Thursday, December 10, 2009

"I SEE NOTHING!"...& If I See Something, It Is OLD, Outdated and Inappropriate!!!!

The AlGore has spoken....from his usual hide-and-seek position where NO ONE gets to question ANYTHING HE SEZ!!!!


Nothing here...just a GW "Expert" (Definition: has-been stream of water, under pressure!) allowing nothing to cloud his massive knowledge base, and no one to challenge/question it's authenticity.

& These folks, led by "The AlGore" actually think rational, thinking humans will follow this drivel?

Idiocy! Pure, and simple....Idiocy!

There will come a time....after AlGore has made his MILLIONS on GREEN he invented....when folks will find his persona out-of-touch, ill-conceived, and so illogical as to be a farce. That may not, given the current exposure of BAD data, be too far in our future.