Friday, December 04, 2009

Dithering PrezBO plus Tax-Tax-Tax DEMs Means No Jobs, But Plans For Higher Taxes

The mantra of TAX-TAX-TAX continues for the Dimocrats. They are positive that the O-N-L-Y solution to ANY problem is TAX MORE....Grow Government!

Obama is touting a growth agenda for jobs, but predictably he sees only growth of government and taxes as the solution.

He had the actual bxxxx today to go to Pennsylvania...Allentown to be exact...and espouse new programs and to call a reduction of .2% in unemployment, during the holiday season...a traditional unemployed-reduction time due seasonal jobs...a a move in the right direction. Truth be known if we account for both the seasonal adjustment and those whose benefits ran out we are probably still heading in a negative direction.

I strongly suspect PrezBO & his complicit DEM team are going to try REALLY hard to install a new "Jobs Program" program BEFORE the holidays are over so we, the voters, do not see the unemployment J-U-M-P which almost certainly will materialize following the holiday season.

Then they will blame Bush or some other non-participant when the program flounders as has the Stimulus/Cash-for-clunkers/and every other program they have shoved down our throats during the past year.

If we don't put the brakes on these clowns, we will be snowed into debt for generations before the actual 2010 elections get here.

If the folks like me who envision holding the line and helping small business grow are not heard we will find a tax present in our Christmas stocking!

Once past December and into the new year...a Congressional election year...we will see a complete lack of participation by almost ALL CongressCritters in any tax plan until they are safely through the 2010 testing of the public's attitude.

HOLD THE LINE folks, and remind your own personal CongressCritter of the consequences of taxation without any true representation.