Saturday, December 05, 2009

B-I-A-S - Global Warming +

FOXNews tells it as it is:

"The mainstream media are abandoning objective reporting and acting as full-time advocates for measures to combat global warming, some media watchdogs say, accusing them of pushing for a sweeping international agreement on climate change.

As President Obama prepares to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend an international conference on climate change scheduled for Dec. 7-18, the media are already "out in front of the administration" in pushing a liberal agenda, says Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

"There's no more clear religion in the mainstream media than the religion of global warming," Gainor told

"It's gone from being a situation where there was some debate, to now there's almost none," Gainor said. "You can't say anything that even raises the question that there might not be real science here. That's not what journalism is supposed to do."

AMEN, and there is not much left of the credability of the MSM. They are truly, at this point in time, creatures of the Left. Period.

Sad, and as a former newsman (Radio-TV) thirty years ago, I would have never thought the media would reach this point of baised reporting. The proud profession of journalism has become a farce. There seems today to be a theme of just wanting the ideals the current media "wish" becoming the fact of their reporting.

There is not one person who has a modicum of free thought who could see this (lack of) coverage as real or fair. It is biased to the nth degree, and they in the media know it, and do not care.

I await their reaction to the fiasco for the DEMs that will be 2010.