Monday, August 31, 2009

Mr. Harry Reid....Oblivious To His Voters!


There are some folks who understand.....Mr. Reid is NOT ONE OF THEM!


Mr. Gibbs Comes To Washington!

I have, in my 66 years, never seen a Press Secretary with so many problems as Mr. Gibbs.

He must feel like a pinata at a Mexican birthday party.

His news conferences are a farce. He has to lie/obfuscate/deny/ignore so many facts that he must have the traditional "Pinochio Nose"...just in private.

How long can he last?

Who knows, but he is certainly going to be stained by the comments of his high office.

He'll need a nice place to retire once he gets the "ca hones" to find the truth.....IF he ever does.


GM (Government Motors) Announces Plan....We'll Build Trucks Overseas!

YEAH....That's the ticket......

After we put in BILLIONS of our taxpayer's dollars, lets send the production overseas where I am sure our employment will rise!!!!


I believe I am going to be sick!

Obama again scores a complete failure!


DIVE - DIVE! Obama Support Continues to Erode!

Don't Ya Just Hate When The PrezBo Looks Like A Loser??? Well, actually, not me!

He is buying this with the "Sha-Caw-Gah" politics which work well in the "Windy", but not so much in the actual US of A!!!

Love it! So much for the MANDATE from largely disillusioned.


Meat & Taters...."Un-elect Them All!"

The polls say the Pols are IN TROUBLE PLENTY!!!!

Given the Tea Party activity, and the mood expressed in polls, I'd agree the incumbent status may, for the 1st time in a long time, be an albatross about their neck.

Beware the VOTER!!!!

Hello 2010!!!!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

O-M-G......Kennedy Folk Let GRANDCHILDREN Lead fight for ObamaCare!!!

TRUTH.....The DEMs know NO shame!

I could just puke!....This S-T-I-N-K-S!!!!!


Replace Them.....N-O-W!!!!!!!

My god, how many times have I proposed this????

THEY ALL NEED TO GO!!! They all vote new taxes/expenses and seem OK with it!

Never happen, but we can D-R-E-A-M!!!!


Cheney Sez Obama Is Unfit To Lead.....In Such Words!

Former VP, Cheney, offered this: "Calling it a "terrible decision" that undermines national security and devastates CIA morale, former Vice President Dick Cheney slammed the Obama administration's probe of aggressive interrogation of terrorists.

"It's an outrageous political act that will do great damage, long-term, to our capacity to be able to have people take on difficult jobs, make difficult decisions, without having to worry about what the next administration is going to say," Cheney told "FOX News Sunday" in a no-holds-barred interview.

In blunt, unsparing language, Cheney accused President Obama of setting a "terrible precedent" by allowing an "intensely partisan, politicized look back at the prior administration."

He said the decision by Attorney General Eric Holder to launch a probe into alleged abuse of prisoners under the prior administration "offends the hell out of me," as he seemed to question Obama's fitness as commander-in-chief.

"I have serious doubts about his policies," Cheney told FOX News' Chris Wallace in Jackson Hole, Wyo. "Serious doubts, especially, about the extent to which he understands and is prepared to do what needs to be done to defend the nation."

Well, I guess that is about as plain as it could be.....

Here is the entire post at FOXNews!

Obama better answer this with something more than an obligatory "that's deceptive"....or he is toast......

WAIT....he is already toast!


Friday, August 28, 2009

Yeah, National Healthcare...That's The Ticket!

So you wanna know what's ahead for us if ObamaCare becomes fact....

Fact is, this is the result...just as Canadians are sending their sickest (or they are choosing to come on their own)...the systems are guaranteed to fail thru cost alone.

Obama denies this cause he and the Liberal Democrats want to control health care.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dean: Tort Reform Not In ObamaCare/Dem Sights Cause Dems Afraid of Big Bad Lawyers!

Mark Tapscott writes....

OF Course it is not in there. The Dems would cry if lawyer money went bye-bye. Just remember folks, it ain't about healthcare or reform or insurance. It is about...

M-O-N-E-Y & C-O-N-T-R-O-L......

Money from the lawyers and control of YOUR healthcare!


"KennedyCare?" - Get A GRIP!!!!

This insanity is entirely LIBERAL/DEM created....

Kennedy died....QUICK, TIE ObamaCare to Ted........

How very, very sad of the DEMs.......Panic makes for sad ties.

ObamaCare is D-E-A-D!!!!!

Live with it Dems


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CIA - Your Best Bud!



Right For Me, But Not For Thee! - Or, Geithner Defense Only Works for....Well, Geithner!

"All animals are created equal....some are just more equal than others." - Animal Farm

The Geithner Defense only works for HIM....Courts.

Gooollleeee....I am shocked, shocked I tell Ya!

One commenter at the above post noted that perhaps one could get by by filing for one of the MANY unfilled administration positions.....then the problem would go away.


Holder Forgets His Last Decision & Does a 180!!!

"A few weeks ago, Eric Holder saw nothing wrong with Black Panthers using billy clubs to intimidate voters. Today, he thinks intimidating terrorists with cigars is a crime. Holder is the one who should be answering tough questions under oath."

Read Dr. Zero's Hotair Piece in its entirety.

Contradiction is suddenly the mainstream of this entire Obama Regime.


Monday, August 24, 2009

BULLETIN: OBAMA LOVES Michael Jackson's Doctor....Plus CIA Investigations!

THE ONE is loving the fact the Lame Stream Media will now go B-O-N-K-E-R-S over the Michael Jackson "Homicide" charge, and also spend countless hours on the CIA investigation/probe/witch hunt by the Holder DOJ. You know, the same DOJ that could not find it's Axx with both hands about a black panther with nunchuks outside a polling place.

Wonder who owns that DOJ......Oh yeah, Obama!

Now he can vacation while folks wax poetic on Jackson and the CIA instead of further pursuit of the ObamaCare issue.....well, actually that will not be a lot new for the Lame Stream folks who have found NOTHING to write about on Obama's abysmal failure in his quest for Socialized Medicine.

Nothing new here folks....but have you heard the latest on Jackson's death?????

Ain't it just sickening?


Can We Say "MICRO-MANAGE"??????

President Obama is doing E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G to insure his WH office drives the message. There are no Department Heads to be approved (well not many), because he is appointing "CZARS" to be the REAL leaders. They do not need Congressional approval.

The CZARs are really the minions of Obama....without Congressional oversite!

Obama has dealt the death-knell to "Open and Transparent"....he never intended such a thing. He spoke of it in his campaign.....You remember, the one where he was "middle-of-the-road?"

(Laughs allowed)

Obama is an authoritarian who cannot stand the glare of open communication. He wishes we would all just GET-IN-LINE for our ObamaCare.

He cannot understand the lack of support from those he led while campaigning....He is still campaigning....and that is ALL he knows. If that fails he has to fall back upon the movement of Chicago "Thugocracy".....just what he is doing by trying to demonize ANY who oppose his ObamaCare.

It ain't flying PrezBo.....

You are HillaryCare - Part Deux!

Nuff Said


Let Us Ignore "Hope & Change", and See Where We Are!

The populace of the US were conflicted about the Presidency of G W Bush....particularly during his last two years in office. Bush offered many different faces which provided for the pundits lots of choices....mostly terms of his Presidency.

However, despite the overwhelming negative attitudes about Bush, the general tenor seemed positive.

Now the "Hope & Change" guy is in charge. The stimulus bill for GOLLY-TASTIC amounts of money has been passed, the House passed a Cap & Trade bill, and also the ObamaCare plan (well, one of at least five of them)...and we have today C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N!!!! Plus a few additional descriptive words.....dismay, opposition, overt public involvement.....

The facts are simple. Obama has driven away many of those who made him President. He has done so in a few short months.

His primary problem? He (&/or his minions) feel they can pass anything under the guise of "Emergency/crisis/act-or-fail" type thinking. It worked for Stimulus #1.....It seemed to work for the House version of Cap & Trade....Then reality set in.

Suddenly the national debt/budget deficit/et al seemed to blossom! That ended the mantra of "Hope & Change"

Now Obama is left dangling by his own rhetoric.

He is lost to the middle, and the right. His numbers are plummeting and he seems clueless. What can possibly be wrong?????

The man is a novice, and he is proving the fact daily.

If he pushes much harder without support, he will be out in 2012....His agenda is already in shambles, and his 2010 support in Congressional elections is not a bright picture. 20-40 seat Congressional loss??? Possibly.

Experience counts and Obama had NONE!


Where Is Obama Headed?....Does He Know????

The 'Campaign" Obama is not having a great deal of success currently. His campaign seems to have run dry. Golly, do you suppose that MIGHT be because he won in November, and now, some ten months later is STILL campaigning? The problems for Obama are that he is like the kid who suddenly won a giant lollipop....he has no idea how to use it.

The lack-a-experience theme is more than a is fact. This man has been thrust upon a stage much, much bigger than his thought patterns. Well, given his G-I-A-N-T agenda, maybe not completely outside his thought patterns....PERHAPS the stage is beyond his experience and ability levels?

Obama cannot understand why his "Shi-Caw-Gah" political attitude does not resonate with the US of A attitude. He finds it incomprehensible that folks do not simply comply as they did in Chicago.

Thus goes the future of Obama. If this man cannot find the depth of soul to admit he overreached, and the contrition to accept, as Bill 7 Hillary did, that he cannot sell the boondoggle of ObamaCare...he will doom every other initiative of his young administration. Period!

My personal opinion....Obama's GIANT ego will not allow him to re-trench!

He will not be re-elected in 2012, and by then the GOP will control the House, and possibly the Senate.

Stark, and...just months ago, a prediction that would have been greeted by hoots and catcalls!

Not so much anymore!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Statism in Obama Is Real.....

Sayeth George Will: "Will Obama's Statism Ever Retreat"? The legislative agenda of the Obama White House this year has put the lie to the rhetoric of Candidate Obama's promises in 2008. Gone is the politically centrist, consensus building, post racial pretense of an election season. What we have instead is an activist and radical Democratic Party determined to arrange American life in their own vision."

Boy-O-Boy do we ever!

HughS at Wizbang reports on Will's piece here!

Statism is the centerpiece of Obama's performance....NOT his campaign rhetoric. Given his massive defection from his campaign pledges/promises to the "what-is" of his reality, this is not a surprise!


From The "Things I'd Like To See" Department!

Apparently the delusional Alec Baldwin, still clinging to the myth he is important to the USA, is making grumbling remarks about challenging Joe Lieberman in his home state for the Senatorial job.

Lieberman sez......BRING IT MR. BALDWIN!

I sincerely hope this will occur....but it will not. Lieberman would blow this tin-horn uber-liberal phony away like a hurricane blows away a straw pile.

Alec Baldwin has never done anything (other than acting) that would garner him any votes....well, except for his nasty anti-conservative comments.

That would be a massacre!

One I'd like to watch....but, alas, Baldwin makes stupid comments, but will not follow through!




The supporters of "The One" are raging with explanations of why he is failing....ALL of them demand responsibility from Conservatives/et al....


The residents/voters of the US of A are absolutely unhinged about the MASSIVE debt Obama and his Congressional minions have already laden upon us. Let alone the proposed new TRILLIONS from the programs "HE" has yet to pass/propose........

The man is as out-of-touch as a tap dancer in an Iranian town hall!

I love the "Shi-Caw-Gah" politics when they attempt the transformation to the national stage. They ALWAYS fail miserably!

Love it!


Obama Dives Again In Support!

Rasmussen reports....Obama Cringes!

OOPSIE! "The One" is no longer a deity! How tasty is that?

Har Har!


May Day, May Day......Lieberman Defects!

ObamaCare is in the doldrums....and diving ever-deeper!

Joe Lieberman (I) sez....let it rest until the recession is O-V-E-R!

Go Joe.....But he is yet just a symptom of the systemic problem of ObamaCare.

The fact is public response is WAY far against Obama and his minions, despite the best PR they could buy (with our tax dollars), and despite the best efforts of "His Oneness" utilizing his newest, most technologically-advanced teleprompters. Guess that is not working out too well.

We need to hold the burial soon......which one....well, let me sequence them.....

1st, ObamaCare
2nd, The future agenda of "The One".....
3rd, The DEMs in Congress.....2010 should be good, and unless they find a magical bean, 2012 should be a LOT better!


Has Obama Hit The Tipping Point?

HughS at WizBang Blog thinks it a possibility!

He has, at the least, seriously damaged any creds he had with MOR (Middle of The Road) folk. Even his own Dems are just 49% in support of ObamaCare....That spells disaster for him, and frankly i am one who feels Obama has not the depth nor ability to understand and retrench. If I am right, he will turn more and more aggressive, bitter, thuggish and the spending of millions of OUR tax dollars for a PR campaign for his program will seem like a trickle of water compared to what he may devolve into as this loss comes more and more into focus.

Even the dense, out-of-touch beltway Dems are quickly becoming aware the cause is lost.
A watered-down, or incremental version now appears to me off the table.

2010 will indeed be an interesting election!

2012 even more so.

From despair to enjoying the 7 months.


The Other Elephant In The Room - Tort Reform

While it is just simply critical that we "Act Now" about reformation of health care, it is not even possible to discuss tort reform. Democrats are completely indebted to lawyers for their campaign cash.

Sarah Palin exposes the elephant as reported by Michelle Malkin!

Everything for Obama and the Dems is critical, except anything with which they disagree. I mean, how could they run a campaign without lawyer bucks?

Disingenuous by any standard.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

So You Want The Government To Run Your Health Care?

In Vancouver, Canada they are canceling elective bridge a budget gap!

Now there is real cost-control!


Health Care Whoppers....Obama Leads The Pack!

Despite Obama's many claims of opponents not telling the truth, Robert Robb reports who is really telling whoppers.

Open discussion....Obama's version is for everyone but him to just keep quiet and go along. He is finding that is not going to happen.


ObamaCare Required Medical Coverage Unconstitutional?

The Washington Post story explains.

I am confident there are enough opponents to find a filing leading to a Supreme Court decision.

I personally doubt the health care bill will ever pass.


Guess Which Countries Have Turned The Recession Corner?

Those who DID NOT do a stimulus.....Those (Like the USA) who did a stimulus are not doing so well.


The One is getting more and more bad news and his approval ratings show it.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Go Figure! - DEM Leaders are AWOL on Meetings With Constituents.....Well, Except for Those THEY CONTROLLED!

Read and know the folks who would lead you to the still waters of ObamaCare....without YOUR INPUT, of course!

The DEMs are fading, losing, and out-of-touch!

They just refuse to admit it.


NYT - Damn Our Soldiers...We should be "Worldly"....

The ever-disingenuous NYT has again bombed.....They wonder why they are becoming...quite rapidly actually...completely ignored as a media source.....?




Voter Intimidation; Do You See Any Voter Intimidation?....I Don't See Any Voter Intimidation!

The commercial....probably long forgotten, except by we of the age of 60 plus....was a commercial involving ducklings walking all over a large dog, exclaiming how they could not see a dog....."Do you see a dog, I don't see a dog!"

The theme, in this case of the AG of the United States, involves probably the most egregious violation of voter laws, and intimidation.....Only an Obama-led AG would possibly avoid taking this to court. I guess from this point forward, weapons are completely OK for voting precincts. Perhaps the NRA needs to have reps at each polling place with folks who are "licensed to carry"...???? Of course, then the BIG guns of the liberals...the ACLU...would find major reasons to challenge the action.


Of course, that would be immediately grounds for criminal action under the law....just not a black panther with weapons...they would never use them anyway....right???

The Obama sickness is growing, and will consume "The One" at some point in the near future.


The Blame Game! - Obama Cannot Fathom Failure Due Lack of A Product!

Ya Gotta Read It!!!

This is the crux of the Obama problem....He simply cannot see the fact of a BAD plan. he feels whatever he proposes SHOULD be OK....If not, It is a (Clintonian?) conspiracy and EVERYONE IS TO BLAME!

In kiddie circles this Chicago it the USA it does NOT WORK!

Grow up PrezBo!!!!


The Worm Has Turned as Gitmo Attorneys Post PICS of "Active" CIA.....WTF about the Plame Incident?

This Gets The OOPS-of-the-day Award!

What's good, well, you kinda know what we meant!

We are surrounded by a forest of diachotomy between fact and ALL depends upon which side you fight for....not what you do! Don't cha know?


Conservatives Sell The Books, But NYT Sez "Marx is Back In Vogue!"


Just how far can these folks go? Well, far enough to become completely irrelevant!

& They continue down the road to oblivion with no apparent recognition of their end in sight!


"Pull The Plug On ObamaCare!"

Peggy Noonan speaks on the need to abort this fiasco!

The alarms are sounding, and rational folks.....Clinton, Gingrich, and others.....would be wise enough to drop this idiocy.

PrezBo, as The One, (he believes his own press) is not built to acknowledge any form of defeat/lack-of-control/inability....He simply knows only one way. If it begins to falter then you lie/cheat/blame anyone/everyone/acknowledge nothing....

The main fact to keep in mind is this fellow is a shallow, inexperienced product of the "Sh-Caw-Gah" political scene which is NOT the political scene of the rest of the US of A!

He simply cannot fathom that his charm, grace, good looks, and threats/thugishness/et al will possibly not produce a forced win.

He is further deluded by the Pelosi/Reid team of political losers who read nothing except their own press. Dissenters are "anti-American", or "astroturfers"...never mind the polls telling the Dems this is NOT working!

Stupidity, and massive ego will lead to a huge GOP break in 2010....we have yet to see just how much of a swing.


Urine - Or You're Out!

Read this and think about it.....


Like most folks in this country, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck in my case, I am required to pass a random urine test (with which I have no problem). What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don't have to pass a urine test.

So, here is my question: Shouldn't one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them?

Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ass - doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money each state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check?

I guess we could title that program, 'Urine or You're Out'.

Makes sense to me!!! But, that's probably why we never see it as a bill before Congress. Ya think? Tears!"

I have no idea who to credit for this...came to me from an email passed about by friends. This makes too much sense and would have the ACLU (American Communist Liberals Union) up in arms. Gotta protect the moochers.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Obama Limbo Lower Now! - Approval at 45% and Dropping!

OUCH, That's Gotta Smart!

Love it. How far down can Obama go before even he admits a problem.....Oh, right, The One is never wrong....must be his staff.


The Best Discussion of The Health Care Fiasco I've Read!

At Real Clear Politics Jay Cost explains amateur hour at the white house.

& The Obama Team of PrezBo & Rahm Emanuel seem to be trying for a remake of dumb & dumber. Quite successfully to my way of thinking.


My Fave Quote of The Day - August 20, 2009

From Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) regarding reported near-complete functioning of the Cash for Clunkers program:

"They promised FedEx, but they’re delivering the Post Office. . . ."

Spot on & funny as hell if you forget the purpose was to gin up business...not bankrupt dealers!


"I Am Finally Scared of A White House Administration!"

Nat Hentoff, a Senior Fellow at The Cato Institute.

If you folks are not getting scared, you are not paying attention, or deaf/dumb/blind!


Warren Buffett Issues Warning on National Debt/Spending!

Nobody is listening.....Warren Buffett, most success of investors issued a warning in an Op-Ed yesterday, and none of the media reported it.

HughS at Wizbang Blog exposes what the media won't!

Time to wake up kiddies and realize the government is your worst enemy....with the GOP not a lot better than the DEMs......Obama has NO CLUE!


"I Guess It Goes To Show You Can Only Polish A Turd But So Much..."

From Kevin at Wizbang Blog....

$$$$$$$ & No Results....


MSNBC Sez Guys Bringing Guns To Town Hall Meetings Are RACIST!....but.....

The Guy they showed on (edited) video is B-L-A-C-K!!!!


Are there any questions about why MSNBC ranks DEAD LAST?



Using A Manufactured Crisis To Collapse A Government System....Sound Familiar???

Neal Boortz seems right on-target with this one....

After all, it was PrezBo's right hand man Rahm Emanual who made the statement "Never waste a good crisis!"

While it is good to see the public awakening to the completely socialistic movements of Obama and his DEM Congress, the question is will the awakening come soon enough to stop the power-hungry mob?

If the DEMs push the nuclear option and force this through, it will be their last act of self-destruction. They'll awake to a new day in 2010.

Unfortunately, once passed in any form, the damage will be done and undoing will be nearly impossible.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Have You Gone (Obama).....??????

Like the song of the fifties....

Joe Dimaggio has become the litany of Obama.....

Just read and weep....


Global Warming....Greenland Will Be Ice Free (OR NOT) By 2030!!!!

Can we simply call this DOUBLE SPEAK...LYING...ETC????

The folks in charge of scaring us to death are willing to lie just to see that we believe as they do!

My God....This is as real as it gets folks....NOTHING They say is real!


I Don't See A Problem, Do You See A Problem????

The tale is told......

DEMs find No problem with "special loans" for their compatriots in Congress....

Geez, I am absolutely flabbergasted!


WE must stop this insane philosophy of "WE ARE ANOINTED!"


We Cannot Pass HealthCare Because of Those pesky Republicans!

Gollee!!!! Those Damn Republicans are stopping us from passing healthcare (ObamaCare!)

So what if the DEMS have filibuster-proof majorities in the House & the Senate....Them Pesky GOPers are still stopping things!

It is all their fault...we could do no wrong, after all we are led by Fearless PrezBo. He has us under control and knows ALL the answers.


The facade is beginning to open to the R-E-A-L-I-T-Y of LIFE!

Amazing how reality intrudes into the plans of the famous who really are unprepared!




Instapundit gives the exposure to Obama's lies.....

The public seems to be catching on!


"My Mind's Made Up; Don't Confuse Me With FACTS!" (said with great emotion!)

Team Obama, fresh off a constant 8 weeks of sliding polls, diving support for ObamaCare, and derision from all corners...including many in his own party...Is ready to rebirth the ObamaCare push with......(Gotta Believe It!) EMOTIONAL APPEAL!

Yeppers, if you cannot sell them the steak (after all, there is NO real healthcare bill at this point...only a 1,000 page tome to idiocy!) Sell em the SIZZLE!

From the WSJ, via FOXNews

Too much. Really, let me stop laughing!

The problem with ObamaCare right now is it is NOT OBAMACARE! It is this giant tribute to killing trees which Obama wants in the worst way despite persistent, believable outrage from citizens opposed to its apparent content.

Apparent Content. Therein lies the problem folks! Obama is never going to detail what actually is slated for passage because he knows the opposition will stiffen and grow when the entire socialist effort to place government in control of OUR health is exposed.

Emotional Appeal.....yeppers, I am gonna stop opposing cause The One tells me it is all gonna be OK and besides if we don't pass this in the next few days/weeks/months, the world will D-I-E!!!

Get real PrezBo!


Obama Team Player In Conflict of Interest?

Say it ain't so!

Openness and Transparency?

Honesty in Government?

Wizbang Blog's HughS says David Axelrod is in a bad situation!

Of course, unlike the yowling, screaming and gnashing of teeth over Cheney/Halliburton, the Lame Stream Media just cannot find a problem with this Democrat Income Option (DIO).

Yucks to the Obamabots for their complete reversal of attitude.....Oh, wait! They also found open hateful expressions of Nazi comparisons about Bush to be completely normal, but just cannot abide any form of free expression by the Conservatives.

The saddest thing of all is their quite apparent feeling the public won't notice.


Monday, August 17, 2009

TURN AROUND!!!! - GOP (Conservatives) Are In Chartge of new Polls!


Nuff Said!



The Signals Sunday are apparently F-A-L-S-E!!!!

The Obamabots are still in charge, and their signals are mixed and reversible in a heart-beat!

Yee Haw!!!!

Obama wants mater the capital he matter the methods he has to use...HE WANTS THIS!


We have only the fighting of the opposition to stop this....despite the majority polls which show it is not favored!

Obama and his BOTs do not care....they want this above all else!




"Public Option" or not, the Government (Read-OBAMA) still wishes to run your health care!


Dinna be fooled by the Obama gymnastics.....THEY still want control, and they will have it no other way!

KILL THE BILL, or it will kill our choices.


It's Him, It's Him I Tell You....The Dreaded Bush!

Obama continues to claim Bush is responsible....

Even 6 Months + into his Presidency. He will N-E-V-E-R accept responsibility!


We can do no wrong, for we are the party/ideology of Hope & Change....

WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!! The H&C was a L-I-E!!!!

Can you hear me now?????


Good News For ObamaCare! - Canadian Healthcare "Imploding!"

WOW...That's gotta hurt!

New Leader of CanadianCare sez....It is Imploding!!!

That is a sure endorsement for Obama to say....not us...we are not like them....we will be know...LIKE OUR MEDICARE & MEDICAID successes!

Uh Huh!

That's the way they'd like it.......BUT it seems the Obamacare ship is either sinking or floundering.

This nail-in-the-coffin is not going to help....

I cannot wait for the next polls. Guess Obama would like to avoid those pesky polls.


Can You Hear me Now?????

Australia adds another death knell to Cap & Tax!

The Obama programs are diving further and further into oblivion.

Reality is a harsh mistress!

Hope & Change has become Oops & Ouch!

Love it!


"Public Option" - It is A-L-I-V-E!!!! ; OOPS, Sorry Folks, This Was A Trial Balloon!!!

Once again the Obamabots are trying to figure what they can do to get their way with the LEAST possible change from COMPLETE-TOTAL-ABSOLUTE control of our Health Care!

Over the weekend they floated a trial balloon of "giving up" the public option of ObamaCare.


Michelle Malkin tells the TRUTH of it!

This administration folks does NOT know the meaning of "NEGOTIATE"...They only know, subterfuge, lie, manipulate IT til it WORKS!

There will only be an apparent capitulation if they get a bill that leaves open the possibility of GOVERNMENT CONTROL.

The "CHI-KAW-GAH" school of politics knows nothing less than total, complete victory.

Obama is CHI-CAW-GAH Politics personified.

We either win this folks, by denying Obama the prize, or we LOSE. It is that simple.


MILK CARTON Politicians!

QUICK....RUN....HIDE! The Constituents Are Coming!

Ain't it just neat that those elected to "represent us" are not in evidence, or at the very best are available "by phone"?????

The Hot Air folks cover it very well....

What a bunch of devout cowards. They obviously have not gotten the message. I guess Nov. 2010 will provide that to least those most vulnerable.

The rest do not give a flying you-know-what about their constituents. They have a majority of supporters, even if they crap in the supporters pockets....which in fact many legislators are doing.

I hope this continues to build.

I truly believe it will!


Constitutional Convention To Fix CA & NY Problems?

This may not be the answer.....

Instapundit tells the story...

When I was News Director of WJOL, Joliet, IL in the early 70s, we had a Con-Con in Illinois. As a responsible news station, we had talk sessions with delegates, legislators, and interesting folks from the community. We covered the development, and then the actual proposed new constitution from preamble to end. It took months.

When the vote came fewer than 21% of registered Illinois voters cast a ballot.

It was one of the most disappointing times in my career as a newsman.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yessir; I Want The Government In Charge of My Health Care!!!! NOT!

2% of Dealer applications have been paid.....80% Denied over little mistakes!

YEPPERS Folks, These guys need to run my healthcare....I better file for a major operation approval now.....that way in 6-8 years if I need one, I should be signed up and thru the red tape.

My God! Do you supporters of ObamaCare not see the bloody handwriting on the wall????


Hey AARP....Where's My Consult?

This morning on FOXNews I watched AARP VP David Sloane mouth the words of the AARP used when they are being accused of already siding with liberals on ObamaCare.

Nope! They have not made a choice.......If ya haven't made a choice....why can I find your website full of goodies like this?????

Oh, and while we're on the subject...Today you also said this is a time when "we are consulting with our members about their feelings"....on healthcare.

Where in Hell is MY Consult?

I have covered the AARP site, and scanned my emails as well as Duchess' emails & we find nowhere that we can be offering to "consult" as AARP members.

Where are the mystery members with whom you are consulting? How are you locating/choosing them? Why are you not asking all of us some questions if you truly and actually "represent the millions of members"??????

Just asking.....I am feeling ever-more disconnected from AARP & its string of liberal stands while never asking we, the members, for more than our annual membership fee!

I've had a lot more input to my Tea Parties here in Tampa than to AARP....& my Tea Party dues are zip-nada-zebo-none!

Just asking.


54% Say "Do Nothing" Is Better Than ObamaCare Proposal!

Yes folks, Rasmussen sez....54% prefer No Action!

Not a surprise to me. Obama has proven nothing, except he can still campaign and spout facts/figures/, remember ALL those statements he made in his campaign? So far he is batting about 90% in complete opposition to what he stated.

That, my friends, is how your PrezBo tells the tale the dumbmasses wish to hear, until elected, and then does what he planned all along.

He is so far left that if he happened to stumble a bit he'd fall off the scale entirely.


Friday, August 14, 2009

DEMs/LIBs Load The Town Halls.....Surprised????

I got nothing to say....JUST GO READ THIS!!!!

Nuff Said


Who Has Been In Whose Email?????

This could be really, really B-I-G kiddies!

Keep an open mind, and read all you can such as THIS!!!!

The SHA-CAW-GAH folks may be playing in a cesspool, and believing no one will notice!
Ah, but in today's FOX/bloggers world they W-I-L-L!!!!!


IF the WH is mining submissions to their "tattle-tale" site for an email list, they could be in REALLY, REALLY BIG TROUBLE!!!!!

One can hope!


p.s., I guess I have not made the list as I have not received any email from the WH spokesmen.

GOP in 2010? - Take Over?????

Man-o-man, the reports/rumors/possibilities are absolutely unbelievable!

Byron York tells the tale as he sees it!

I believe it is possible...but there is a LOT of water left to run under this bridge prior to the Nov. 2010 elections....

But the thoughts are delicious, devine, delightful. OOPS! Gotta be careful, or I might get a "tingling up my legs!"



Openness-Transparency....For Thee, Not Me!

The One whistles a tune, then changes the message.

Openness, transparency? What is this Sxxx all about?

So he said it, that does not mean he know...."said it!"

Besides, if he said it, what was it he said, and how did he say it, and why did he say it, and what does it really mean, and what does "said" actually mean as well....????

Obama is still in Chicago....East!


Palin's R-E-A-L Message Not Being Read by MSM!

Ever-Eager to down Sarah Palin....The MSM latches onto an out-of-context phrase and, once again, attempts to skewer forner VP Candidate Palin.

If YOU would like to actually find out what this woman actually thinks (this is where the DEM/LIB/Socialist wolves leave us)....


As usual the MSM are a) dumping on any conservative/GOP statement or, b) covering up a lib/DEM mistake...problem...misstatement!

Sarah is a number of interpretations.....politics, facts, understanding.

Go You Gal!


Problem? - Sold Sand & Lost Money..... Solution? - Sell Twice as Much Tomorrow!

"I don’t think the Obama Administration took over GM. I think GM took over the Obama Administration."

Thus Spake Instapundit!

COMPLETE Instapundit post!

It does seem as if Obama & Co. don't HAVE A CLUE as to what is. They continue to think the entire USA will follow the rules of SH-CAW-GAH.....Where the DEMs, led by the invincible Daley Machine, set the rules and get whatever response they "program"....

Lovin it!


Surgery - Post-Op....

From the Oh-My-God! department.....CA surgery #5....

This was post-op, still partially under the anesthesia, and feeling not-so-good!

Today; well, I feel like a train wreck. Head has lots of throbbing (Vicodin already taken), Neck is sore as hell, and, I look even worse than usual...and that is a strong statement.

One follower on Facebook wrote, "At least they didn't have to shave your head!" She was, of course, entirely correct. I responded to her that the only place they touched where hair actually still grows is MY NECK!

Ah well, it is over, and still a month to recover my good looks before anniversary trip to Grand Cayman.

Remember to worship the "no-hurricane-in-Grand Cayman" Gods for us!


"The Etiquette Czar's Rules for Patriotic Protest!"

Michelle Malkin has your guidelines.....

It'd be funny as hell if it were not what the Obamabots actually feel should be the rules. Question "The One"....quick, hide your face in shame.


p.s. Pelosi is expected to sign off on the rules sometime yesterday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Obama - The Disapproval Is Almost Universal

Bar(ac)k!, Bar(ac)k!

This tells the depth of the opposition!


Update: NO, the title on the vid is NOT my idea, and is simply an apparent misspelling!

There Are Elephants!

They are in the room....
Why are media folks, pundits, even bloggers having trouble focusing in on the R-E-A-L issues of ObamaCare?

The issues here (while they are certainly side issues) are not: Single-payer; coverage for elderly, pork, rationing, etc.

They are:

A) Government control - Government getting further and further into telling/controlling how we live, what we do and anything else to do with government in power position.

B) See A)

That is it folks. We, as a nation, have allowed government to intrude further and further with SS, Medicare, Medicaid, regulations, take-overs of entire industries, etc. Now comes this elephant. Take over of a M-O-N-S-T-E-R chunk of our entire country.

Details matter little. IF government takes over healthcare, we lose. Even if they promise the moon and stars. Eventually you will have the failed programs of government revisited.

The Postal Service? Failure....loser of BILLIONS. The PrezBo would have us believe the Postal Service is good BECAUSE it spawned UPS, FED-EX, etc. is a failure in any way you wish to look at it. If the postal service went away tomorrow, business would provide a service. That service would be faced with competition.

Medicare? Failure....(Yes, I admit, I am a user as a retired person) This monster program, while on-the-surface appearing to meet the needs of elderly, is bankrupt....Worse yet, it is about to exponentially cost us TRILLIONS more with each passing year!

Medicaid? Failure....See Medicare!

Government-Union Motors?....Failure! It began as a failed industry which cost us BILLIONS and, through the efforts of PrezBo now is an arm of Government/Union operation which still operates at the level of failure and also will continue to come back for more and more money until it still ultimately goes belly-up.

The elephants are here folks.....some are already visible. Some, like ObamaCare, are just shadowy outlines (on purpose...who wants us to know what is actually planned?) until they pass.

Government operates NOTHING well.

Do not let false promises, lies, innuendo and such keep your eyes off the elephants.

Government control is lethal.

It is also, by the way, socialist.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Didn't I Say This Stuff Writes Itself? - Obama Bussed In Supporters to Town Hall!!!!


Too delicious for words.....well, except for Obama's said during the town hall: "I don't want people thinking I just have a bunch of plants in here."

Choke!!! Gasp!!! Wheez!!! LMAO!!!!



Light(er) Posting Tomorrow!


I am off to have some of Florida's sunshine removed from my face/neck/leg tomorrow.

In my case it becomes a bit more involved. I have a problem which reared its ugly head about ten years ago which causes all local anesthetics to "flush" from my system in a matter of minutes. Not near long enough to cut off a chunk of forehead, have a frozen section done to insure clear margins, and then sew me up.

The event is not near so trying for me as when I had this done under local years ago. I sleep, I awake...I am done.

Should be in surgery about an hour. Then sleep another hour...then recover in post-op for an hour and have Duchess drive me home. I'll sit in my leather recliner oblivious to much for another couple of hours and then hopefully feel like blogging.

How'd I find out about this condition? I was in a surgeon's office having my forehead cut when suddenly I felt it all....Nuff said. Now I sleep.

I'll still be on line today....following all the goofy ObamaTeam gaffes, and lies.


UPDATE: This being my fifth surgery for CA, you'd think I'd be comfortable....I have awakened each and every time with no ill effects or sickness....BUT, for reason(s) unknown I am somewhat nervous tonight, and here I sit at the keyboard at 10:45pm with an 0500 get up time, and WIDE awake.

"Foist On Me Own Patard!" - Obama Cannot Stop Talking/Campaigning

He said is the statements rank as the content from "The Clothes Without An Emperor!"

At WizbangBlog DJDrummond reports the statements by The One.

Just continues to sound like a hundred-fold worse public drop than the 1st Bush's "Read My Lips!"

Of course this fella Obama gets 1000% more media "coverage" (not the reporting kind, the hide and cover kind).


"The Clothes Have No Emperor!"

The solid Obama MSM is showing a few cracks in the political line.....well, actually more like major faults in the line as they suddenly realize they STILL do not know who this President is!

At JustOneMinute the story of two such Obama reporters indicates the worm has turned.

The title to this, one I L-O-V-E, is not mine...but from the comments in the above post. I'll keep it around for a good while.


"Heads Should Roll...Beginning With Nancy Pelosi's!"

Pelosi (& the DEMs') missteps are laid out in a long...but interesting...piece by Camille Paglia @

Pretty much sez it all folks.....this is HillaryCare re-wrapped, with the fish still inside, and the DEMs too dumb to realize they themselves wrecked this. The public, and more particularly, the seniors are too smart and know too much.

Lovin it!


NO on Voter ID - Yes on Town Hall ID! WTF????

This stuff writes itself! - Tom Blumer at NewsBusters reports.

Which is worse, the audacity of the Dem Rep to state such obviously opposing views, or the idiocy of the Dem Rep to suppose no one notices?

This mirrors the fact of Dems supporting "dissent" earlier and now finding it "un-American"....

This stuff does write itself!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dive-Dive! - Obama Ratings Free Fall

As "The One" is set to host his 1st "Town Hall" on ObamaCare, a town hall with 1200 folks who were all selected to receive tickets by "The One" (I thought town halls were to allow the public to voice opinions....silly me!), Rasmussen unveils his latest look at Obamaman's latest polling....

Quite possibly Obama is once again on the campaign trail (what you do when you don't know how to govern) to try to salvage something in ObamaCare. Unfortunately it appears to this writer that he is simply opening the wound more deeply.


Get Yer Videos Here......

The Club For Growth has more videos of the Tea Parties than you'd believe.

So many you'll not watch them all...however, you are likely to get the point about citizen unhappiness with ObamaCare!


Monday, August 10, 2009

Similarity - ACLU & AARP.....

Both have become watchdogs of Liberal/DEM ideals.

Both ignore the basic constituents/members of their program.

Neither will listen to reason, nor be "fair-and-balanced" in their coverage/action.

The AARP is completely in-the-bag for the LIBs, despite member attitudes in opposition to the same.

The ACLU is now so completely in-the-bag for LIBs as to avoid completely the beating of a BLACK MAN in St. a mob of whites and blacks....BECAUSE he is Conservative.

Credibility Z-E-R-O!!!!!

It is so neat to see these left-wing groups expose their left-wing leanings by a lack of action against ANY form of LIB action.

Hope your $ are drying up ACLU....KNOW your cred is drying up are hearing from WE, the former members regularly!


I Am Kenneth Gladney! - Yessir!!!!

Andrew Breitbart tells the tale....

Boy, what a difference a (party) makes.....Given a GOP attempt to "snow" the public on such a divisive issue, the MSM/DEM response would have been wall-to-wall-tree-top-tall, and greeted by Liberals as fact and a need for action.

Not so much from the Lib/DEM side. The comment/rules are DIFFERENT!


The DEMS continue to shoot themselves in the foot, and hopefully the 2010 elections will see the DEMs receive a massive wake-up call. They are NOT seeing the Town Hall meetings for what they are.


Nanny-Nanny, Boo Boo....I'm Gonna Tell On You! Obama Tries to Control FREE SPEECH!!!

The "Open and Transparent" President, Obama, Is seeking to "Rat Out" Anyone questioning his ObamaCare......

What a neat guy.

Thanks PrezBo for bringing us attempts to control Free Speech......


The Web site for "Ratting Out" fellow citizens!

Obama, Ain't YOU the neat fella???
The Latest DEM/PrezBo/Tactic to avoid voters actually having A VOICE in our country!

Thanks Obama for your aid to those of us who wish to halt your Socialist/Marxist movements. We needed this!


p.s. Your ObamaCare is D-E-A-D!!!!

AARP...Members, Opinions, What Members....Opinions????

AARP continues to advertise to the members their many benefits. They ALSO continue to present, as the position of AARP, positions which HAVE NEVER BEEN PRESENTED TO, NOR VOTED UPON....By A-C-T-U-A-L AARP MEMBERS.....

Something fishy there folks.

IF I represent 40-50 million members......and IF I present this fact to the public/Congress...Should I not at the very least allow the MEMBERS the privilege of taking part vis-a-vis expressing their opinion in a certified by INDEPENDENT OBSERVERS! (This would not actually be necessary IF the AARP really represented us.)

AARP...Respond to the members, or we will cut you into pieces. WE ARE THE RETIRED PEOPLE! YOU ARE NOT! You S-U-P-P-O-S-E-D-L-Y work for US!

If not, then why would I belong to an organization whose "benefits & discounts" probably return me about what I invest in each year to be "Represented?"

Thinking Seniors Would Like To Know!


Pelosi-DEM Audacity....(Possibly Including Some GOP!)

We are in a recession.....

We have authorized and spent more money in the first months of the Obama Administration than in any period in our history. Our 1.8 TRILLION DOLLAR debt is astounding.

ObamaCare looms on the horizon......Cap & Tax sits in the wings.....


So, what has our Pelosi/DEM Congress done in response?

They are ready to order a FLEET of Gulfstream G500 LUXURY JETS to be on-call for them night and know, in case they have to fly to Barbados to get some Mount Gay Rum or something. The price?


The absolute audacity! The complete lack of connection with their electorate! The elitist attitude of "we will take care of US...oh, and throw you the bill" is enough to take your breath (& money) away! Could there be a more-pronounced example of tone-deaf people?

They deny any form of communication at the town hall meetings....actively encourage union thugs and goons to attend a disrupt...and then call the registered voters who do attend "anti-Americans!" After all, do we think we are a republic with actual free speech?????

The 2010 ballot box is our only alternative. Keep the faith. V-O-T-E for ALL new folks who WILL stop spending and socialistic/marxist leaps toward government control.


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dress Like an Authentic Grass-Roots Rebel!

Michelle Malkin Nails IT!!!!!!


AARP - One of My Least Favorites!!!!

HT: Instapundit...Glenn Reynolds...for the connection!

I have often spoken of the lack-of-input we AARP Members (Soon to be former members) have in the process of AARP positions on everything.

How could the AARP support ObamaCare???

The story tells my feelings, and I am sure most of the folks 50 plus....

I am going to cancel our AARP membership, and I hope tens of thousands of others do the same.

Take back AARP as a political force....make it represent US!!!!!!

Or it can simply die!


Pelosi Wants (Demands) 1st Class for ALL Flights!

100 Million here, 200 million there......


"We cut 100 Million from the budget" is the clarion call....The un-announced truth is the DEMS forced thru a vote for three Jets to take them world-wide.....cost $195 MILLION!!!!

They are not trumpeting these jets....go figure!


Healthcare....Let Me Understand This!

So...The public (via every poll I've seen) is opposed to ObamaCare.

The members of AARP are in a riot over the decision of AARP to support what is a bill laden with cuts hurting the seniors.

No CongressCritter has even pretended to read the 1000 page + tome.

Each and every CongressCritter holding a "Town Hall" or some form thereof in their district, which their constituents expect, is hearing LOUD demonstrations of opposition....

Y-E-T The Dems, led by kum-by-ah singing Obama are still in full charge to enact this abortion of our medical rights.

Do they still believe they can do this without losing total control of Congress in 2010? Do they CARE?

I doubt they care. This has been a goal of the Lib/Dems for decades. They will exhaust any and all options to pass this.

Hopefully they will leave office en-mass in 2010.


That's All???? - Obama Responsible For Deficit!

Rasmussen states what I'd feel is obvious....

Of course, Dem/Libs would find that a complete surprise!

The chickens are coming home to roost.


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Oh Grow UP! - Obama Cartoon Sends Left Loony...

UPDATE: See Bush as Joker, Below!

The inevitable cartoon of Obama has cropped up in LA. The lefties are going nuts...

I'd guess they have forgotten all about the pics below they loved so very much.



Update: Drudge reports on Vanity Fair piece using Bush-as-Joker!!! Good for the goose, etc.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Health Care Commits Suicide????

SUICIDE! By Government!

It is the only option to solving this by telling YOUR CongressCritter to VOTE NO!!!

Write them, email them, phone them!

They need to feel the wrath of the common folk!


WOOT! - Michelle Malkin Takes Down "The View"

Yeppers folks, the lovely, talented Michelle Malkin takes down the Liberal dollies of "The View".....

WOW WHAT A KILL! Michelle listens and still shuts down the liberal idiocy and the panel in general.....

Go You Girl!!!!!!

Ya Hoo!


Ve Vil Haf HealthCare, Govt. Controlled!!!!!

DEMOCRATS are hell-bent to pass the bill.....
Damn The Facts, Damn the results, FULL SPEED AHEAD!

They are completely, oblivious to the groundswell of public sentiment which opposes the ObamaCare plan. They will pass this or else!

& HOPEFULLY the result will be Democrat annihilation in 2010!

The DEMS are about to make this their defining moment, and it will kill THEM AS A POLITICAL FORCE.....But it may kill us as a rational nation!


& You Want Government Run Health Care?


"Never happen here?" - I guess I just have to remind you Medicaid & Medicare are broke and not working; Cash for Clunkers went bust in a SINGLE WEEK!

You want government to run your healthcare?

80% of the population has insurance and by far the majority are happy with it.

Obamacare will bring massive taxes, less good treatment, and rationing of care...most particularly for those of us over 60!



At Patterico's Pontifications.....some thoughts many of us have and are now expressing to our legislators:

"Looks like the cash-for-clunkers program may be near an end. I don’t qualify; I made the mistake of buying a fuel-efficient car in 2000.

Didn’t get any money for my house either. I made the mistake of getting a mortgage I could afford.

I’d love to get my student loans paid off — but dammit, I paid them off myself.

I’m trying to think if there’s some area of life where I can be stupid and irresponsible now, so I can get paid by Obama in the future. Because so far I’ve really screwed myself by doing things right."

Can I get an A-MEN?

If you are not a reader of Patterico....

Check Him Out!

Prime among his efforts is getting in the face of the uber-liberal L.A.Times.


"Read My Lips"........Part Deux!!!!

The One marched out all his minions Sunday to the TV news shows. Their non-message was...There will be new taxes & the rich cannot pay them all.
My poster/bumper sticker!

The man made a major campaign point, time-after time-after time, that there would be no new tax on the middle class. This now ends. Just as George-the 1st did so many years ago now Obama will try to sell you on the fact that the bad economy, not he, is going to force more taxes.

In case you forgot what he said:

Just remember, if he had not rushed thru the (Lack of) Stimulus, and was not now demanding a healthcare plan which will cost gazillions, we'd not need a tax hike.

If you wish to make your voice have, call and/or go see your CongressCritter during his/her/their Summer break...if you can find them.

Obama and the rest of his Chicago Administration are busy trying to reverse the sagging polls for his healthcare, and it seems non-productive in that regard for them to admit a needed tax...but there it is.

By-the-way, FOXNews was speculating (Stu Barney) that the tax will be a NATIONAL SALES TAX! Got that? It may be called a "value-added" tax, or it may be given some other name creating a charade that it is not REALLY a sales tax, but it will be placed on everything for EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US!

Still Lovin your man, Obama?

Stick will get worse.


Sunday, August 02, 2009

THIS Is Scary.....REALLY Scary!

Something hit Jupiter....and the only one to spot it (despite hundreds of professionals viewing the sky/looking for errant meteors/et al) was an amateur....

Well, Okey-Dokey then!

If we are studying the stars, and our own planetary system to find meteors, comets, and space debris.....WHY would we miss the crash into our neighbor???

MORE IMPORTANTLY......How do we have ANY assurance we will SEE SOMETHING COMING TOWARD US!!!!! ?????

I find this to be a bit out-of-focus. Are we not looking hard enough? Are we not providing the folks/systems necessary to see these.

The long talk about how we stop such an entity if it is coming to Earth is moot IF we do not have the means to SEE IT COMING!!!


"I'll Only Tax The Top 5%...."

ER.....well, I mean, now that I spent the farm on stimulus, and am still working on the 1 TRILLION $ HealthCare-Obama-Style, and; oh yeah, the cap and tax, and some other things like a newly-unveiled plan for 500 BILLION for infrastructure which we apparently forgot in the 787 BILLION DOLLAR STIMULUS OF "SHOVEL-READY" projects...which are seeming not to be getting going so well.......


Obama lies as he pleases....the Chicago in him allows this, and he still believes NO ONE will notice.....

Get this stopped folks......Work your Congressman/Woman.....NOW!


"It Ain't Over......", Etc!

Kim Priestap at Wizbang Blog details how Dems are NOT listening to their constituents... Instead the DEMS are seriously considering brokering it all for their beloved government takeover of health care.

The coming ONE MONTH PERIOD....and how those opposed to government-run health care utilize it to pin their CongressCritter's tail to the wall over this....will decide if we have Obama Care or not.

As a person interested in keeping us NEED TO ACT!

Join a "Town Hall" or Tea Party or both for your Congressional rep....Make your voice heard.