Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"We're Gonna Build Up Our Troop Level So We Can Bring Em Home!" (Copenhagen Speech Recycled!)

PrezBO has outdone himself once again. His three month hiatus from decision-making on Afghanistan is now clear. He used the time to write a nuanced reply and decision which attempts to offer hope and support for E-V-E-R-Y point-of-view on our involvement there.

As has been the case with every decision to date, he failed....miserably!

Now the Left & Right both think him an idiot!

Given a clear signal, the terrorists of Taliban and Al Quada are planning a vacation in sunny Pakistan until 2011. They will use the time training and equipping themselves. Then as the USofA pulls out, they simply move back in and within months Afghanistan, still soaked with the blood of American soldiers, is handed back once again to the repressive regime of these religious terrorists.

In the process Obama makes no one happy, and every one distressed with his decision.

I think the speech was actually a modified version of one he used in Copenhagen for the Chicago Olympics bid. There we were poised to offer a build up of people for the stabilization of the massive Olympic effort, and then in a couple of years pull them all out and allow the Olympic village to become another Chicago slum hosting thousands of drug dealers who will run the village as their own. (The last part can only be presumed as it was not actually said anymore than the result of our 2011 pullout in Afghanistan is being stated.)