Friday, December 04, 2009

At Least I Don't Have To Worry About Former/Current Girlfriends Ratting Me Out!

Tiger, Tiger....What have you wrought?.....well, beyond a face and Cadillac beaten soundly by Elin & her trusty 3 iron! Let me count the ways you pay.....

At least 3 former trysting partners have come forward, for apparently gobs of quick cash, to begin explaining # of times, places, etc. for their encounters with the golf legend. That probably about equals the number of iron-contacts with his face. I am sure during his involvements there was also some money exchanged between Tiger and the ladies....albeit not in the traditional client/provider way. Perhaps more in travel, presents, nice places to stay, etc.

Now Elin seems, according to leaks, to be set to revise her prenup upwards by a factor of between 10 and 60 times...depending upon whose figures you believe. That could turn 5 million into between 50 and 300 million. The added amount is apparently predicated upon a much-less lengthy time period as well. The rumors again are a shortening from 10 years down to 7. Details to follow in a ravenous media which finds Tiger/Elin to be much more interesting than a complete perpetuation of fraud by the leaders in the Global Warming fiasco.

I fully understand the availability of lovely, curvaceous young things thrown at such handsome, famous and wealthy folks as Tiger. I guess I can also understand the natural urge to accept such physical offerings, particularly when on-the-road for long periods of time and being young and full of whatever we were all full of at his age. What escapes me is how these folks...and Tiger is only the current front runner in the long parade of the famous/rich/handsome to have been caught up in this...can believe they will not be either exposed by observers, or by the very lovelies with whom they have been cavorting?

My guess is the old phrase about a certain area below the waist having no mind of its own is still quite applicable.

The comforting fact to me is that as a fellow in his mid-60s, and bereft of wealth/fame/handsomeness, I am fairly safe and secure in knowing any lovelies with whom I cross paths will never see me as more than either an old fellow, or a grandfather type. Not that I'd cross the line anyway; just that I am confident I'll not be faced with that choice. Let's face it...the physical drive felt in the teens...twenties...thirties...etc. is obviously diminished by physical reality in time.

There are benefits to being older and retired, in addition to calling my time my own and not my employer's. However, sometimes I'd welcome back to urges of, not for performance but rather as a trade-off for the ravages of arthritis, aging arteries, and simple reduction in physical abilities such as walking, bending, etc.

Some blessings can be counted in strange ways.

At any rate I feel strongly it is time to move on and allow Tiger/Elin to deal with their problems in private...though I am just as sure this one will drag out much longer than did Spitzer/DuPree!