Wednesday, November 18, 2009

875 Congressional Districts.....In 57 States???

Actually there are just 435 Congressional Districts. However, in the world of PrezBO & his elite, elitist corp of trained idiots, they have added 440 NEW DISTRICTS!

It is ALL right there in the report on Jobs Saved or Created under the (Less-Than) Stimulus bill.

At least they have those 7 new states PrezBO found in which to park those districts. I am wondering where they are going to stack the double-sized House....Maybe they could work two shifts, and spend twice as much money. Getting elected should be no problem cause 440 districts have no voters. One write-in in a closet designated as the new district should suffice for election.

The comedic possibilities are just endless under this administration....and yet, the AP is off to investigate Sarah Palin's new book with 11 reporters.....Gotta get that dirt. Just a shame the AlGore book on (supposed) Global, Climate Change.....didn't get one-quarter that much AP attention. Guess that was because he was not a conservative presidential potential.