Wednesday, December 09, 2009


PrezBO's much-vaunted "stimulus" (by the Liberal/Democratic majority) has set a record.....How about $2 MILLION PER JOB?

Yessir, "That's the fact Jack" as was stated in one non-com statement to a General in "Stripes", the movie.

& Meanwhile the woes of this job market are being blamed upon.........

WAIT FOR IT.........

The GOP.....You know those folks who have been out of the control of the Congress for the past three years! I find it amazing the Dimocrats still try to tie ALL 8 YEARS of Bush to the economy....despite Democrat control of the House from 2006 on. Guess they had no say, or were afraid to talk because Bush might declare war on THEM!

The idiocy continues, and PrezBO basks in the warm sunlight of the lowest ratings ever for a President at this point in his term......But I guess we can ignore this because Baghdad Bob....ER, I mean Robert Gibbs, mouthpiece for Obama sez now that "polls just don't matter!" & Besides he does not trust them personally!

Thanks for that clarification Bob.

What an unadulterated basket of Sxxx!!!! Period-Dot-Period!