Friday, December 04, 2009

"I Was Wrong!"...Three Simple Words

Never to be spoken by "The AlGore"...

I was a fan of John Coleman when we was a weatherman in Chicago....many years ago.

He moved on and upwards....founding "The Weather Channel"

Now he speaks with authority about the fallacy of Global Warming.

People (mainly those of the liberal "the world is dying persuasion") still watch and believe AlGore, the preeminent figure in BALONEY distribution!

Coleman speaks out!

The GW idiotarians are still sticking to the lack-of-facts.

The facts are actually speaking out loudly themselves....the temps have dropped for the last 11 years...

Anomaly? I think not!

The AlGore school of weather and climate is going to collapse, but not before the idiot-in-charge makes Millions & Millions from the "Green" theme even as he jets around the world with many flights each year in his private jet.

Fly little birdie, fly!

Time for truth in Weather and the future of this little orb.