Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's The Economy Stupid!....Well, Plus The Debt....& Plus The Lack of ANY Success in International Negotiations!

YEPPERS Folks, we have a PrezBO who wishes one thing, and achieves another.

He speaks to this, and achieves that! REGULARLY!

His message is one of tree-stump mentality, and constant campaign rhetoric......just NOTHING in real, substantive achievement.

He speaks well......IS THAT AN ACHIEVEMENT for a President????

I think NOT!

Bush DID SOMETHING! When faced with difficult decisions, he decided....and he took action.

PrezBO dithers, un-decides, and then at the last moment speaks out, "We must abandon all we have spoken of, and begin again...."

The man is an idiot who feels he is "The Chosen One".....He is Carter X 10......

OMG...we have to live with this man until Nov 2012?????