Friday, December 11, 2009


CNN, as liberally-biased as you get, now sez....

61% Oppose the current Democrat Health Care proposal! only 39% favor it.

One month ago it was 49% against; 47% in favor of.....

Why are the Democrat leaders trying to complete their lemmings-march-to-the-sea?

They are trying to reinforce their base? At what cost? The majority of the House and possibly a tie or close to one in the Senate? That will help them, HOW? Obviously, if they pass ANYTHING, then they have "accomplished" the beginning of socialized medicine with government control. But at what cost? The Presidency in 2012? Then a further drop in both House and Senate DEM numbers leading to another round of complete GOP control?

Maybe not....Maybe they are counting on the new Tea Party to divide things enough to allow them to slip thru with control for one-more-cycle to complete the socialization of the USA!