Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Sign Of Recovery? - WTF Is FOX Doing?

FOXNews, doing its best impression of the MSM?

The "Sign Of Recovery" headline above leads the current FOX article, from AP of course, on new jobless claims.....Subhead..."...the lowest level in over a year!"

One must read down the article to paragraph 4 to find this little nugget: "Analysts cautioned against reading too much into the sharp drop in unemployment claims, noting that part of the improvement reflected large seasonal adjustment factors, which smooth out changes that normally occur at certain times of the year. Excluding seasonal adjustments, claims rose. That's normal at this time of year when a large number of construction workers face layoffs because of worsening weather conditions."

Ah Ha! So what they are saying, in effect, the numbers are all normal, not really unexpectedly lower, and nothing should be made of it.

I expect this of AP....Not so much of FOX.

Complete falsification in the headlines with a later restatement changing the headline completely. What's the problem FOX? Holiday editors on-the-job already.

For those strong of stomach the complete story is HERE!