Friday, December 04, 2009

Talk Is Indeed Cheap, Mr. President....

Continuing his non-stop campaigning instead of actually doing something, PrezBO today flew in the "Big Bird" to Allentown, PA and touted a .2% reduction in unemployed (mostly caused by either holiday temporary employment, or by those whose benefits have run out) as a sign of improvement.

Once again this tone-deaf President avoided businesses and instead sought to highlight work under stimulus dollars at a nearby community $80,000 per temporary job!

Andrea Tantaros, of FOXNews and whose origin is Allentown, reports here!

I swear the man is one of two things....completely clueless, or...God forbid...intentionally avoiding dealing with the problems to insure he can enact further government spending under the guise of job creation.

My fear is growing that the latter is his true game. I certainly would not place he or his motley crew of DEMs above to such actions.