Sunday, December 06, 2009


The current crop of Reid/Pelosi/Obama leaders are matter the have SOME eFORM of healthcare voted upon and approved. They care not a lot about the details. They are sold on the idea that if they do not pass said and same healthcare "reform" they fail with their base. They may be right. However, they are dithering with the fact the majority of the public DO NOT LIKE this healthcare bill. They find it repugnant, devoid of value, and costing much, much more then the President and Reid/Pelosi will admit.

It is all smoke and mirrors.

The DEMs would have us believe they are trying to cover the poor folks who have no insurance! They L-I-E....They know the poor have options already...they go to hospitals emergency rooms and get full care without any form of insurance. Period.

The DEMs are only looking to have government control of healthcare. That is the ONLY goal! All else is show and bluster.

The DEMs will push this, and they will lose lots of seats in 2010. They may even lose control of the Congress....but not the Senate...though they may lose seats there as well. They seem to feel they will need to appease their Liberal base by passing SOMETHING on healthcare know, before the public gets to be fully aware of the hoodwink the DEMs are trying to pass.

Sad, Sad....The DEMs still feel they are comfortable with not allowing the GOP any form of input to the legislation...proven by their voting down of EACH & EVERY GOP idea presented.

Maybe, they reason, the public will not notice. BS DEMs...we are noticing.