usually downgraded to "what's for lunch"...or, what laws do we need to amend....Simplistic things of day-to-day life. Nothing to address the long-term existence of MANKIND! The Carpenters song returns to me in this vein, "We have only just begun!"

Food for thought! Now I'll go stare at one of the Hubble pictures and imagine I hear the sounds of space and time......


Border Fence...A Democrat Casualty!

Yeppers folks, those lovely Democrats....guardians of the people (which people we are not sure, but illegals seem to be the current chosen few million) have gutted the 2006 Build-A-Fence plan.

The border fence, all 700 miles of it, is fiction....

5 Miles have been built in two years!

But who are we to complain.....Oh yeah...the voters...the folks who by a country mile favor a fence. However the Democrats have now seen to it that the fence is farce. Michelle Malkin covers it like a blanket....

No time ever have we been faced by such blatant lies and subterfuge by a party dedicated to making the USA into a safe harbor for all illegals. Thanks Dems....You reinforce my decision to vote for any person running against your candidate....well, except for Mel Martinez. But that's another story addressed often here before. Of course the bill will probably be signed by Mr. "Pro-Illegals" Bush of the Presidential position.


I Got Your Meditation Right Here!

What a MAR-VEL-OUS idea....a Meditation room at a college so all religions can utilize the space.

OOPS! Guess the idea, while good, went off target a bit.....

Neal Boortz reports today on his site:


In Minnesota, a community college's "meditation room" has been converted into a full scale Muslim prayer room ... all at the taxpayers expense. Yes, you guessed it, it's a government school.

The room used to be the only usable racquetball court until the administrators decided it would be better used as a meditation room. This "meditation room" is said to be open to all religions ... from the descriptions that is clearly not the case.

The room is split into sex-segregated sections. The smaller section for women has literature like "Hijaab and Modesty," which instructs women on proper Islamic behavior – cover you face, stay at home, do not speak. There is also literature saying that the Jews and the Christians are the enemies of Allah.

A poster in the room advertises a local lecture for "marriage from an Islamic perspective." The other flyers were for students to join the Normandale Islamic Forum or participate in Ramadan celebrations. There is a sign on the room's entrance asking for all students to remove their shoes ... because Muslim customs require it.

But it seems like there are a few things missing from this non-denominational catch-all "meditation room." How about a Bible. Or a crucifix. Or a Torah. Nope. Nothing but a bunch of Islamic propaganda.

Islamopandering ... happening everywhere."

By the way, reports have it that the fellow in charge of insuring an open meditation room has not been there and refuses to go....I guess he is afraid he might find the litarature and complete Islamification of the Meditation Room...and then he'd have to act. Not this cowardly lion.

If any of you folks are in the area, please go file a complaint.

Students....SPEAK OUT!


Monday, December 17, 2007

133 Days & Counting!

What a fiasco.....

The Global Warming Cabal....led by OwlGore....has found a way to resist $150,000 in reward money......ALL they have to do is ANSWER THIS!

Should be no BIG thing......

After all, they "Know" the debate is over and Global Warming is REAL! & It is MAN's Fault!

Or is there a problem?????

Guess the OwlGore folks just do not DO debate....

If you are ordained as the "right" folks, then you do not need to debate!

OwlGore will LOSE THIS ONE....

His facts are already being challenged from 4 quarters.....

He is working to make something happen before the folks of "real Earth" get into the frey and discover the facts are there is NO GLOBAL WARMING!

It is a natural fluctuation...nothing more!

Go OwlGore!


Muslims Are C-R-A-Z-Y....But They LOVE Killing, Domination, and Women as a Minority! - With Beatings/Killings/Etc.

This is just too delicious....

I am just reviewing every post, and every "Antique Media Story" on how the Muslims are the "Religion of Peace".....You know, right after they do some "honor" killings of 16 year olds cause they would not wear the hijab.....or, they kill someone who claims they have found Christ....OOPS...Islam will NOT forgive your leaving the code of Female domination...They find GOOD cause to KILL YOU! OR if you are raped by a gang....and you do not happen to be with a family member at the time...YOU are guilty of a crime and should be jailed AND whipped to the tune of 200 strokes......

WOW these Islamic folks are real fun, and they really, really want us to believe they are the religion of peace...(small letters as my interest diminishes!)

They wish to plan marriage for their kids....and they will KILL if you do not follow their dictates...but after all they are the "religion of peace".....and, if you are a person who no longer believes and wishes to change your religion, then you must be KILLED!

The folks at Islamic HQ are stating their intentions.....Be a Muslim or be a subservient non-Muslim, or D-I-E!!!!!!

Gosh what a good group of folks to have as your buds......

The thing is they MEAN IT! Thus we must stop this idiocy, or perish among the politically correct folk who wish to "just get along"....

The Islamists DO NOT wish to "get along"...they wish us to convert or die!!!!!!

Can you understand this?

I can!


Hit Them Keyboards! - Which is best????

Trek thru wireless keyboard/mouse land!

It began with a failing wired mouse. Logitech is my usual choice.

The thing suddenly began double-clicking resulting in some weird activity. I decided it was time for a trip to Radio Shack....long a favorite place of mine dating back to the days of patch wires, etc.

I located a young man who was English-challenged....but enthusiastic. He quickly took me to a "special" on a mouse/keyboard wireless duo....something I had not considered. To date my wireless equipment had been limited to mice! The unit, by "LabTech" was quite highly recommended by the salesman, and it was closing out for just $19.95...throw in a 2 year extended warranty for $5.99 and you have a reasonable option.

Home....setup, and wait. The thing comes with a small "receiver" which has dual connectors for the keyboard and mouse slots on my PC.....then you hit "Connect" on the receiver and have 10 seconds to push a similar "connect" button on the bottom of the mouse. BINGO! So far so good. There is where it began to fall apart. It took about ten tries to get mouse and keyboard to connect. Then they worked fine....for five minutes. At that point both ceased working and would not reconnect.

I gave it a day to try twice more.....same result. Worked five minutes then died.

Back to Radio Shack. This time they pointed me (the Manager who must be at least 20 joined us) to a LogiTech unit costing $10 more......Now the $5.99 warranty is only 1 year. BUT I take it.

I must report success. This unit is slick. Same sort of "receiver" but nicely configured. The mouse connected before I began pushing buttons, and the keyboard followed closely behind. Both have now been connected through three system shutdowns and rehook up as soon as I boot. Love it....Get tired of typing, lean back in my high-back leather chair and type away from my lap with NO wires.

Software connected several additional keyboard "buttons" I can, from my keyboard, Mute sound or raise or lower the volume....I can stop-start-pause and restart videos from the keyboard....It also has an "X" key to close whatever window is on a "Back" key (complete with left facing arrow) to move back one screen online. They ALL work! Marvelous.

I now have invested about $40 with tax, extended warranty, etc.

My next stop was going to be the Microsoft setup, but it is more and I avoid MS when possible!

Did I mention the $10 rebate????

Nice stuff this technology!


The Dems BIG Lie on Taxes & The Rich!

You've heard it hundreds of a broken record....Democrat politicians yell and scream about the "Rich" paying their fair share. They claim also the rich keep getting richer and paying less....while the middle class and lower class pay more.

How can I say this????? W-R-O-N-G!!!!!

There that was simple enough........WHAT? You want proof?...Why? Dems provide NO proof when they make their wild claims. They just say it until the government-educated begin to believe it is fact.

However, in the spirit of the season, AND cause I have the facts.......

HERE THEY ARE!!! Oh, and in case you didn't read the description of Mr. Greg Mankiw, he is a Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

Nuff said. How nice to see facts presented instead of the old tired cliches the Democrat party uses. Next time you see a Democrat stating the "Rich pay less" theme, just ask him/her to prove it....and maybe print out a copy of the professor's work to show them. That should cause a lot of harrumphs and other such drivel.


Auld Lang Syne - Ah I Knew You Well!

This morning's news includes the passing of my favorite balladeer....Dan Fogelberg. His songs included; The Run For The Roses; Auld Lang Syne; and, The Leader of The Band.

The thing about this musician is, I knew him. Not as a friend, but as someone who passed through my life.

Dan's ballad about his father Larry Fogelberg (The Leader of The Band) has always been special to me as I was a student of Larry Fogelberg's. Larry directed my high school band (Pekin, Illinois) and also the Bradley University Band where I played during my last three years of high school as Larry did not have enough musicians...particularly trombone players (we were the pep band for the then-powerhouse Bradley Braves of the Missouri Valley Conference)! In his retirement years he even directed the Municipal Band in Pekin in which I played for several years.

I remember in high school when Larry used to bring along his snot-nosed son, Dan, who then must have been about 6-8 years of age...and already quite a pianist. He and his two older brothers were all swimmers, and one year when we had a swim party to close the high school band year, I raced the two older boys in a free style swim. I beat them. They went to Dad Larry and complained and he came to race me. This barrel-chested man, then in his 50s, beat me badly! Later he confided what few if any of us then knew.....In 1932 Larry Fogelberg was the Olympic back up swimmer for free style champ Johnny Weismueller! Oh yes, Larry also was, as the song said, director of the Navy Band in WWII! Quite an accomplished man who produced an equally accomplished son.

Dan died of cancer after a three year battle. He was 56.

His songs still reside in my music library for occasional playing....usually accompanied by a round of warm remembrances for his father, a fine musician and dedicated man who brought good instrumental music to thousands in Central Illinois. And for Dan who warmed many a lover with his ballads, written from personal experience.

R.I.P. Dan.


UPDATE: Many others are also posting on Dan's passing and his life.....

Michelle Malkin has thoughts and music!

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters tells the story and garners lots of comments.

"If G W Bush Is Re-elected!"

Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit, has for many months now added little tongue-in-cheek items to his blog about the consequences of the 2004 election of President Bush to a 2nd term. The items are funny as heck....

For Those EDU-MA-CATED in government is all parody and actually means the reverse.

For those who can actually read and digest things the listings are pretty funny!


Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Knew You When, Celine!

I actually did NOT know her....but the fact of her long, long engagement of filled houses, and magnificent songs makes Celine Dion the premier songstress/entertainer of the Vegas front.

She has ended this record-setting run....and now the story is TOLD FOR ALL!!!

What a songbird...what a time for an entertainer.....

A Salute to this person who has sung more really really good stuff than any other I know,.....and I am a major Streisand supporter (though her politics STINK!)

Thank you Celine for songs of memory and songs of delite.....


UPGRADE!!!!! - Vista to XP!!!!!

YEPPERS folks, the fear is REAL!

Vista is a gigantic failure for most of us!

Thus the story.....OF THE CHANGE!

I am still in XP on all three of my machines......Just intuition folks.....MS products usually are unveiled as failures in a number of ways. The saga continues!

Perhaps at a future date this Vista creature will be something of value....NOT today!


"Tiggers are Wonderful Things!"

Lions, and Tigers....etc......

This is just TOO delicious.....

READ HOW TIGGER SOCKS caused a furor!

BUT The courts found the idiocy out and the school must pay.....

Time for the PC Police to withdraw their swords, and await another liberal SN ruling!

How sad...we are now dealing in S-O-C-K-S!!!!!!

Get a life PC folk....GET A LIFE!


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Israel.....U.S. Intel Report Could Cause WAR!

Read IT!

The NIE report is causing things we never dreamed of.....and they ALL point to a failure by the U.S. Intel Community....with HEAVY emphasis upon the CIA!

Germany, France, MOST other intel sources are saying the NEI is W-R-O-N-G!!!!!

I agree, but cannot, for the life of me, decide WHY the CIA made this disasterous move!


Bill: "She Actually Does Not Need This (Iowa)!"

Translation......"May Day; May Day!"

We have fallen and we can't get UP!

The Clintons have for the 1st time found them selves to be less-than-invincible.....

How nice!

I love it, and the Clinton camp's running about is causing even further diplay of their vulnerability!

I love it....BUT....The fact is Hillary is the candidate the GOP CAN defeat!

Nuff said.....If "We" win in getting Hillary out of the race, then we face unknowns!


"Spies Like US!"

What the Fxxx has happened to the intelligence for Iran's effort to build a REALLY BIG BOMB???

Well, let us see...the CIA, those fellows who "knew no-thing about 9/11" and who still seem as inept as kids on a drunk...seem to feel they should suddenly, and disastrously completely reverse their feelings about Iran's efforts and ability re: BOMBS that are really, really, scary!

In July the CIA folks involved in the current report said the Iranians were continuing to develop NUKES!

In December, they suddenly find the Iranians were stopped in 2003....

CIA idiotarians!!!!!

I cannot believe this report. I cannot believe they found such disparate reports in such a short time to be anything the public AND the political community will believe.

What IS their goal????? I know there is a political one or they would not have done such damage to themselves by reversing field in such a drastic move! WATCH these idiots as they move about and scheme....politically....exactly the reverse of what they are intended to be. They may be killing us as we watch!!!

What IS their goal??? Simple obfuscation to indicate the GWB APPROACH (CONSERVATIVE) IS b-a-d


Scientists to U.N. - "Stop The Hysteria!"

More than 100 scientists have written the United Nations asking them to halt their spiral toward hysteria over global warming. They state facts and refute OwlGoreisms in their missive.

The conclusion by Cassy Fiano: " The list of signatories is impressive. But what would they know compared to the Goracle, a politician who was a C student in science? Besides, abandoning the global warming hoax means abandoning the perfect excuse to inflict socialism and economic ruin on Western Civilization -- and of course, blame the United States for yet another catastrophe. Why would the Goracle and the bureaucrats at the UN possibly give that up, no matter how much the science disagrees with their agenda?"

The drum beat continues.....The opposition to Gore and his cronies GROWS almost daily!

The entire piece by Cassy Fiano IS A GREAT READ!

Wonder how much more it will take (no less than The Pope & also the founder of The Weather Network have announced their disbelief in GW!) before the Mushy Slime Media (MSM) begins to cut back on their love of OwlGore and company....let alone begin to hear others?

I promise a GIANT "I TOLD YOU SO!" when it occurs!


Another USF Student Charged In Goose Creek Case!

Somehow I missed this in the Tampa news......MAYBE cause it was not there??????

A 3rd person charged in the incident....YEPPERS...Just read this!

Guess the media were busy with impending rain and wind, and other huge stories and could not get the coverage necessary.......Ha Ha



Waitresses/Waiters for Philly Steakhouse. Must speak Spanish, German, Italian, French, Islamic, Japanese, Chinese, and most other languages! English IS NOT REQUIRED!

Now that should limit the applicants!

Just read of the plight of a Philly restaurant owner who simply asked his customers to order in English to make ordering easy and quicker.....

THIS SUCKS....Big time!

I have the right to refuse service? BUT, it cannot be because someone cannot speak a language used by 99.9% of those who do order?

Philly has lost the freedom principles, and is moving toward complete idiocy! Political Correctness run amok! The folks in Seattle must be cheering. Wonder if you tried to order there in a steak house in some other language if they'd have a problem?

I'll report when this decision comes out, but it could impact LOTS of businesses!


Friday, December 14, 2007

Gun Restrictions = More Crime!

SURPRISE! Not really. Only a surprise (and something usually denied) by gun control advocates.

Read the story by M. D. Harmon in the Portland Press Herald and know...

Lies about guns are much more prevalent than you'd believe.

Give me a person LICENSED to carry a gun, and I am much much more secure than in a "gun free space" which is usually not!


Thursday, December 13, 2007

War - Shmore! Immigration is 08 Ticket To Ride!

That is my belief....and that based upon my own ears hearing what hundreds have to say as Duchess and I travel across the country.

The story is exposed at Politico in an on-target piece by Jim VandeHei and John F. Harris.

Watch as this becomes a top issue, and Conservatives can hope the Democrat Liberals continue to either play head-in-the-sand on the topic, or even speak out as they have already in support of helping the illegals.

Interesting to watch.


"I'm Mel-ting!"

From the famouse Wizard of OZ scene and the death of the Wicked Witch!

Seems so appropriate for Hillary today. She ain't no Bill......

The shrillness continues to get louder.

Obama had a drug problem; Obama has a slush fund (a fund she and Shaheen, the Clinton operative who unveiled Obama's supposed past drug problem both benefitted from in the past)......and it goes on and on as desperate Clinton teams try to stem the bleeding of support for Hillary and/or the growth of support for Obama.

The Clinton campaign has become the news these days for followers of the Presidential race.

Guess by past few posts I have become a bit involved in it also. Maybe because I did not anticipate this melt down!


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

BUT....I Never Inhaled!......

This is too stupid to be believed.....

The Clintons attacking Obama for "drug-experience!"

The originators of the "I never inhaled" idiocy are going to attack Obama for some minor drug use...?????

READ IT!!!! Then decide what idiocy they offer.....

The Clintons, the liars of the decades, offer some facts to make their arch-rival less than are they. They have a VERY-VERY Short memory!

Or they think the electorate is composed of idiots....BUT OF COURSE they do!

They are the annointed...the C-L-I-N-T-O-N-S!!!!!

Shrillary and Bill (as consort and leader-in-absentia!)

GOD What could we bring forth if we elect this Demo fraud!


Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Honesty? - Hillary Knows Not of Such!

Just in case you have not yet heard of Hillary's penchant for lying......

Here's a neat little story written by Stuart Taylor, Jr. for the National Journal: "Honesty: Hillary's Glass House"

For those who think this woman a good leader and someone on whom you can depend.....You need to read it!


Global Warming is NATURAL!

This by REAL Scientists.....

See if it is given any coverage by the Antique Media!


Seems I have been saying this forever.....

OwlGore will NOT be giving this any coverage, just as he has studiously avoided any debate on the issue. After all debate gives those who don't feel as does Owl a chance to state their position, and we all know Owl and company oppose any exposure of a position other than theirs. After all what does this former politician have to offer if his GW issue is removed? (& IT WILL BE!)


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Double Trouble RE: NIE Report!!!!

Glenn Reynolds OFFERS THIS!

My own opinion of the CIA is they are not only bad at intelligence gathering, but also extremely poor at politics! I am beginning to think they may have outgrown themselves and need to be replaced. Unfortunately in the extremely partisan politics of Washington today, I do not feel any new body created would be any more effective.


Friday, December 07, 2007

NBC Sez...We Cannot Air Your Thanks To The Troops!

Liberal Main Stream Media?????

Of course....and using A-N-Y excuse they can manufacture.....


"We have No Agenda".....thus sayith NBC.....

Laugh til it hurts, and then email the idiots at the network to let them know how YOU feel!


Tain't Funny McGee!

The line is something lost on those under 60.....

It was said by a member of the cast of the "Fibber McGee & Molly Show", at its finest.

This application, however is of the bizarre statements and positions of our CIA ("Cover It ALL!") intelligence agency.....

What the xxxx are these idiots planning next?

They have reversed (vis-a-vis their new NEI Report) course for the possibility of Nukes in Iran....Saying now that the Iranians stopped work on a Nuke in 2003....YEARS AGO) This despite the immediate response from Germany and France that the threat of Nukes still exists! & Despite their own reports of 2005 and as recently as July of 2007, that the Iranians were working on Nukes for delivery!

Now it is announced the CIA has destroyed tapes of "interviews", mild torture of folks in Git-Mo to "Protect the identities of the questioners!"

Bull-Shit......Pure and Unadulterated!

The CIA is asserting itself more and more as an agency run wild,. and out of control. They are seemingly opposed to any form of control for their OPs, and they will smear anyone and anything in their way.

WE are the creators of the CIA....and we should also be the CONTROLLERS of the CIA....

We are NOT!

How far can these renegades advance before we take serious notice?

Their intell is suspect, at best.....their politics advanced far beyond the realm of reality for a "Government agency"...

I am afraid of this organization and its funding plus the lack of control. Let us put a stop to its insane political agenda.


FOX News dot Com Gets it Right!

Their headline over the picture of Barry Bonds.....

"* Pleads Not Guilty!"

Great stuff.


"It's not a gun-free zone if you get shot there."

Let me repeat that: "It's not a gun-free zone if you get shot there!"

Amen and Amen! Go Read Jay Tea at Wizbangblog...

How true, how true.

One sad note of the extent to which LIBs will go in trying to justify gun control. One commenter on a blog today said "I don't want some gun crazy with a permit shooting about, possibly killing innocents"....

Har Har......The LIB obviously does not understand that licensing insures training. The time and effort involved to obtain a license 99.9% insures stability....something these idiot suicide shooters lack. Stability means the guy/gal with the permitted gun probably has training, experience, etc.

LIBs need to get a grip on this one.


Hold The Mall Responsible For Unarmed Visitors!

Professor Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) has a unique take on the Omaha Mall shootings. It is one with which i agree....and you should READ!

I have made my position clear on this. A few armed (licensed to carry) folks at the college or the mall will either deter the shootings, or bring a short end to them.

Outlaw guns and........Well, you know!


UPDATE: Here's why those idiots like the kid at the mall choose a non-gun location FOR THEIR ESCAPADE!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Congress vs George W. Bush!

Let me see what the folks of this country feel about George Bush vs the Congress in performance....

George W. Bush has a miserable 34% support for his actions.....BOY, don't you just hate it?

B-U-T Wait!!!!!!

The Congress has a support factor of.........(drum roll please)....


Wow does that speak volumes.....

Go Nancy, Go Harry, Go Dems......Ya done so much for the public and the perceptions of what needs to be done.....

We're sure glad we elected you in 2006......Gosh what a great job you've done!

HE HAW, HE HAW! That is the sound of the DONKEY breying.....

These idiots have managed to produce a level of support for the Congress somewhere below the basement!


YOU CAN WIN $125,000........

Yeppers that is the prize folks......

Just go and do this:

"Can you save Al Gore?
If you think it's a no-brainer that humans are causing catastrophic global warming, here's your opportunity to earn an easy US $125,000.00!

That's right, the prize money has increased as we seek warming advocates' price threshold!

The prize has gone unclaimed for 122 days!

Click the graphic to go to's ULTIMATE GLOBAL WARMING CHALLENGE!

For the challenge and contest rules see

Global warming stakes raised to $125,000; Junkman asks: Why won't the Greens take our money? Ultimate Global Warming Challenge Ups Prize Money to $125,000 for Proving Humans Cause Catastrophic Climate Change - The Ultimate Global Warming Challenge announced today that it raised to $125,000 the cash award to the first person to prove in a scientific manner that human emissions of greenhouse gases will cause catastrophic global climate change. ("



CIA Taped Suspects....& Then Destroyed The Tapes!

The Central Intelligence Agency (Oxymoron that is) has admitted now to taping interviews, but destroying the interviews to protect the interviewers????


Just READ THIS!!!!!

Are these the same folks who just reversed field and decided that after years of "knowing" Iran was seeking nukes, they suddenly found last month that the Iranians were not.....SINCE 2003??????

My oh my...I just love the CIA notes and info....They are so very, very confusing!

This is an "Intelligence" organization.....Sorry the CIA is an oxymoron for intelligence!

I believe NOTHING they produce at this point!


Perhaps worse as they expect US to believe anything they now produce!!!!


UN Official Driven Out! - (ER: With Full Benefits!)

This is Sooooo very, very UN.

The man lied on his application. He apparently also lied about his qualifications.

So, as punishment, the marvelous UN is giving him a full year's salary at plus $300,000 AND adding a retirement benefit. Just go READ THIS!

Then ask yourself the question; "& We fund the UN each year WHY????"

Beats me....


Damn The Torpedoes....Can We Just Retreat???

Once again, maintaining by the way their PERFECT record since taking "command" of the Congress, the Democrats (Defeatocrats?) are poised to waffle completely off the idea of strings on money for Iraq.

GWB will win! The Dems will lose. The die is cast!

Michelle Malkin offers us an Emily Latella moment and her piece even includes a Captain Ed comparison of the Dems to the hapless Charlie Brown as he tries to kick the football held by Lucy.

This stuff just writes itself.

Is there a point when Harry "The War Is Lost!" Reid, and Nancy "Retreat, Retreat!" Pelosi will regain any senses they once had, and actually begin to find a new argument they can 1) actually win; and 2) Has some F-A-C-T connected to it?

I do not see this in the picture for these two monster-intellect individuals!

Ya gotta love em....or at least somebody has to.


Hillary Can Use Religion; Romney Not Supposed To?

Let me see if I have this completely right.....

Hillary is collecting endorsements from ministers by the hundreds. That is Okey-Dokey!

Romney is being chastised for his religion as it might impact his performance as President.

Will not Hillary's association with many, many ministers give, at least the impression of influence expected by these folks? After all, she gathers their endorsement for a get the votes of their CONGREGATIONS!

On the other hand Romney is constantly being commented upon in the national media because of his Mormon religion.

His speech on this will be a rerun of the Kennedy "I am a Catholic" speech of decades ago. It is both unfortunate and unfair that there exists this dichotomy of view within the MSM.


Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Huckabee Bandwagon....Let Me Point Out!!!!

This man is NOT on record as a strong illegal enforcer, nor a person seeking to BLOCK future illegals from coming here. He avoids the question like the plague!

Huckabee is a Sanctuary person until he tells me he is otherwise...

Speak up Mike!

Let me know you are on OUR side...that you will CONTROL immigration illegally by Mexicans and all else who try to cross our border with Mexico.....Let me know you will close the border...Let me know you are going to try to close out the immigration illegals now here by some means other than making them LEGAL!!!!!

THEN and ONLY THEN will I be able to support you!

& I explored your site Mike, and NOWHERE did you ask my input! Do you not care, or are you a Hillary look-alike who wants to control ALL about your campaign????

Just askin Mike.....Convince me!

Tell me Mike....


The CIA's Flip-Flop....Anybody Wanna Believe Them Now?


Our Central Intelligence Agency....called less friendly names by many....suddenly has strong evidence that Iran is NOT building a nuclear weapon?

What a switch!

2005 - "They are working hard on a weapon"

2007 - "They stopped working on a weapon in 2003!"

Minor position change for the CIA. Is John "Magic Hat and oft-wounded" Kerry their secret leader?

At the Opinion Journal today:

"As recently as 2005, the consensus estimate of our spooks was that "Iran currently is determined to develop nuclear weapons" and do so "despite its international obligations and international pressure." This was a "high confidence" judgment. The new NIE says Iran abandoned its nuclear program in 2003 "in response to increasing international scrutiny." This too is a "high confidence" conclusion. One of the two conclusions is wrong, and casts considerable doubt on the entire process by which these "estimates"--the consensus of 16 intelligence bureaucracies--are conducted and accorded gospel status.

Our own "confidence" is not heightened by the fact that the NIE's main authors include three former State Department officials with previous reputations as "hyper-partisan anti-Bush officials," according to an intelligence source. They are Tom Fingar, formerly of the State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Vann Van Diepen, the National Intelligence Officer for WMD; and Kenneth Brill, the former U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

For a flavor of their political outlook, former Bush Administration antiproliferation official John Bolton recalls in his recent memoir that then-Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage "described Brill's efforts in Vienna, or lack thereof, as 'bull--.'" Mr. Brill was "retired" from the State Department by Colin Powell before being rehired, over considerable internal and public protest, as head of the National Counter-Proliferation Center by then-National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

No less odd is the NIE's conclusion that Iran abandoned its nuclear weapons program in 2003 in response to "international pressure." The only serious pressure we can recall from that year was the U.S. invasion of Iraq. At the time, an Iranian opposition group revealed the existence of a covert Iranian nuclear program to mill and enrich uranium and produce heavy water at sites previously unknown to U.S. intelligence. The Bush Administration's response was to punt the issue to the Europeans, who in 2003 were just beginning years of fruitless diplomacy before the matter was turned over to the U.N. Security Council.

Mr. Bush implied yesterday that the new estimate was based on "some new information," which remains classified. We can only hope so. But the indications that the Bush Administration was surprised by this NIE, and the way it scrambled yesterday to contain its diplomatic consequences, hardly inspire even "medium confidence" that our spooks have achieved some epic breakthrough. The truth could as easily be that the Administration in its waning days has simply lost any control of its bureaucracy--not that it ever had much.

In any case, the real issue is not Iran's nuclear weapons program, but its nuclear program, period. As the NIE acknowledges, Iran continues to enrich uranium on an industrial scale--that is, build the capability to make the fuel for a potential bomb. And it is doing so in open defiance of binding U.N. resolutions. No less a source than the IAEA recently confirmed that Iran already has blueprints to cast uranium in the shape of an atomic bomb core.

The U.S. also knows that Iran has extensive technical information on how to fit a warhead atop a ballistic missile. And there is considerable evidence that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps has been developing the detonation devices needed to set off a nuclear explosion at the weapons testing facility in Parchin. Even assuming that Iran is not seeking a bomb right now, it is hardly reassuring that they are developing technologies that could bring them within a screw's twist of one.

Mr. Bush's efforts to further sanction Iran at the U.N. were stalled even before the NIE's release. Those efforts will now be on life support. The NIE's judgments also complicate Treasury's efforts to persuade foreign companies to divest from Iran. Why should they lose out on lucrative business opportunities when even U.S. intelligence absolves the Iranians of evil intent? Calls by Democrats and their media friends to negotiate with Tehran "without preconditions" will surely grow louder."

YIKES! I have been less-than-a-believer about anything the CIA says for years. This one is really, really creepy!

And there is this thought...What if, in early 2009, the CIA sez "OOPS!" once again, and allows that in 2007 they were wrong. You know, right after Iran tests its first nuke....say on Isreal!

Confidence Level ZERO!


UPDATE: Michael Goldfarb at the Weekly Standard goes further.... could this indeed be a "hit piece" by the NIE folks, admittedly Anti-Bush, to try to make Bush look bad somehow???? If so, they will fail miserably as we learn our CIA is led by village idiots who seek political impact, not intelligence excellence which is their supposed job! Shame! Shame! Oh, and let us cut some CIA funding in return until they go back to intelligence work instead of politics!

I'll Bet The NEA Gots Nuthin Ta Say!

Need any further proof our USA education system and it's "fuzzy math" with variable answers is destroying this great country.


Here's Michelle Malkin telling us just how far behind many nations we are!

Until the day we return to education which demands performance from both the kids AND their coddled NEA teachers, this will continue. Want to bet how long it will be before we replace many of our scientists, doctors and engineers with foreigners who do better in higher education than do we?....OOPS Wait, its already happening!


Global Scamming?????

Neal Boortz, once agai, takes on the AlGore Scam machine in today's column...


The climate change panic machine is in full form this week. Here’s today’s editorial from The Atlanta Journal Constitution saying the U.S. must “act fast.” Why? Is the AJC editorial board afraid the world might figure out that global warming is a scam before we cripple our free enterprise economy by “acting fast?”

In the meantime .. here are some of the scare stories coming out of that anti-capitalist climate change meeting going on now in Bali:

The number of people who will be threatened by coastal flooding will more than triple by 2070… due to “climate change.” More than 150 million people have the potential to be exposed to a “1-in-100 year” flooding event, which is a commonly accepted risk assessment standard. It also assumes a mean rise in sea level of almost 2 feet.

The financial impact of this fairytale is $35 trillion, which assesses the value of exposed property. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says that actions needs to be taken quickly to save these coastal “at risk” cities.

So which cities are most likely to impacted …

Calcutta tops the list in terms of population exposure. Miami, Florida is 9th on the list, and is the only city in a developed country to make the report’s list.

When it comes to financial impact, eight of the most financially exposed cities were predicted to be in Asia. New York is 2nd on the list. And when it comes to assets, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Tampa and Virginia Beach made the cut.
Now .. for those of you who aren’t so eager to buy into this scam .. here are a few links:

The global warming scam. An article by Derek Kelly, PhD.

The Founder of the Weather Channel says that “global warming is the greatest scam in history. But then, what the hell does he know, right?

Another article entiled “The global warming scam” by Nima Sanandaji and Fred Goldberg

Eight Reasons Why Global Warming is a Scam, by Joseph Bast.

Global Warming? Mark Jaffe, Denver Post.

Nine Lies about Global Warming. [pdf]

Science for Sale: The Global Warming Scam, from Accuracy in Media

This whole global warming/climate change bit is nothing more than the center of the leftist, anti-capitalist agenda to weaken the economies of the wealthier free enterprise countries to the benefit of third-world dictators and the so-called “developing nations.” Just watch the recommendations that are going to be coming out of the Bali meetings, and see if most of them don’t call for either limits of the American economy or the outright transfer of wealth from the United States to the third world."

It is seriously time for the media folk who find AlGore so knowledgable to begin accepting that this is a two part controversy, NOT a settled fact as AlGore would have you believe.

The parts? 1. IS there truly warming? (the weather has actually been cooler since 1998!) 2. IF there is warming, does man have a hand in causing it? (The Earth cycles cooler and warmer on a fairly frequent basis according to all we have been able to learn.)

Yell & Scream is the order of the day for the folks who WANT GW to be fact. Many of them make their living off the GW scam!


Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Leave Islam....I KILL YOU...It is O.K.!!!!

This is astounding and something totally acceptable by many in Islam....

JUST READ This and know....

There is NO Religion of Peace....There is only "Be Islamic, or DIE!"

Try to ask your friendly local Islamist what they feel about this!

YA GOTTA Love it....


Guess Which Party?

This is just TOO easy! The party of "The People" is the only one benefitted by this idiot....


The Dems will find every excuse in the book for why Hsu is NOT part of their money-raising.....Hillary will determine she has never heard of him....

Wanna bet?


FAILURE - Guaranteed!!!!!

This is just S-A-D....

Read it and weep for the many who are being groomed into this mind-set by the Liberals who coddle them!


We, as a people, have created a class of folks who think "deserve" or "owed" for themselves rather than seeking a chance to succeed......

How very, very sad!


Now Comes the WTF Details! - If The Hsu Fits!

Norman Hsu has been indicted for a Ponzi scheme....


& Then we have to begin to ask the questions that the MSM will NOT ASK!

How much of his ill-gotten gains did he channel to the Clintons and LOTS of others?

How much can be attributed to the Clintons and the many folks Hsu apparently gave money to pass off to the politicians....?

This is a quagmire...and you can bet the Clintons will find a way to keep this under covers until the 2008 election is over.....They CAN and DO manage to do such things!


Monday, December 03, 2007

"Religion of Peace" Will Wail & Cry!

The teacher who named a small bear after a student......yes that is what she out of Sudan....and they are still calling for her death!

The Religion of Peace story is here!

How very very sad.....NO, not that the Sudanese are so illiterate/angry/illogical as they offer....but that the rest of the world still does not (including many US Democrats) find their attitude/ideas completely ignorant!

These folks are idiots who find no common cause for the world to get know, the mene of the liberals...."Let's all just get along!"

B. S.

Plus, plus.....

Give in to the Islamic idiotarian extremists once and you will live with it until Islamic extremists rule YOUR world!

Pure and simple!


Today I Got My REFUND!

Yeppers.....I got my refund from the official State-of-Florida Insurance company today. You know, the insurance company which offers insurance to those of us in Florida who; 1) Live within 20 miles of the coast; 2) Have homes of more than 20 years age....

We are being acknowledged for the fact that Hurricanes have not been a part of our lives for the PAST TWO YEARS!.......(THIS IS A JOKE FOLKS!!!!!)

In fact, hurricanes have NOT BEEN A PART of our lives for 17 of the past 20 years in Florida......Thus we are finding the insurance costs illogical, and not at all realistic!

Could the Insurance Industry possibly be involved in seeing that they NEVER have an exposure in Florida?????

Of course not! They are simply being "cautious!"

I am probably going to be trans-located to somewhere in the area of Chattanooga in the next year or so (Nick-A-Jack Lake)....soon as I can sell my Florida home!

The taxes, insurance, etc. have forced this decision.....

Florida, you are NO LONGER hospitable to retirees!



I Have TROUBLE With This One!

A 13 year old girl.....known to be having mental problems.....

She meets a cyber-boyfriend who talks to her and encourages her.....

Then the cyber-boyfriend turns nasty and ends up telling her the world would be better off without her.....

She commits suicide-by-hanging.....

The "Cyber-boyfriend" was a neighbor from 4 doors down, not a boy at all, checking on her own daughter's interests vis-a-vis the 13 year old.......Then they, the neighbor and others, joined in attacking the young girl. Authorities cannot find a law against what the neighbors did.

FOXNews has the story of non-prosecution due Lack-of-Laws...

If I were the parents of the girl, I'd sue til hell freezes over.

What a bunch of phony, ill-intentioned, evil folks the neighbors were......

This is not over, and folks elsewhere may take a clue.....DO NOT try to present yourself falsely to another on the web!

This one truly makes me sick! Who are these folks who feel OK with delving into the world of deceit necessary to provide the young girl this falsehood?

It is good I am not a parent of the girl....I might get irrational!


What Is It I Am Missing? - Other Than Completely Partisan Politics????

There is a complete breakdown in R-E-A-L-I-T-Y among the Democrats in Congress right now.

Having realized, vis-a-vis their own members endorsing the success of the "Surge", the Democrats still insist there needs to be a "change in direction" for the war.

Let me see.......The war is going well; most measures of things related to war indicate we are winning, and the government of Iraq is moving, albeit slowly, toward their own operation of the country in a successful manor.....

Troops are coming home......5,000 this month!

The Dems are still clinging, delusionally to the notion a "withdrawal policy by law", as a winner....

They are actually the best friends of the GOP....they are shooting themselves in the foot so often as to be comical!

Go your usual self-destruct!

Love it!


Global Warming & Kyoto...Two Failed "Causes!"

The yelling and screaming, twisting and shouting continue as the AlGoreites wave the banner of GW.

Neal Boortz today tells of the real GW & Kyoto.....


Here's an update for all you warmers. "Green" scientists are being accused of overstating the dangers of climate change. Researchers have found that the number of people that die each year by weather-related disasters is falling. Uh oh. Not good for the climate change cultists.

The global warmers will have you believe that if we don't act now, there will be a huge increase in deaths from weather-related disasters ... particularly for poor countries. And remember, it is the duty of the rich nations to help the poor countries that will suffer more because of the plight of global warming ... we do that by handing over money.

But latest research shows that deaths from weather related disasters peaked in the 1920s and has been declining ever since. Warmers say that global warming has been the most intense between 1990 and 2006. However, the number of weather-related deaths during that time period was down 87% from the previous period of 1900 to 1989. The mortality rate from catastrophes dropped by 93%. With the peak rate of deaths in the 1920s being 500,000 a year, the death toll during the 2000-2006 period averaged 19,900.

Guess we're just not trying hard enough.

By the way .. find a global warming cultist today and ask them what the idea temperature of the earth would be. That's always a fun question.


So what happens to countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol but fail to meet greenhouse gas emissions limits? Fines. Lots of fines. Most, if not all of the money paid for by none other than the taxpayers of those countries.

Let's take Japan, Italy and Spain for instance. They collectively owe $33 billion in fines for failing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And why did they fail to meet the requirements? Because they underestimated economic growth and future emissions from factories and utilities. In other words ... their economies grew better than they expected, and thusly they are punished.

So now Spain must pass 40% of the cost for extra emissions on to those successful businesses that helped its economy grow. The other 60% will come directly from taxes. The businesses, of course, will pass their fines on to the consumers of whatever it is the provide or produce. In Italy, the taxpayers will pay 75% of the bill for extra permits ... just to fit into the Kyoto Protocol. And Japanese taxpayers must pay for two-thirds of the nation's excess.

In one more case, taxpayers in Ireland will shell out more than €270 million so that Ireland can "buy its way" into meeting the Kyoto agreement.

Aren't you disappointed that the U.S. hasn't become a part of this huge income redistribution scam by now?

Before we go .. another hint. Warming stopped a decade ago. Over the past three years it has actually become cooler."

How sad.....the AlGoreites will not have their cause much longer.....then they'll be off in a flurry of private jets to find a newer, more easily trumped-up cause!

It is a shame Al Gore cannot utilize his considerable wealth and public position for something other than an attack against the United States and other countries actually achieving some progress.

If you wish to read the entire Boortz page He is at least always interesting.....


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ohio State vs LSU!

Nice to know my cognitive skills are intact.......

It IS Ohio State vs LSU! in the BCS

In the post (below) I predicted this one.......

No real surprises in the list above of Bowls and Teams.......Illinois will have it hands full in the Rose Bowl with USC which, as I also predicted, was a very, very close 2nd to LSU for the BCS!

The only undefeated team, Hawaii, lost out on the BCS to a weak schedule they played.

Ya gotta love College football in this type year with LOTS of top teams......One of my disappointments was Univ. of South Florida Bulls with a schedule that should have left them with a single or double loss.....not three! They are a truly fine team, which will be back next year.


BCS? - Maybe It'll Be BC-Mess!

WOW! What a spectacular finish to a spectacular year.

My Illini knocked off the near season-long favorite Ohio State Buckeyes to apparently send them packing from BCS consideration.....After all they were behind two teams almost certain to go to the BIG game. Until yesterday when both fell!

Now Ohio State once-again seems an odds-on favorite to be in the BCS bowl. They are facing???? The trick here is the BCS has many subtle looks at teams, their opponents, and their opponents-opponents, etc. No less than SIX teams are in the run for Ohio State opponent.

My pick? LSU.....with USC a very, very strong second.

This afternoon will tell the tale.

Meanwhile, unless something goes South in California, my Fighting Illini (minus the beloved Chief Illiniwik) seem destined for Rose Bowl and some opponent....most likely USC if they are not BCS bound! This, in some respects, offends me as I had been wishing for a Florida U of I game at the Outback Bowl here in know the story, spurned former Florida coach Ron Zook takes loser Illini in three years to knocking off #1 in the nation, and finishing #2 in the powerful Big Ten Conference. Had a lot of good makings in that one!

Does anyone else notice a whole list of maybes, ifs, possiblys, etc?

Should be some great bowls and our own locals, USF (University of South Florida Bulls) are going to play somewhere.....

Take time for Christmas, but stand by for a resounding list of "Kick-Offs" over about two weeks...I'm ready!


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Pot, Meet Kettle........

Rep. Norm Dicks (D) on his return from Iraq where his group, including Murtha, met with Iraqi leadership: "...I felt kinda embarrassed telling the Iraqis they had to get their act together and pass legislation when we can't do it back here," he said.

America is the greatest country in the world, but one thing we do not have--for better as well as for worse--is an efficient national legislature. It seems odd to declare post-Saddam Iraq a failure merely because it has the same lack."

The entire story, a good read, is by James Taranto on the Opinion Journal.

Sometimes a bit of a focus on the clowns we call the Congress is needed to point out just how incredibly incompetent they are.