Wednesday, December 09, 2009

You Vil Haf Climate Control OR Ve Vil Control You Through EPA! Ferstanzie?

The American Reichstag is underway. Obama knows NO bounds, and he will have his way as he expands the Executive Branch because HE CAN!!!!! Pelosi/Reid are dumb as doorknobs about this move to take control of the entire government.....and, unfortunately, the GOP is complicit as they hedge their bets to avoid a clash with the Tea Party....and thus do NOTHING!

The Tea Party, still in its infancy, is unable to have any meaningful impact.

The only solution? The Congress/Senate need to recognize they are being played for fools by Obama, and to halt the expansion of the CZARs, and the others like the EPA who feel they can "legislate" from the sidelines.

2010 cannot come soon enough to halt this. Who can? The GOP, but they seem completely asleep and leaderless.

We are doomed.