Friday, November 20, 2009

Ration HealthCare????....You Are With Us Even NOW!!!

OMG!!! Just read!


Folks, if you, as an informed person do not see the trend of government toward restricting/controlling exams of all types by the evidence of these two findings....YOU ARE Asleep!

The Obamaites are shooting themselves in the foot...perhaps committing some form of self-suicide.

Well, if the electorate still control A-N-Y form of the Congressional activity!

That is the question. Polls suggest the popular vote today is WAY-WAY opposed to the ObamaCare/PelosiCare bill....and the DEMs charge on as if they have a mandate (you know, the one they imagined when elected....) They are going to enact whatever they can to further the cause of Socialization of Medicine in the USA.....They know they will lose in 2010....they do not care....they will live with the results knowing they can expand the healthcare objective in future elections. ONCE they have control, they will inch closer and closer to Socialized Medicine...

That is their goal!