Monday, November 23, 2009

Why "NO" On HealthCare - By The Numbers!

1. Senator Orin Hatch listed the reasons why before the completely tuned-out Democrat majority who wrote this massive legislation behind closed doors with no GOP input.....


So here are the numbers that Orrin Hatch presented on the floor of the Senate:

  • 0 - the number of provisions prohibiting the rationing of health care.
  • 0 - the number of government-run entitlement programs that are financially sound over the long-term.
  • 10.2 percent - our national unemployment rate, the highest in 26 years.
  • 70 - total number of government programs authorized by the bill.
  • 1,697 - times the Secretary of Health and Human Services is given authority to determine or define provisions in this bill.
  • 2,074 - total pages in this bill.
  • 2010 - the year Americans start paying higher taxes to pay for this bill
  • 2014 - the year when this bill actually starts most of the major provisions of this bill
  • $6.8 million - cost to taxpayers per word
  • $8 billion - the total amount of new taxes on Americans who do not buy Washington-defined health care.
  • $465 billion - Cuts in Medicare at a time when it faces a $38 trillion unfunded liability to finance more government spending.
  • $494 billion - total amount of new taxes in this bill
  • $2.5 trillion - the real cost of the bill
  • $12 trillion - our total national debt"
2. The newest indicator where this healthcare debacle will lead us is right in front of the eyes of voters...particularly women.....They have already been told about how and when to have breast exams and pap a panel which included NO breast surgeons, NO Radiologists, etc.

When Sebelius said the guidelines were not law, she lied....she should have said not law YET. The bill imposing this travesty on women is already before the Senate. These guidelines would become law.....what will follow?