Sunday, December 06, 2009

Obama Bombs Once Again!

Michael Goodwin states: "Perhaps it was inevitable. A man who voted "present" 130 times in the Illinois Legislature couldn't possibly morph into a savvy and decisive leader of the free world in such a short time.

Yet even the pessimists among us are alarmed by the cloud of uncertainty and confusion hanging over the White House. Less than a year on the job, President Obama seems to have run out of both charm and ideas.

The biggest issues facing a president are the economy and national security. They are the whole ballgame. Everything else is detail.

It is now frighteningly obvious Obama doesn't have a clear, understandable strategy on either.

It's one thing to lack confidence in a president's plan. It's quite another when he doesn't have a plan."

At the New York Post Goodwin's article can be read IN FULL!!!

The man is Carter revisited, but with new and bad add-ons which we can ill-afford.