Saturday, December 05, 2009

Is It Just Me?...Or Is Obama Setting Himself Up For Another Major Crash on The World Stage?

PrezBO is all set to go to Copenhagen, with a stop enroute to accept the Nobel Prize he is supposed to earn in the next few years.....

Suddenly along comes ClimateGate....the revelation that the Global Warming folks have been a) gaming the data; b) attacking and eliminating any dissenting views; and, c) taken millions and millions of dollars of public money while so doing. Of course CBS, NBC & ABC do not even know this thing spite of a a public flogging issued by Jon Stewart which highlighted in comedic form the illogical, possibly illegal, work of major scientists from England, USA & others..

Does our ditherer-in-chief deviate from his Copenhagen plans til the dust settles. Yeppers, he doubles down and changes his visit to the last day when once again he can come riding in on his great white steed (is that racist?) and save the day.


We have already seen PrezBO in this roll. In each and every attempt at such he has failed before the entire world to the point where some media from European and Eastern countries think and talk of him as a clown.

How can the man do the same thing again?

E-G-O!!!! Pure and Simple!

His ego simply does not accept that he can champion something and the Nobel-issuing, socialist-worshipping, politically correct population and leaders of the countries of the Earth will not find his strength and magnificent voice so overpowering that they will bow and scrape before him....OOPS! Sorry, I forgot who the bow-er in charge was.

This, I predict, will be another chapter in the saga of Obama-outdoes-Carter story.