Sunday, November 22, 2009

It All Is Based Upon Whose OX is "GORE'd".....

The man knows nothing except his "Oscar-Winning" views of Global Warming....assisted greatly by the complicit Uber-Liberal Media!

However, his views are at the least suspect.....and potentially, completely out-of-sync with reality.

Yet he drives on....allowing NO debate on his statements, and the obviously-flawed data/reporting he used to prepare his film.

His statement seems to be "How Dare You Question ME!"

He is The "AlGore"....all-knowing, all-seeing, and completely oblivious to any form of facts which maight question his hypothesis!

I have been a Vice President....Thus YOU may not question ME!

This lout is completely insane if he believes there is anything left of his GW scam! The cards have fallen, and given the recent proof vis-a-vis the emails from supporters who acknowledge they are lying to influence the GW debate, we now know there is NO truth to the lie.

Gore is Wrong!

GWers are Wrong!

Long-live a has-been VP and Presidential Candidate!