Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nelson/Neilsen....Whatz Up With That?

Stolen from FOX!!!!

Is it just me, or does Ben Nelson of knee-brass-kah really, really resemble Leslie Neilson from the many comedy movies?
I, for one, find him funny just to look at! He must be the comedy relief for someone.

This is a subject which needs exploring.....people who provide the comedic relief for the politicians. This goes way beyond the Sarah Palin imitators!


May Day!, May Day!, We're Drowning In Debt Here!!!!

A Post from where????....P. J. Friere...who shows ObamaCare is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!

These are folks who endorsed the program kiddies! They are believers, and they say... SCRAP IT!!!!

Obama and his Pelosi/Reid minions better come up with some REALLY, REALLY strong arguments if they wish to find voters "happy" they pass such a bill....

Me thinks this ain't over til the fat lady sings....whomever she might be!



We Promise!

Ed Morrissey (Some remember him as Captain Ed) Puts it together....

Yeppers, I am loving the way Obamie and friends have covered it all....mostly with disgust....since their take over. I am excited about what they can foul in three more years, aren't you????


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Interpol Made Supreme Police Over US By Obama...No, REALLY!

Now you have no recourse to evidence in case of arrest by Interpol. Nor do the FBI or anyone else. Our marvelous apologist-in-chief, PrezBO has signed a new bill detail by DRJ at Patterico's Pontifications:

"Just before Christmas, President Barack Obama signed an Executive Order that immunizes Interpol’s acts in America:

“Last Thursday, December 17, 2009, The White House released an Executive Order “Amending Executive Order 12425.” It grants INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) a new level of full diplomatic immunity afforded to foreign embassies and select other “International Organizations” as set forth in the United States International Organizations Immunities Act of 1945.

By removing language from President Reagan’s 1983 Executive Order 12425, this international law enforcement body now operates – now operates – on American soil beyond the reach of our own top law enforcement arm, the FBI, and is immune from Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) requests.”

I haven’t posted on this before because I’m having a difficult time thinking of all the reasons this is a bad thing. Is this about subjecting the United States to international laws? Exposing American leaders and military to international war crime proceedings? Exempting a police organization on American soil from FOIA and other traditional oversight provisions?

Andy McCarthy has a succinct explanation, and Phineas Fahrquar at PubSecrets makes two points that make sense to me. The first is a continuation of Andy McCarthy’s concerns:

“The author, former federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy, asks some very good questions, among them why we need to elevate a foreign police service above our own legal protections and why does Interpol need an untouchable repository for documents? Essentially this means that someone arrested under an Interpol warrant in the US can be denied the right to see the evidence used to swear out the warrant against him (presumably at an extradition hearing), a discovery process that’s considered a fundamental protection against tyranny under our Anglo-American system.”

Fahrquar describes the second as a quasi-conspiracy theory, but it’s a reasonable one in my view:

“I do find it more than a bit disturbing that a foreign law-enforcement agency would be allowed to operate on American soil and not be subject to the same constitutional restraints as the FBI or DEA. That’s an unacceptable slight to American sovereignty. And, to give my inner-conspiracy theorist full sway, isn’t it convenient that there’s now an archive within the Justice Department that’s protected by diplomatic immunity, so that no documents in it are available to Congress or a US court? What a perfect place to lose embarrassing documents Obama and Attorney General Holder would rather never see the light of day.”

Ya gotta love Obamie's Chicago style hide and seek, and his denial of ANY US sovereignty!

Don't you just love the protection of our constitutional rights & the openness and transparency rampant through all Obamie's rulings from the throne?

By the end of his 1st term, we'll be a satellite to Europe.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Feel The Stimulation????

Don Serber reports on $271,000 spent in Texas to caulk O-N-E Home! But, not to worry, they have another $361 Million to do a few more homes!

Your government stimulus at work. Think of all the government jobs we're creating/saving under this marvelous program.

I'm depressed. Anyone have a clue why?


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Phone Coverage

The "Phone Wars".....AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. rage on. TV has hundreds of commercial minutes dedicated to who has the signal in the most places....who has the best signal....who offers the best overall service....

It is an endless cacophony of sound bites...each trying to sell their product by pointing out the failures/weaknesses of the others while simultaneously hiding their own failures/weaknesses.

I can only comment on one level. MY experiences.

Last Spring (April 20th to June 20th), Duchess and I traveled just short of 10,000 miles in our motor home from Tampa up thru Illinois to Wisconsin, and then West on I-90 to Badlands/Rushmore (no Obama face YET!), then on to Washington and the coast down to Portland, across Oregon, Idaho, and into Yellowstone. Then to Jackson, Montana, and S. to Rocky Mountain National Park....further down to Texas via East New Mexico, and eventually home to Tampa.

In all our 60 days on-the-road we had fewer than 5 days without signal for our PC-USB on-line hookups and our phones. ALL on Sprint.

I was pleased and completely surprised as I thought we'd find the prarie areas devoid of signal.

It was nice!



Dan Riehl of RiehlWorldView: "Sixty suicidal terrorists aka Socialist-Democrat Senators strapped over 2,000 pages of dynamite to themselves in the Capitol this morning, as they vowed to blow up America's superior health care system in coming months. The group is being coordinated by a Washington, DC man identified as Barack Hussein Obama."

Dan's entire post is H-E-R-E!

They care not about the plebeian voters. After all the DEMs know they are both enlightened and nuanced in the fashion of Euro-Elitists.

This could get interesting as the consensus is the DEMs will take a beating in Nov. 2010....but can they "Take a licking, and keep on ticking?"

I hope NOT!


More Guns = More Crime......N-O-T


Another anti-gun theme bites the dust! Fact: Gun sales UP....Crime Down, Steeply!!!!

The anti-gun lobby must be in fits. Of course, they'll come up with an argument of some kind. Perhaps they'll say the crime level is down cause criminals cannot afford gas for their get-away cars. Ha Ha!

Return with me to the final many police stations have been attacked by gunmen?


It Is Done! - The DEM Nanny State Has Arrived!

Ho-Ho-Ho....No, not a Christmas Greeting....the words are to be said when pointing at Sens. Nelson, Landreiu, Dodd, et al. These thieves took vast sums of money and/or promises to exempt their state from the disaster others face in exchange for their vote for the "Nanny-State" option called healthcare. Thus, this morning, in the shadow of the Christmas celebration we were given the "Harry-Harry Christmas" present.

NOPE....not ObamaCare....we were given the complete Democratic wish-list. Public option be damned, they included enough in this bill to insure public option in a different form. In addition they ladled on the massive-cost (for YOU & ME) of such lovelies as coverage for your kids until they reach somewhere between 26 and 30. Your "kid" will be one, under the care of this nanny state for 1/3rd of their life!!!

Young folks just starting out will be forced to carry insurance. Doctors will be facing massive cuts in their reimbursements. We will face, as older folks, the "death panels"...even if they are called by another name. These panels will decide what you can and cannot have under healthcare. They will tell your doctor what you can have as treatment...and, they will limit lots of "costly" tests and treatments; particularly for those over the age of ???

This abortion will be paid for by me and you and our kids and our grandkids, and in a single generation we will have the hell that is healthcare in England, Canada and a number of European countries.

Thanks to these Democrats who acted entirely on-their-own. They wrote the bills behind closed doors; they voted down every GOP amendment or change proposed. They ignored a public that went from barely supporting in the measure in the Spring to in massive opposition to the bill. 61% of the public said....NO CHANGE!!! The DEMs went on their merry way.

Now the report is the bills will be combined...NOT in the traditional way with House and Senate conferees working to make an amalgamation of the vastly different bills, but instead by Reid and Pelosi alone, behind closed doors! "Hope and Change You Can Believe In!"

Congratulations to my many friends who sought change from the traditions of beltway politics only to find the new deal is even a country mile. Oh, and we can through in the looming financial crisis when our dollar goes even further into the pit of doom, and the economy tanks in massive proportion.



The Latest Employment Chart....Our Christmas Present! (Well, we might also get ObamaCare!)

The chart comes from H-E-R-E!!!

One note on an item I'd add to the article....(NO, I do not endorse nor buy the products mentioned)....Notice the red line and how it drops a tiny, little bit in the last report? Do you recall how Obama, his WH minions, and the entire Liberal Congress rose as one and applauded the mighty efforts of their Democrat party to accomplish this small dip? I do!

Obama himself did a complete and thorough review of his tremendous impact upon all things governmental since he was sworn in, and gave himself a B+.....OMG! That is so hysterical as to be stupid. Only a Chicago pol could make such a review and statement with a straight face.


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's A "Culture Crisis"....Not A "Health Care Crisis!"

From Dr. Starner Jones of Mississippi.....a two paragraph letter to the White House.....One that will most-likely end up in the circular WH file without note or response!

"Starner Jones, MD: I am a seventh generation Mississippian and wanted to come back here after going somewhere else for college and medical school.. My extracurricular interests are golf, hunting, fishing and college football.

Dear Sirs:

"During my last night's shift in the ER, I had the pleasure of evaluating a patient with an expensive shiny gold tooth, multiple elaborate expensive tattoos, a very expensive brand of tennis shoes and a new cellular telephone equipped with her favorite R&B tune for a ringtone.. Glancing over the chart, one could not help noticing her payer status: Medicaid. She smokes more than one costly pack of cigarettes every day and, somehow, still has money to buy beer.

"And our Congress expects me to pay for this woman's health care? Our nation's health care crisis is not a shortage of quality hospitals, doctors or nurses. It is a crisis of culture ?? A culture in which it is perfectly acceptable to spend money on vices while refusing to take care of one's self or, heaven forbid, purchase health insurance. A culture that thinks "I can do whatever I want to because someone else will always take care of me". Life is really not that hard. Most of us reap what we sow. Don't you agree?


O-U-C-H....That's gotta hurt!


Monday, December 21, 2009

What Could Go Wrong?

The Democrats pass another monumental ObamaCare vote in the Senate....60-40, right down party lines.

Hope & Change....

They achieved this despite the 61% of Americans now stating their opposition to ANY healthcare bill.

Hope & Change & Transparency....

Despite the ladling out of millions and millions of MY (OUR) tax dollars to the few who chose to hold out for benefits for their own state.....Nelson, Landrieu, Dodd, etc.

So, simply passing the bill involves the Democrats at their favorite game. Spending tax dollars to help them pass legislation to spend LOT$ MORE tax dollars.

Hope and Change....

The Democrats, assisted by two Independents who almost universally vote Democrat, passed the next hurdle, and moved on to final hurdles aimed at Christmas Eve final passage...Despite the fact that NO ONE, except Reid and possibly one or two trusted aides has even seen the bill...let alone had time to analyze it.

Transparency....a new Washington filled with openness and cooperation.

Da Ya think the polls that say the DEMs are in deep doo doo in November 2010 are possibly right?

Just then, given an almost assured passage and signing of ObamaCare, YOU will be paying for the program.....

AND You will only have another three years before the 1st components actually kick in.

You got your Hope & Change!!!!!

Merry go count the coal in your stocking.

I'm throwing my stocking out...hopefully alongside my ObamaCare-super-supporter Congress Critter, Rep. Betty Castor...

Come on November.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

A shot across the bow!

China has fired a warning shot that will NOT be heard, acknowledged, or exposed in the general MSM. To expose the shot would be negative for the entire program of Obama/Democrats. It might impact cap & trade, Stimulus II, ObamaCare, etc.

The Shanghai Daily sounds the warning.

How do we do any of the planned expansions without the ability to sell bonds? We do not, or in this case we do and then pay the price with an economy deep, deep in trouble.

Some feel the Healthcare vote itself is Political Suicide (The analysis is a bit long, but indeed informational).

Megan McCardle continues the political suicide theme, but adds another "1st" for this monster bill:

"At this point, the thing is more than a little inexplicable. Democrats are on a political suicide mission; I'm not a particularly accurate prognosticator, but I think this makes it very likely that in 2010 they will lost several seats in the Senate--enough to make it damn hard to pass any more of their signature legislation--and will lose the house outright. In the case of the House, you can attribute it to the fact that the leadership has safe seats. But three out of four of the Democrats on the podium today are in serious danger of losing their seats.

No bill this large has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote, or even anything close to a straight party-line vote. No bill this unpopular has ever before passed on a straight party-line vote. We're in a new political world. I'm not sure I understand it." (Emphasis mine!)


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Russian Data on Climate "Cherry-Picked" by CRU

Now we apparently have proof the data used by the folks involved in ClimateGate was picked from total Russian database TO MATCH THEIR THEORY...

25%???? 75% of their data stations were IGNORED????

Yeppers folks we can believe the GW "experts"...they proved their theory by picking data to match.

I'd ask AlGore about this, but he does not answer questions, nor for that matter does he explain when he is proven wrong on his statements. After all, as Neal Boortz sez, "He is The Goracle!" Above such mundane things as addressing errors, and providing response to anyone who dissents. HIS time for debate is over...His mind is made up so do not confuse him with "inconvenient" facts!

Sickening, and PrezBO wishes to sign off on BILLIONS for this charade?


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RUH ROH.....Howard Dean sez "KILL THE BILL!"

Yessir....the recording will be released this afternoon.....He sez NO Medicare change & buy-in, no deal! Start Over.......

Lieberman, Nelson (Ben), and a united GOP plus a few more dissenters may have killed the bill.

Golly, that really, really just upsets me! I wanted the DEMs to fall on their own sword. They seem particularly proficient at such a trick.

I hope Dean's words are heard in the Senate!

Reid and Pelosi alone would NEVER stop this train wreck. They have bet-the-farm on ANY form of ObamaCare they can has PrezBO!


Gore: "My Facts Are Wrong, But My Message Is True!"

How convenient that AlGore (known to Boortz readers as "The Goracle") makes a statement at the Copenhagen GW Fest...heated by the 1400 limousines and 1200 personal jets!...and then ADMITS HIS FACTS WERE WRONG!

How Sweet It Is!

Copenhagen continues to reek of lies, distortions, etc.


Monday, December 14, 2009

You Want Us To Like Tell You What You Are Voting ON?????? Get a GRIP Idiot!!!!


You VIL VOTE OUR WAY....and THEN ve vil tell you what you voted for!!!!!

The DEMs, just full of surprises in their rush to "openness & transparency!"


There is ZERO openness and transparency! Period!

It is all about (Democrat) Control.....nothing else matters.

How can the voting public be so stupid????


The BIG X !!!!!

Man oh Man! the "MAN" is in trouble plenty!

This looks like the start of a major desertion from the Obama camp. Many, many folks have been observed this week very busy pulling Obama stickers off their bumpers!


May Day, May Day.....The DEM (REID) Health Care Plan is in DEEP DOO DOO!!!!

Read em and weep DEMs....

Bout time!

NOW....make it stick!!!!


OUCH!!!! ---Oh, and OUCH!!!!!

A Double Ouchie as the DEM dream of healthcare (ER....Govt. Control) seems to E - VAP - ER - ATE!!!!!

Don't ya just love it when a DEM plan seems doomed???? I know I do!


Friday, December 11, 2009


CNN, as liberally-biased as you get, now sez....

61% Oppose the current Democrat Health Care proposal! only 39% favor it.

One month ago it was 49% against; 47% in favor of.....

Why are the Democrat leaders trying to complete their lemmings-march-to-the-sea?

They are trying to reinforce their base? At what cost? The majority of the House and possibly a tie or close to one in the Senate? That will help them, HOW? Obviously, if they pass ANYTHING, then they have "accomplished" the beginning of socialized medicine with government control. But at what cost? The Presidency in 2012? Then a further drop in both House and Senate DEM numbers leading to another round of complete GOP control?

Maybe not....Maybe they are counting on the new Tea Party to divide things enough to allow them to slip thru with control for one-more-cycle to complete the socialization of the USA!



Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I SEE NOTHING!"...& If I See Something, It Is OLD, Outdated and Inappropriate!!!!

The AlGore has spoken....from his usual hide-and-seek position where NO ONE gets to question ANYTHING HE SEZ!!!!


Nothing here...just a GW "Expert" (Definition: has-been stream of water, under pressure!) allowing nothing to cloud his massive knowledge base, and no one to challenge/question it's authenticity.

& These folks, led by "The AlGore" actually think rational, thinking humans will follow this drivel?

Idiocy! Pure, and simple....Idiocy!

There will come a time....after AlGore has made his MILLIONS on GREEN he invented....when folks will find his persona out-of-touch, ill-conceived, and so illogical as to be a farce. That may not, given the current exposure of BAD data, be too far in our future.


How To REALLY, REALLY P. O. The PrezBO!!!!

Read the new polls....
One tells PrezBO (& everyone else) that current polling places Obama at 50% and Bush at 44% in terms of which one you'd rather have as the Prez!

When one considers Bush's ratings in his last year in office were somewhere between abysmal and completely-in-the-toilet, this makes PrezBO look like the fool he is being as our "Anointed One!"

& He deserves every bad report he gets. P-L-U-S!!!!


Bad News, I Don't See No Bad News.....

Jennifer Rubin at Commentary Magazine comments on The Obama Team's tin ear:

"This is not an administration that takes bad news well. Or to put it more precisely, this is not an administration that takes in bad news. The president pretended not to hear the Tea Party protesters outside his window in April. The administration brushed off ordinary citizens who turned out to object to ObamaCare at town-hall meetings in August as stooges of the insurance industry or ignoramuses. It went to war with Fox for refusing to tow the sycophantic line. And in December it’s reduced to screeching at Gallup for bearing bad polling news. (Watch out RealClearPolitics!)

Charles Franklin of responds to Robert Gibbs’s outburst:

Gibbs’ “EKG” analogy for President Obama’s approval level is typical rhetoric of any administration in trouble with the public. First imply the polls are “all over the place” and then assert that the president doesn’t govern based on polls. Dems and Reps alike reach a point in their approval ratings when they trot out these chestnuts. Sadly, both assertions are false and administrations that truly ignore public opinion are in more trouble than they know.

And another pollster explains:

I would have to heartily disagree with Gibbs’ comments — the reality is I have that situation all the time when I bring clients bad news. When I bring my clients good news they always tell me how smart I am and when I bring them bad news they tell me that I’m stupid and no better than a 6-year-old with a box of crayons.

The disinclination to hear and process bad news is part of human nature. No one, most especially a “sort of god” who had been virtually immune from criticism, likes to hear complaints and wails of disappointment. But a White House that treats critics as enemies and bad news as disinformation does so at its peril. Without a realistic picture of public opinion and how its own policies are being received, the administration is incapable of making the needed course corrections, personnel changes, and message refinements that every White House must undertake to keep from going off the rails.

This administration, however, seems to have a singular strategy: double down on its nasty rhetoric, keep turning Left on policy, rage at the media for missing the “real story,” and admit no errors. It’s a recipe for failure, both policy and political. The Obami may see more of both."

The fact of the irresponsible actions, lack of experience, and complete Chicago-style politics of Obama & Co. is going to be their death knell. They are, I believe, completely unable to do anything else but what they are doing. It worked before on the local stage...a stage run by "their people", and they simply cannot grasp nor accept that the national stage is any different.

That may be our best hope. 2010 & 2012 are coming.


The ZERO Years Of Service Award!


Nuff Said!


Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You Vil Haf Climate Control OR Ve Vil Control You Through EPA! Ferstanzie?

The American Reichstag is underway. Obama knows NO bounds, and he will have his way as he expands the Executive Branch because HE CAN!!!!! Pelosi/Reid are dumb as doorknobs about this move to take control of the entire government.....and, unfortunately, the GOP is complicit as they hedge their bets to avoid a clash with the Tea Party....and thus do NOTHING!

The Tea Party, still in its infancy, is unable to have any meaningful impact.

The only solution? The Congress/Senate need to recognize they are being played for fools by Obama, and to halt the expansion of the CZARs, and the others like the EPA who feel they can "legislate" from the sidelines.

2010 cannot come soon enough to halt this. Who can? The GOP, but they seem completely asleep and leaderless.

We are doomed.


DIVE-DIVE!!! - Obama Ratings Continue to Slide!


Ed Morrissey, at Hot Air, TELLS IT LIKE IT IS as another poll sez Obama is in really, really bad territory, ratings wise.

Of course Robert Gibbs is still telling us that Baghdad is safe.....ER, I mean that polls mean nothing!

Yeah, that's it.....Only positive polls and positive comments accepted here. We accept NO criticism! WE are THE OBAMA White House!



PrezBO's much-vaunted "stimulus" (by the Liberal/Democratic majority) has set a record.....How about $2 MILLION PER JOB?

Yessir, "That's the fact Jack" as was stated in one non-com statement to a General in "Stripes", the movie.

& Meanwhile the woes of this job market are being blamed upon.........

WAIT FOR IT.........

The GOP.....You know those folks who have been out of the control of the Congress for the past three years! I find it amazing the Dimocrats still try to tie ALL 8 YEARS of Bush to the economy....despite Democrat control of the House from 2006 on. Guess they had no say, or were afraid to talk because Bush might declare war on THEM!

The idiocy continues, and PrezBO basks in the warm sunlight of the lowest ratings ever for a President at this point in his term......But I guess we can ignore this because Baghdad Bob....ER, I mean Robert Gibbs, mouthpiece for Obama sez now that "polls just don't matter!" & Besides he does not trust them personally!

Thanks for that clarification Bob.

What an unadulterated basket of Sxxx!!!! Period-Dot-Period!


Tiger-Tiger, Burning Bright....Obama, You're Next In Our Sights!

Lisa Schiffren, writing at American Thinker, explains the slickly-marketed Tiger Woods, used as much by the major businesses which backed him as he used them to compile a billion-dollar net worth. He is a product of a marketed image, not the picture of a real person.

Now his persona is apparently in shreds as new revelations pop up daily. Lisa goes a major step further in comparing Woods to President Obama....

"If I were watching the public's disgust with the newly revealed Tiger Woods from an office in the West Wing, I'd be concerned. Because Barack Obama is about as completely manufactured a political character as this nation has seen. His meteoric rise, without the inconvenience of a public record or accomplishments, and the public's willing suspension of critical evaluation of his résumé allowed his handlers and the media to project whatever they wanted to on his unfurrowed brow.
Ironically, the parallels have nothing to do with race. The Obama campaign did explicitly attempt to borrow the from the then-universal Tiger Woods appeal to allay any discomfort voters might have had with a mixed-race politician. They constructed a persona that would make the American electorate comfortable with a barely-known, first-term senator with a left wing voting record, a deliberately obscured personal and professional past, and no traditional qualifications for high office.

After a year in the spotlight, Barack Obama, hailed as a brilliant man and a creature of destiny who would heal us all, is himself falling rapidly to earth. (Thankfully, his family life remains above suspicion.) The flaws that were airbrushed out of the candidate photos are becoming glaringly obvious under day-to-day scrutiny of his public performance in the White House.

And while it doesn't matter if another athlete is an adulterer, it matters a lot if the president is revealed to be an inexperienced, excessively ideological, and weak man who is naïve about the world and uncomfortable exercising American power during a time of war. It matters if nothing in his training would have equipped the president to understand what it takes to stimulate job growth, or ameliorate a recession, or to end an overseas conflict successfully. It matters that he is uninterested in the science behind global warming -- and wishes to use the issue to amass power and reorder society. It matters that he has no interest in the construction of policy.

Ultimately, Woods is an exceptional golfer with a character problem. Barack Obama, by contrast, is not an exceptional, or even particularly competent, leader. But because so many politicians, interest groups and factions have an interest in his continued presence, no one is ready to reveal the man behind the curtain just yet.

But many voters from both the center and the far left who believed in the Obama magic are increasingly dismayed by watching the human god fall to earth. This is a major problem because, as Shafer notes, the impulse of the betrayed is to tear their fallen deities to shreds.

There is a great deal of truth to this comparison. Obama is headed for rough times in which some core voters who are liberals and the voters of the black, and possibly hispanic communities, will support him in 2012; however, the mass exodus by those who sought "Hope and Change" is well underway, evidenced by the lowest rating of approval by any President so far at this point in their term.


Monday, December 07, 2009

May Day, May Day....STOP BREATHING!!!

The EPA (Environmental Political Agenda) has FOUND AIR BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH!!!

Yeppers, the same folks who find GW to be upon us, have now found our air so bad we need to find an alternative source of oxygen!

Obama & his friends are marching the lemmings of America toward the sea, and few seem to care!


I Am Reassured & Comforted!


That was one I was sweating out. I thought they'd find the vids of ACORN staffers offering advice on prostitution, illegal tax evasion, bondage for teens imported from other countries, and so much more to be a problem.....But NOPE!

"We is fine buh-wheat!"........

The comedy is so huge that it makes one shake with laughter. & Then cry with the fact that the MSM will probably be headlining this tomorrow! Ah transparency and openness....Ya gotta love it!

Serious people are excused so they can go outside and throw up!


From The W-T-F Department......Liberals Offer Bounty???

This goes seriously beyond anything I'd have anticipated.

A BOUNTY on the head of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce!!!

Why am I reminded of the line from Lost Boys, I believe....."Hunt The Pig, Kill The Pig!"

My god, it is 60s socialist agenda stuff revisited! The liberals know nothing they can do which is out-of-line. After all....THEY ARE RIGHT....anyone who opposes them is not only wrong, but most likely criminal.

Of course they cannot see ANY form of criminal action among their own ranks.

Excuse me, I believe I am going to go be sick!


Sunday, December 06, 2009


The current crop of Reid/Pelosi/Obama leaders are matter the have SOME eFORM of healthcare voted upon and approved. They care not a lot about the details. They are sold on the idea that if they do not pass said and same healthcare "reform" they fail with their base. They may be right. However, they are dithering with the fact the majority of the public DO NOT LIKE this healthcare bill. They find it repugnant, devoid of value, and costing much, much more then the President and Reid/Pelosi will admit.

It is all smoke and mirrors.

The DEMs would have us believe they are trying to cover the poor folks who have no insurance! They L-I-E....They know the poor have options already...they go to hospitals emergency rooms and get full care without any form of insurance. Period.

The DEMs are only looking to have government control of healthcare. That is the ONLY goal! All else is show and bluster.

The DEMs will push this, and they will lose lots of seats in 2010. They may even lose control of the Congress....but not the Senate...though they may lose seats there as well. They seem to feel they will need to appease their Liberal base by passing SOMETHING on healthcare know, before the public gets to be fully aware of the hoodwink the DEMs are trying to pass.

Sad, Sad....The DEMs still feel they are comfortable with not allowing the GOP any form of input to the legislation...proven by their voting down of EACH & EVERY GOP idea presented.

Maybe, they reason, the public will not notice. BS DEMs...we are noticing.


Obama Bombs Once Again!

Michael Goodwin states: "Perhaps it was inevitable. A man who voted "present" 130 times in the Illinois Legislature couldn't possibly morph into a savvy and decisive leader of the free world in such a short time.

Yet even the pessimists among us are alarmed by the cloud of uncertainty and confusion hanging over the White House. Less than a year on the job, President Obama seems to have run out of both charm and ideas.

The biggest issues facing a president are the economy and national security. They are the whole ballgame. Everything else is detail.

It is now frighteningly obvious Obama doesn't have a clear, understandable strategy on either.

It's one thing to lack confidence in a president's plan. It's quite another when he doesn't have a plan."

At the New York Post Goodwin's article can be read IN FULL!!!

The man is Carter revisited, but with new and bad add-ons which we can ill-afford.


The 12 Days of Copenhagen....

Sung to the tune of The 12 Days of chorus...liberties taken with the rhyme & meter!!!

1200 Limousines
1100 Caviar
1000 Free Hookers
900 pounds of carbon footprint (each)
8 lonely protesters
700 global warming experts (emails & all)
600 words from Obama
5 hybrid cars
400 pages of data (doctored/er..."corrected")
300 newsmen (mostly libs w/agenda)
2000 posters (displaying the warming and the rising of the oceans to new heights!)
1 lonely fact (GW Is Not Happening, folks!)

It should be a fun-filled time of merriment as once-again the elitists of the world who Obama loves so very, very much will pay absolutely NO attention the "The One"... well, except for perhaps a small snicker or two.

What Fun!


Saturday, December 05, 2009

B-I-A-S - Global Warming +

FOXNews tells it as it is:

"The mainstream media are abandoning objective reporting and acting as full-time advocates for measures to combat global warming, some media watchdogs say, accusing them of pushing for a sweeping international agreement on climate change.

As President Obama prepares to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend an international conference on climate change scheduled for Dec. 7-18, the media are already "out in front of the administration" in pushing a liberal agenda, says Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

"There's no more clear religion in the mainstream media than the religion of global warming," Gainor told

"It's gone from being a situation where there was some debate, to now there's almost none," Gainor said. "You can't say anything that even raises the question that there might not be real science here. That's not what journalism is supposed to do."

AMEN, and there is not much left of the credability of the MSM. They are truly, at this point in time, creatures of the Left. Period.

Sad, and as a former newsman (Radio-TV) thirty years ago, I would have never thought the media would reach this point of baised reporting. The proud profession of journalism has become a farce. There seems today to be a theme of just wanting the ideals the current media "wish" becoming the fact of their reporting.

There is not one person who has a modicum of free thought who could see this (lack of) coverage as real or fair. It is biased to the nth degree, and they in the media know it, and do not care.

I await their reaction to the fiasco for the DEMs that will be 2010.


Is It Just Me?...Or Is Obama Setting Himself Up For Another Major Crash on The World Stage?

PrezBO is all set to go to Copenhagen, with a stop enroute to accept the Nobel Prize he is supposed to earn in the next few years.....

Suddenly along comes ClimateGate....the revelation that the Global Warming folks have been a) gaming the data; b) attacking and eliminating any dissenting views; and, c) taken millions and millions of dollars of public money while so doing. Of course CBS, NBC & ABC do not even know this thing spite of a a public flogging issued by Jon Stewart which highlighted in comedic form the illogical, possibly illegal, work of major scientists from England, USA & others..

Does our ditherer-in-chief deviate from his Copenhagen plans til the dust settles. Yeppers, he doubles down and changes his visit to the last day when once again he can come riding in on his great white steed (is that racist?) and save the day.


We have already seen PrezBO in this roll. In each and every attempt at such he has failed before the entire world to the point where some media from European and Eastern countries think and talk of him as a clown.

How can the man do the same thing again?

E-G-O!!!! Pure and Simple!

His ego simply does not accept that he can champion something and the Nobel-issuing, socialist-worshipping, politically correct population and leaders of the countries of the Earth will not find his strength and magnificent voice so overpowering that they will bow and scrape before him....OOPS! Sorry, I forgot who the bow-er in charge was.

This, I predict, will be another chapter in the saga of Obama-outdoes-Carter story.


Friday, December 04, 2009

Spend-Spend-Spend....Then Jobs Will Magically Appear!

Or Not!

This idiot-in-charge is becoming enamored of the DEM plan to "spend us" into jobs and prosperity!
What can possibly be wrong with the government taking control of ANYTHING???

Well, let us consider the fact that the above method, oft-employed by the DEMs has N-E-V-E-R resulted in jobs increases.....N-E-V-E-R!

Tax cuts for business is the scenario which has A-L-W-A-Y-S worked.....However, that theme is just not in the socialist...."government-solves-all" lexicon, so it will not be allowed under this majority DEM Congress.

The most hopeful sign is the possibility that in 2010 the House may become equal in representation of the parties....or, given the continuation of the Obama escapades in creative budgeting, the House could change hands....thus, effectively ending the Obama tenure.

One can hope!


Jockey, Jockey...PrezBO Tries to Make Copenhagen Still Relevant!


Obama Ignores the facts, and the emails.....They do not fit the theme of Obama-Happy!

He is Just going to change a few things!!!!

The man is oblivious to the facts of the public perception of anything. He believes, to this day, that if he sez it, it is fact!

Ignorance is bliss....and PrezBO is really, really happy!


"I Was Wrong!"...Three Simple Words

Never to be spoken by "The AlGore"...

I was a fan of John Coleman when we was a weatherman in Chicago....many years ago.

He moved on and upwards....founding "The Weather Channel"

Now he speaks with authority about the fallacy of Global Warming.

People (mainly those of the liberal "the world is dying persuasion") still watch and believe AlGore, the preeminent figure in BALONEY distribution!

Coleman speaks out!

The GW idiotarians are still sticking to the lack-of-facts.

The facts are actually speaking out loudly themselves....the temps have dropped for the last 11 years...

Anomaly? I think not!

The AlGore school of weather and climate is going to collapse, but not before the idiot-in-charge makes Millions & Millions from the "Green" theme even as he jets around the world with many flights each year in his private jet.

Fly little birdie, fly!

Time for truth in Weather and the future of this little orb.


Kill The Messenger...Ignore The Message!

Just how completely stupid do the Dimocrats believe we are? Obviously they are on-board with we cannot think!

The WH avoids ANY facts in favor of their "THEME"...

The emails of the ClimateGate idiots prove there was:

1. A cover-up
2. Hidden/destroyed data
3. Threats and exclusions of dissenters
4. Threats against those who were not believers

BUT, Barbara Boxer still sez the ONLY concern is finding out who leaked the info. Too bad she was not so concerned when leaks previously appeared of sensitive data from our intelligence folks.

I guess her opinion is still decided upon the alter of Dimocratness!

My god, how does this woman get re-elected?


Dithering PrezBO plus Tax-Tax-Tax DEMs Means No Jobs, But Plans For Higher Taxes

The mantra of TAX-TAX-TAX continues for the Dimocrats. They are positive that the O-N-L-Y solution to ANY problem is TAX MORE....Grow Government!

Obama is touting a growth agenda for jobs, but predictably he sees only growth of government and taxes as the solution.

He had the actual bxxxx today to go to Pennsylvania...Allentown to be exact...and espouse new programs and to call a reduction of .2% in unemployment, during the holiday season...a traditional unemployed-reduction time due seasonal jobs...a a move in the right direction. Truth be known if we account for both the seasonal adjustment and those whose benefits ran out we are probably still heading in a negative direction.

I strongly suspect PrezBO & his complicit DEM team are going to try REALLY hard to install a new "Jobs Program" program BEFORE the holidays are over so we, the voters, do not see the unemployment J-U-M-P which almost certainly will materialize following the holiday season.

Then they will blame Bush or some other non-participant when the program flounders as has the Stimulus/Cash-for-clunkers/and every other program they have shoved down our throats during the past year.

If we don't put the brakes on these clowns, we will be snowed into debt for generations before the actual 2010 elections get here.

If the folks like me who envision holding the line and helping small business grow are not heard we will find a tax present in our Christmas stocking!

Once past December and into the new year...a Congressional election year...we will see a complete lack of participation by almost ALL CongressCritters in any tax plan until they are safely through the 2010 testing of the public's attitude.

HOLD THE LINE folks, and remind your own personal CongressCritter of the consequences of taxation without any true representation.


Talk Is Indeed Cheap, Mr. President....

Continuing his non-stop campaigning instead of actually doing something, PrezBO today flew in the "Big Bird" to Allentown, PA and touted a .2% reduction in unemployed (mostly caused by either holiday temporary employment, or by those whose benefits have run out) as a sign of improvement.

Once again this tone-deaf President avoided businesses and instead sought to highlight work under stimulus dollars at a nearby community $80,000 per temporary job!

Andrea Tantaros, of FOXNews and whose origin is Allentown, reports here!

I swear the man is one of two things....completely clueless, or...God forbid...intentionally avoiding dealing with the problems to insure he can enact further government spending under the guise of job creation.

My fear is growing that the latter is his true game. I certainly would not place he or his motley crew of DEMs above to such actions.


At Least I Don't Have To Worry About Former/Current Girlfriends Ratting Me Out!

Tiger, Tiger....What have you wrought?.....well, beyond a face and Cadillac beaten soundly by Elin & her trusty 3 iron! Let me count the ways you pay.....

At least 3 former trysting partners have come forward, for apparently gobs of quick cash, to begin explaining # of times, places, etc. for their encounters with the golf legend. That probably about equals the number of iron-contacts with his face. I am sure during his involvements there was also some money exchanged between Tiger and the ladies....albeit not in the traditional client/provider way. Perhaps more in travel, presents, nice places to stay, etc.

Now Elin seems, according to leaks, to be set to revise her prenup upwards by a factor of between 10 and 60 times...depending upon whose figures you believe. That could turn 5 million into between 50 and 300 million. The added amount is apparently predicated upon a much-less lengthy time period as well. The rumors again are a shortening from 10 years down to 7. Details to follow in a ravenous media which finds Tiger/Elin to be much more interesting than a complete perpetuation of fraud by the leaders in the Global Warming fiasco.

I fully understand the availability of lovely, curvaceous young things thrown at such handsome, famous and wealthy folks as Tiger. I guess I can also understand the natural urge to accept such physical offerings, particularly when on-the-road for long periods of time and being young and full of whatever we were all full of at his age. What escapes me is how these folks...and Tiger is only the current front runner in the long parade of the famous/rich/handsome to have been caught up in this...can believe they will not be either exposed by observers, or by the very lovelies with whom they have been cavorting?

My guess is the old phrase about a certain area below the waist having no mind of its own is still quite applicable.

The comforting fact to me is that as a fellow in his mid-60s, and bereft of wealth/fame/handsomeness, I am fairly safe and secure in knowing any lovelies with whom I cross paths will never see me as more than either an old fellow, or a grandfather type. Not that I'd cross the line anyway; just that I am confident I'll not be faced with that choice. Let's face it...the physical drive felt in the teens...twenties...thirties...etc. is obviously diminished by physical reality in time.

There are benefits to being older and retired, in addition to calling my time my own and not my employer's. However, sometimes I'd welcome back to urges of, not for performance but rather as a trade-off for the ravages of arthritis, aging arteries, and simple reduction in physical abilities such as walking, bending, etc.

Some blessings can be counted in strange ways.

At any rate I feel strongly it is time to move on and allow Tiger/Elin to deal with their problems in private...though I am just as sure this one will drag out much longer than did Spitzer/DuPree!


Thursday, December 03, 2009

Facts, Those Damn Facts....They Keep Getting In The Way......BULLETIN....Gore Cancels Copenhagen Address!

OOPSIE! What is this? The AlGore is NOT going to Copenhagen???? (Update: he's going...just skipping his speaking....maybe he's afraid someone will ask him a question!)

Ya gotta read this!!!!

After ducking almost every interview in favor of bloviation, The AlGore decides Copenhagen is not his cup of tea. Gooollleeee Al, you got a prob with the current issues about the ENTIRE GW Theme and data????

I hope you enjoy the new-found freedom to endorse actual facts and data-sharing....


Job Summit, My Axx!!!!! It's A Union/Donorfest Event!

Neal Boortz nails the actual PrezBO jobs summit.........

"PrezBO is having his big White House jobs summit today. Let's take a look at the general guest list:
  • Small business owners -- Not invited.
  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce -- Not invited.
  • Andy Stern, President of the Service Employees International Union -- Invited.
  • National Federation of Independent Businesses - Not invited.
  • United Steel Workers union president -- Invited
  • Teacher's union president -- Invited
  • Anna Burger, SEIU .. invited.
  • Big Obama Donors. Invited.
  • Opponents of Obama's stimulus spending. Not invited

WTF? Small business owners account for 80% of all private sector jobs in our economy, and 70% of all jobs now being created (or is it the other way around?) and they're not playing a huge role in this phony summit? The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, one of the biggest proponents and supporters of free enterprise in this nation ... not invited?

There is a problem. Businesses just aren't creating jobs as they have in previous recoveries. And why would that be? Perhaps that's because in previous economic recoveries the very businesses we rely on for new jobs weren't being threatened with huge tax increases. Can someone please tell me what sane small businessman is going to go on an expansion spree at a time when the political party in power is talking tax increases that could increase that businessman's federal tax burden by as much as 15 percentage points?

The goal here is to present to the government-educated dumb masses the idea the Obama is actually engaged in the business of creating more jobs. Truth is, the only business Obama is engaged in is that of increasing the size and power of government. Remember, our community organizer President has referred to the private sector as "the enemy." The enemy has no seat at his jobs summit."

Yeppers....he's got it all goin on that PrezBO....just do not include job creators in plans for creating jobs, yeah...that's the ticket!

Only an incredible amateur would attempt such a sham, and only a complicit MSM, already working overtime NOT covering ClimateGate would fail to uncover the idiocy of this summit.


Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Geithner Tax Law....."0" Penalties!!!!


Why the heck didn't I think of this?.....OH, Right.....I am not a CongressCritter and could not propose such a law anyway.

May they have success......oh yes, I know, they will NEVER pass the law, but they can have a field day just exposing it to the public (that portion that reads do not think the MSM will give this an iota of time do you?)


"We're Gonna Build Up Our Troop Level So We Can Bring Em Home!" (Copenhagen Speech Recycled!)

PrezBO has outdone himself once again. His three month hiatus from decision-making on Afghanistan is now clear. He used the time to write a nuanced reply and decision which attempts to offer hope and support for E-V-E-R-Y point-of-view on our involvement there.

As has been the case with every decision to date, he failed....miserably!

Now the Left & Right both think him an idiot!

Given a clear signal, the terrorists of Taliban and Al Quada are planning a vacation in sunny Pakistan until 2011. They will use the time training and equipping themselves. Then as the USofA pulls out, they simply move back in and within months Afghanistan, still soaked with the blood of American soldiers, is handed back once again to the repressive regime of these religious terrorists.

In the process Obama makes no one happy, and every one distressed with his decision.

I think the speech was actually a modified version of one he used in Copenhagen for the Chicago Olympics bid. There we were poised to offer a build up of people for the stabilization of the massive Olympic effort, and then in a couple of years pull them all out and allow the Olympic village to become another Chicago slum hosting thousands of drug dealers who will run the village as their own. (The last part can only be presumed as it was not actually said anymore than the result of our 2011 pullout in Afghanistan is being stated.)



If This Were A Toboggan Run....

But then it is not!

Somehow, I get the same thrill out of this slope as I would a toboggan run!


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The Walls Are Cracking.....The GWers Are Afraid!

OKey Dokey!

The facts are coming in....the message is clear, though still being decried by the folks who screwed with the data in the first place.....

Global Warming has taken a broadside of immense importance. They are now back-stroking to avoid any form of complete meltdown.....BUT, they are a bit late.

There will be no peace with this. The original data was "DUMPED"....and only the "adjusted" data remains.....Yeppers, I am believing this....N-O-T!!!!

The GWers are in deep doo doo, and they know it!


Yah Hoser, When Youse Makin A Hockey Stick, It Helps To Have A BIG Plane With A Sharp Blade!

Or how a few "scientists", and I do use the term loosely, reconstructed data to insure their success!

I feel vindicated in views I've had for years....but there is much more to do folks! The ball cannot be dropped now that there is a major crack in the wall of elitist GWers.