Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You Mean Bush Is Right? - Naw....Come On!

Yesterday Pres. Bush told us the economy is OK, just in a slowdown.

Flying in the face of a Main Stream Media which has used their largest megaphone for almost 18 months now to issue their clarion "The Sky is (economically) falling" call, the economy is still growing, albeit at a reduced rate.


Good old media....nothing they love more than a good disaster. Particularly if they create it!

Their constant reporting has had one major impact. People "think" the economy is bad. There would probably be mass suicide if a recession were to happen.

People today are way too far into the mode of Government taking care of them. What happened to independent Americans? Oh yeah.....welfare programs sponsored by your friendly power-seeking Democrats.

They happen to be sure that if we just give them ALL our money they can provide for us from cradle to grave.

Nothing like a good government program to solve everything.

Think I'll go check up on how much money I'd have if I taken my Soc Sec each month I worked and invested it myself in a nice fund......Actually that might not be a good thing. I might then go looking for friendly politicians to kick around a bit!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

You Want Some of This (GUN)?

Armed robbers......unarmed clerks. Recipe for licensed-to-carry customer is in attendance. 10 or more shots later......dead robber!

Check the story details at Instapundit!

Love it. Get enough armed (licensed) clerks and these robberies would stop. Most crooks are cowards. They only rob whomever they think will be unarmed.

When was the last time robbers hit a police station? OK, OK...well, possibly in Detroit or DC (JUST FUNNIN FOLKS!)


"Maybe 100 Years.....?"

The contortions of the Democrats as they try, try again to smear McCain.......

Their new attack ad has McCain talking about Iraq, and his voice...."Maybe 100. that'd be fine with me...."

There is just one small problem with this picking of choice words to MAKE McCain say what they'd like him to have said.

The actual complete recorded sentence is; .."Maybe 100. As long as Americans are not being injured or harmed or wounded or killed, that'd be fine with me, and I hope it would be fine with you, if we maintain a presence in a very volatile part of the world where al-Qaida is training, recruiting, equipping and motivating people every single day."

Anybody notice a slight difference?

That is not only deception, but also a bold faced lie.


Monday, April 28, 2008

THIS IS BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The headline is right!


We have a Supreme Court verdict supporting an ID for voters.....

The Dimocrats H-A-T-E this!

We, as voters, may actually get to a point....from this ruling....of insuring that all votes cast are real and legitimate!


ACTUAL voting by REAL voters....with the opportunity for frauds, multi-voters, etc. taken away?????


Ya gotta love, just 49 more states to get it right!


Obama Slamma - Wright Jamma?

This is getting too good for words. Rev. Wright is.....well to see it all laid out with great links check this InstaPundit post by Glenn Reynolds! Be sure to click all the links.

Rev. Wright could soon become a one-man wrecking team for the Obama candidacy!

Can we get a WOW!


Barack is BLACK??? - Hillary is FEMALE???

After a long hiatus, Little Duke returns with this thought-provoking piece:

"Let me get this on the record right now. I will NOT vote for Barack Obama because he is black. I will NOT vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

I know this is very politically incorrect and it makes me a racist or sexist in some eyes, but I have made my decision. It has become very clear to me that anyone saying anything negative about Mr. Obama or Ms. Clinton is being labeled a racist or sexist. I am quite sure I will disagree with either of them at least a few times while they are President and if I am going to be labeled anyway, I would much prefer earning that label one time as opposed to numerous times over the next four years. I will not vote for Barack Obama because he is black. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman.

Truth be told, I don’t like Barack or Clinton because they are probably the most socialist candidates we ever had. Their policies will hurt this country and they are pandering to the most ignorant non-achievers in our society. The “what can the Government do for me” crowd loves Barack and Hillary. The people sucking at the teat of government are demanding more of what they haven’t earned be taken by force from those that have worked hard and succeeded.

Truth be told, I don’t like Barack or Clinton because their horrible foreign policy is a recipe for disaster. Barack and Clinton make Carter look like he knows what he is doing and Carter makes Neville Chamberlain look like a hawk. Pulling out of Iraq and talking to terrorist nations will make us less safe. I’m sorry; their policies are dangerous to our sovereignty.

I don’t like either candidate on the left. It’s for a variety of reasons, but not because of race or gender. I like Colin Powell. I would vote for someone as smart as Condoleezza Rice in a heartbeat. That wouldn’t matter to the “you’re a racist” crowd. I knew a very smart woman named Lynn Martin when I lived in IL and I would vote for someone like her again. I thought Margaret Thatcher was brilliant. I guess I’m not sexist either.

See, the truth doesn’t matter. To the Socialist Progressive Democrats in this country, it is much easier to name-call than to actually defend policies. That’s why I know we can’t have a liberal black or liberal woman elected to president. We would have four years of being tarred and feathered every time we disagreed with the administration. I don’t want any candidate that can’t stand up and defend their positions, instead having to send their lackeys to attack those that disagree as racist and sexist.

That is why I will not vote for Barack Obama because he is black or Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. Let the name calling begin."

Yahoo.....Little Duke, you echo my unwritten views. I am in complete agreement. Elect either and we will be subjected to a 4 year term of no chance to question/disagree with either.


Pamela Bone Passes

Pamela Bone died of cancer.

She was a former multicultural, feminist writer who, near the end, began to question the multi stuff as allowing a single-minded Islamic hate to intrude into her (our) society.

"LET it be recorded that in the last decade of the 20th century the brave and great movement of Western feminism ended, not with a bang but with a whimper... I don't hold much hope on this International Women's Day of seeing big protests in Australian cities against female genital mutilation; or against honour killings, stonings, child marriages, forced seclusion or any of the other persecutions to which women are still subjected. The fire of Western feminism has quietly died away, first as a victim of its success, lately as a victim of cultural relativism, of anti-Americanism and reluctance to be seen to be condemning the enemies of the enemy.
Why, in short, have Left and Right changed places?"

That, my friends , is a great question.

R.I.P. Pamela!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

CITGO - 7-11.....What is The Connection?

Many stories surfaced last year about 7-11 dropping CITGO like a hot potato.

I read the news and then began following the events.

What is the reason that the 7-11 folks, who supposedly dropped CITGO, are now showing NO signs on their properties indicating which fuel source they use?


If, indeed, you left CITGO, and you are allowing that that happened....then why not tell us, as consumers just whose gasoline you are selling?

Maybe you are deceiving us a bit? Answer this one folks.....I'd like to know, and I'll be emailing the 7-11 folks to see if they will tell me why NO gas ID is now available....

Wanna bet they will say "We are using several suppliers, and thus wish not to have a particular emblem on our stations?"

That don't get it folks!

I'll let you know IF I get a response!


Friday, April 25, 2008

Rev Wright....His Message is C-L-E-A-R!!!!

You only have to listen to the videos HERE...& You Will Know!

He was NOT taken out of context....he was NOT quoted wrongly!

He is a race-baiter......and then he hides behind the cloak of his church and acts as if he never said this.

Oh, wait! That is sort of what Obama is doing as well. "I never heard nothin, I never saw nothin!"

As "The Church Lady" would have said a decade or so ago......"How Con-Veen-ient!"

At least The Church Lady knew her stuff, and followed it unabashed....not hiding behind the cover of "misstatements!"



OCC, One-Wheel-Cycles, & Me!

Check out this ONE-WHEEL-ELECTRIC BIKE! I looked, and read, and this picture came to mind!

I emailed Paul, Paulie, et al, and suggested a possible magnificent combination of the one-wheel and their great creative skills.....

Let you know what I hear...if I hear!

My connection to bikes? - Surprisingly I have had two......1st disaster was a 225cc Enduro (short for: "looks-like-a-dirt-bike-but-sucks-on-and-off-road!")...My 2nd was a real character of a bike.

The 2nd was a 750cc Suzuki "Water buffalo".....short for a 3-lung, water cooled, oil-injected, GT which had really, really strange performance. It was heavy as hell! Mine was a custom..."bubble" paint job over black; faring, hog tire, sissy bar, etc. The quirky three-lung had a bad habit of fouling the center cylinder around town (too much oil got the the middle cylinder), and then as you were settling in on the highway at say 60-70, the center cylinder would suddenly, and quite explosively ignite, and ZOOM!, you were doing 80-90....IF you managed to hang on!

Loved that bike......Traded it for a monstrous old Chrysler wagon when 1st in Florida and needing transport for three kids, and a wife.....Next day, the shyster auto dealer who traded me wrapped it around a tree. He lived, the bike did not.

Had a funny experience on it one night on Airport Road in Naples, where this all happened, as I was Southbound (on the old 2-lane Airport Road) and suddenly the large truck in front of me....towing a trailer with palm trees aboard...lost a right wheel and tire....of the heavy truck type. The wheel came behind the trailer, crossed in front of me, and then had a head-on with a Porsche...The entire assembly of wheel and tire came straight at me, passing so close over my head as to actually suck my helmet upwards from the vacuum created! I stopped, and stood beside my bike for about 10 minutes, trying to stop shaking. That precipitated the trade next day for the Chrysler.

I've wanted another bike since then, but Duchess sez if I get one, I also get a new address. She, as a 40-year surgical nurse who has seen umpty-thousand disasters of human wrecks from motorcycles, is right!


Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Warrant Issued For Me?

A friend just called to warn me the police were probably enroute.

Seems someone lifted an entire semi-truck full of Icehouse Beer here in the Tampa area today.

When at my Elks Lodge I have been known to quaff a brew or two. Many of them are Icehouse.

However my friend forgets I also delve into the mysteries of Sam Adams draft.

As the truck apparently contained 1,500 cases of Icehouse I am certain some group somewhere is probably having a major cookout by now.....beef & beer....It's what's for dinner!


He Sez What He Has To As A Politician!

That is the Rev. Wright's explanation of Obama condemning Wright's language from the pulpit. "God Damn America"'s the take by Ed Hennessy (Capt. Ed).

That makes it pretty plain we cannot believe Obama's words....

No surprise there folks.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BIG CLINTON WIN???? - That's Rubbish!

16 Delegate Votes!
That, my friends, is the net gain by Hillary in the PA vote. From the media coverage you would think she was leaping up to Obama
. He led by 140-160 Delegates....... That means he lost about 10% of his lead.

Get a grip folks and look at the facts. In many of our states the delegates are awarded proportionally to the vote. PA is one of those states. The difference is little.

Now, if Obama loses the rest of the states (VERY unlikely) he might have a problem, but would almost certainly still enter the Dem Convention with a lead.

Clinton's know how to play "perceptions" vs reality very, very well. And, our compliant liberal media go along. Even FOX was not too quick to explain this perception of what actually happened.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Be Careful What You Say Nancy Pelosi! Lots of Folks are Listening!

ER....well, actually you should have already been careful of what you said!

You espoused in 2006 that the DEMS had a "Plan" to cure the high price of gas.....and then you got elected to a majority.....AND

Gas has gone UP...By a monstrous $1.19 per gallon!


Read the entire story AND WEEP FOR GOP CONTROL AGAIN!

Har Har!


Chicago; A Lot Like Mosul?

Instapundit reports Michael Yon's thoughts & It Will Make You Think!

Many comparisons have been made. More people are killed and innocents die each day in Washington, D.C. than in Iraq. Same goes for Detroit.

If one sees the actual odds, they almost certainly would choose duty in Iraq over some US Cities. Of course, the liberal left does not wish to have you see that information. Defeats their entire "the sky is Iraq" theme of things.


Monday, April 21, 2008

Unveiling Facts About Dems = "Swiftboating!"

They can try to hide behind this forever.....and Obama is already setting the stage for his solution to the problem of WAAAAAYYYY too many folk in his past who speak of terror, anti-Americanism, etc. He'll just call ANY exposure of facts negative to his campaign as "Swiftboating!"

Little Green Footballs has details and links!

Obama is certain of two things:

1. He is the presumptive Dem candidate
2. He has more problem areas than the next 15 Dem candidates as far as exposure for his previous statements/views/appearances/et al!

This just gets interestinger and interestinger!

To coin a word!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Food Fixation?

1st I spoke of coffee, wine, etc. Now I have to rave about breakfast this morning. Duchess and I have a long-standing Sunday plan which we follow whenever possible.

On arising, usually around 8ish, we make coffee, grab juice...pills...and the newspaper and adjourn to the screened porch outback. We enjoy the juice...not enjoy the quite necessary pills, and then enjoy the coffee as we peruse the paper. It takes Duchess about three times as long to read the daily disappointment as she does not read the blogs near so much as I.

Then we have a Sunday Brunch. Today I requested and received a nice omelet. Made with egg-beaters, and filled with cheese, sausage and sliced black olives.


It doesn't get any better.


OUCH! - That'll Kick Your Muslim Axx!!!!

Muktada Al Sadr, the raging lunatic of idiocy in Iraq......OK, well, he is NOT actually IN Iraq.....he's hiding in Iran so as not to be exterminated or captured in again issuing threats of expanded attacks by his "boys"...even as his militia is looking more and more like a bunch of roving wild dogs, and less and less like an actual militia!

Now it gets really, really good! You know how the Muslims, particularly the kill and kill some more type, hate to have women a part of anything, except at home? Well Condi Rice today gave the Mucky One his due as she dropped a bunch of verbal bombs on him and labeled him a "COWARD"!


He must be sputtering like a misfiring Volkswagen at this point.

You will notice he will not respond to a mere "woman" as she hands him his lunch!

Ya Gotta Love IT!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Obamamania Is NOT Growing......

Yeppers folks, the Obama issues are already growing, and he is not yet the candidate!


Yes there is a Santa Claus!


Ruh Roo!!!!!!

Hildabeast is now, according to Gallup Polls, AHEAD of Obama.....


Well, at least read....understanding the DEM polls is usually a bit of a stretch.

I LOVE IT, as a Conservative....


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pinot Envy!

Duchess & I have a fondness for wine. We are NOT any form of connoisseur, but rather folks who love wine.....

Sometimes our love of wine influences our purchases....sometimes, our love of wine allows us to share interest with others.

Tomorrow night we will be going to one of the places where we enjoy wines, and tasting....Vintage Wine Tampa. They hold weekly tastings...each with a particular type/etc. of wine. This week it is "Pinot Noir"...

Our friends are much more worldly than are we....they speak and travel in France and Germany...they are folks who understand wines, and they also find them much more enjoyable as "DRY" than do we.

I love the tastings as they are usually accompanied by some fine cheeses, etc.

I shall also seek my new favorite "Trimbach" wines....dry whites of the Alsace region! One of the Trimbach family attended our last tasting, and they were won-der-ful!

Love the wines!

The fluid of life!

Except, of course, our coffee fixation for the morning! Loves my coffee....usually a fine variation of the Paul Newman coffees......My Fave!



"Nobody Likes Me!" Kirk Tells His Tale!

Capt. Kirk was not at all liked by his crew.....

He knows and he tells in his book. HERE!

I never liked Kirk, but did like the marvelous Counselor Troy who had that magnificent head of thick black hair.....well,er, I did like her! & I am not partial....I also liked 7 of 9......her hair was less voluminous, but her other attributes, just wonderful!



Where There's A Will...There's (OIL?)

Sayeth The Washington DC Examiner in an editorial.....

"New discoveries and estimates from places such as the Bakken Formation and from the Marcellus natural gas fields in Pennsylvania continue to show that the United States has the resources and the wherewithal to be almost “energy independent.” What is lacking is not opportunity, but will."

There is much more READ THE EDITORIAL HERE!

We, indeed, face a real challenge....If we allow the PC idoitarians and politically-fixed to chart our course, we'll never be energy independent. Kennedy stops wind generation to protect his sailing....Dems and similar green folk stop the ANWR drilling for arguments which are proven wrong. Wonder what they will find objectionable about drilling for oil in Montana, N. Dakota, etc.?

They will continue to push soy beans and other things similar for fuel production...until we have NO food!

Get your damned priorities in order folks. We CAN be independent. IF we can avoid the PC hysteria.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OOPS! There Goes Another Obama, KerPlop!

Dave S, commenting at Tim Blair's Blog......"Well, I do go a-churchin’ every Sunday with a bunch of bitter folks who complain about how the government is evil and screws them over, and we yell an’ whoop it up when the preacher rails against them Italians and Jews, an’ then we …

Oops, wait a minute, that’s not me, that’s Barack Obama."

Read the entire post and see if Obama next turns to GUNS!

As I said earlier.....more and more interesting!


Shuffle, Shuffle; The Dems do The Stumble Dance in PA

The facts are clear......Obama's gaff has cost him dearly, and may be continuing to grow.

Rasmussen's PRO-Hillary latest!!!

Obama's gaff is given analysis by John Fund in The WSJ..."Barack Obama's San Francisco-Democrat comment last week – about how alienated working-class voters "cling to guns or religion" – is already famous. But the fact that his aides tell reporters he is privately bewildered that anybody took offense is even more remarkable."

The entire Fund story, a worthwhile read, IS RIGHT HERE!

Ann Althouse, on her blog, writes about a New Yorker Magazine article on Hillary's feminism...."But look closely. There's something very important that isn't even mentioned! Bill Clinton! Hillary Clinton isn't your classic feminist heroine, fighting to make it in a man's world. She's a woman who leveraged herself into position in a very old-fashioned way, through a man, even when her use of that man required her to fend off other women and turn a blind eye toward sexual harassment. If you don't put that in the picture, your explication of the problem lacks credibility. Hillary has done what was expedient, and crying sexism now just happens to be expedient. Yes, we will have to study her case forever in trying to understand feminism, but this article is slanted for political effect and cannot be read as any sort of serious contemplation of the problems of women."

This Dem race gets more and more interesting!


Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Gift That "Keeps On Giving!"

Rev Wright......he is such a constant and fine gift to Obama.....


Oh WOW! This guy is to Obama what we're talking about when we say "Death Wish!"

Way too funny, and way too true.

Can't wait to hear Obama's defense of his involvement in this guy's church.....but then he may ignore it, and simply say he has "moved on!"

Of course, he is the dream child of the Main Stream Media (read "Antique Media"), and thus is immune to any form of reportability of gaffs!

Ya Gotta Love It!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Obama-Slamma! - In Touch With America

Obama cannot help is his ultra-liberal mind and it just won't shut up.....

The man spoke about small-town folk who ...“cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”

WOW! That'll reach the heartland and bring on votes. His superior attitude just will not stay outta sight!

Over at Hot Air Capt. Ed tells us why Rookies should not run for President!

How very, very true.

I am beginning to believe McCain will be President. Obama, before this is over, will be the Kerry of 2004; unable to stifle his thoughts long enough to get by the voters.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Airlines Fiasco Originates Where? Oh, and I Don't Care!

People by the hundreds of thousands over the past couple of weeks have been stranded by various airlines as they scramble to complete inspections/fixes. The tide seems to be gathering force.

The fault is.......Where?

Did the FAA not enforce for some time and then suddenly get on the stick with enforcement rules?

Did the airlines skirt the proper adherence to rules and find themselves in deep doo doo about following the rules?

Or, most likely in my mind, was it a combination of BOTH?

Whatever the facts, I am loving my RV more and more. Sure, gas is expensive....but I can still drive the thing 1,000 miles for less than $450.00 in fuel. We carry our own food, and i can stay in various free or nearly-free places. AND, as we are retired, we take the time to see the actual country thru which we pass. That is two of us, plus our beloved cat CJ, and our prized Sleep Number bed, all moving along together at a nice pace. Arriving rested, without standing in long queues, and I didn't have to sit next to the fat guy who snores.

End took us two days instead of one to go the 1,000 miles. We were in our own little world and had a view out our massive front windshield of everything.

I'll bet you cannot travel in any airline with two folks for $450......of course....IF your flight is not canceled, and IF you don't miss it because of a "special search", you will get there sooner.

Oh, and when I arrive our little Suzuki jeep-like-thingee is right behind us ready to drive at no rental cost where we stop.

But then, I am probably a bit biased by ownership. I do converse at my other blog on RVs with numbers of folks with motorhomes, and find NONE who are moving to sell over the gas prices.

It is all in the perspective folks!


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

A "We Really Mean It This Time" Hurricane Projection!

Those pesky folks at Colorado State know, hidden high in the mountains.....are at it again with the Hurricane projections.....

"Current oceanic and atmospheric trends indicate that we will likely have an active Atlantic basin hurricane season," so sayeth none other than the head of the forecast team, William Grey. His projections....are 15 named storms; 8 hurricanes; 4 major hurricanes....and a 69% chance of a hurricane striking the Eastern US coast, including Florida.

However...there is a small problem with this predicted Atlantic coast storm season projected as "well above average!" The problem....the predictions are almost identical to those issued by the same set of mountain-based predictors....for the 2006 & 2007 seasons. Those predictions were wrong. They were high. We have had one hurricane strike the US in two years. That followed the anomolies of 2004 and 2005.

A closer read indicates Grey and his team are really claiming the season will be "well above" the average of the seasons for the past 52 years. Not, however as bad as 2004 & 2005.

In a brief then.....they are predicting almost exactly what they did in 2006 & 2007, but using their 50 year yardstick, are calling it well above average.

Er....I think they are just as clueless as ever about actual hurricanes and what will be. For them the plan seems to be....."proclaim a bad season every year...then eventually we'll be right!"

A Colorado Mountain High!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

R.I.P. Charlton Heston!

His impact upon us as an actor was profound. His impact upon us as a gun advocate was equally so.

Mick Hume writes:

"Charlton Heston's obituarists worry that his acting career might be “overshadowed” by his controversial stance against gun control. Let's hope so. Most of Heston's movie roles were as stiff as his chiseled jaw. But his rock-like defence of the right to bear arms was worthy of an award.

I say this not as a right-wing Republican, but as a Brit of the Left. Hollywood liberals demonised the man who was Moses for his pro-gun views. But that only shows how illiberal they have become. Anybody who retains enough liberal spirit to believe in individual freedom as the basis for a civilised society ought to have stood at Heston's right hand on this issue.

Yesterday's headlines charting Heston's decline “from civil rights supporter to gun lover” missed the target. He switched from supporting John F. Kennedy in the Sixties to backing Richard Nixon in the Seventies and Ronald Reagan in the Eighties. But defending the right of Americans to bear arms was consistent with his earlier defence of black civil rights.

Both sides in the debate make the mistake of treating guns as independent actors. The antis blame legal access to guns for America's violent crime - yet Israel and Switzerland have higher gun ownership rates but lower homicide rates, while Mexico or the Philippines have tighter gun controls but higher murder rates. Meanwhile, Heston's National Rifle Association peddles the alternative fear-fueled fantasy that more legal guns must mean fewer crimes.

In fact, attitudes to gun control reveal less about what we think of guns than people. Critics of the Second Amendment, enshrining the US citizenry's right to bear arms, express much the same prejudice as those who criticise the First Amendment on free expression. They all believe that other people - and especially Americans - cannot be trusted with “too much” freedom.

The revolutionary founding fathers of America took a rather different view of the people (even if they did exclude slaves). As James Madison wrote in The Federalist Papers, Americans enjoyed “the advantage of being armed” over “almost every other nation... [where] the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms”. Mistrust of the masses explains why tyrants have backed gun control ever since, from Adolf Hitler to the oppressor apes in one of Heston's famous films.

Hollywood illiberals such as George Clooney and Michael Moore made a career of sneering at the ageing Charlton Heston, which was almost enough to make me join the NRA. True, many of Heston's conservative views might be as dated as his movies. But a willingness to take up arms for human freedom is one reason why we still don't live on the planet of the apes."

The beat goes on.....Gun control ANYWHERE fails to accomplish the goals it purports....lowering crime. John R. Lott, Jr. and Eli Lehrer DETAIL Canadian and Australian failures!

The liberals fantasize about the elimination of crime by taking away guns...ignoring the facts.

Heston understood!

Bless you sir, and maybe I'll take out my H & R Tamer tonight and fire a salute into the air in your memory.....then place it back beside my bed where it resides...both while at home and while in our RV traveling!

R.I.P. Mr. Heston! You will be the movie viewers....AND by gun advocates.


My Astounding Good Luck String!

I just had to write about this....even knowing many of you will NOT believe it to be true.

In the past 6 months I have been the 999,999th visitor to more than 50 web sites! Yes, it is true. The possibility of that happening to any one individual must be off the charts!

In addition I have been selected to receive laptops, free DVDs, and a number of other items.

As a fairly consistent reader of the web....but perhaps not much more than average in terms of where I go....I have to wonder, do folks actually click on those silly ads? They must or the ads would be gone.

Another class is the "Vote here...NOW!" These folks ask your opinion on every form of question their little minds can envision. If you go to vote, of course you are asked for some info...and whammo you are on every spam list from here to hell and back!

Given the millions and millions of page views daily in this country, let alone the rest of the world, I would imagine a .05% response factor to any of these would produce tens of thousands of leads daily.

What was it P. T. Barnum said????

Oh, and while I have been corresponding for more than a year with them, the folks in Sierra Leone have yet to forward a dime to me. They are really, really slow over there! Their web must be such a crawler compared to ours.


Monday, April 07, 2008

Murtha PORKS in abstencia!!!!!

John P. (I know Marines Killed People, despite their innocence!) Murtha is avoiding contact over an ear mark he signed for, and then it NEVER HAPPENED!

Show us the $ Rep. Murtha!

Mary Catherine Hamm PROBES the issue.....

Murtha is the actual poster child for idiocy in our Congress, and we keep sending him back?????

What the Fxxx are our voters thinking?????


Fasten Your Seatbelts Please!!!!!

You think the internet is F-A-S-T?????

Read about THE FUTURE!!!

Every three to five years we will find the changes which make our current operations completely obsolete!.....Within 20 years that time period will probably be down to 1-2 years!

I am sometimes glad I am in my mid-60s.....My brain is not wired to a turnaround for new technology of 18 months.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

OOPS!!!!! - Well, It Sounded O.K.!!!

Well, the Clintonistas are sure they are right....or wrong...or misled...or whatever...

O.K. They are just unsure!


Why not....


Saturday, April 05, 2008


In the face of the dastardly ad by Absolut Vodka depicting the above version of the USA & Mexico, I propose we all find an alternative drink for a few months! Oh, and here is my proposed bumper sticker.....this should generate some hate mail!


Friday, April 04, 2008

Hillary Denies Denial...After "Mishearing!"


O.K. Just go and READ THIS ONE!!!

My God, I have no comment!


Thursday, April 03, 2008

From the: "I Am Muslim; Hear Me Roar!" Department!

This idiocy has to stop!


I certainly hope not!


These Are Among My Favorite Things!!!!!

Look at what Instapundit reports on new health measures.......

"DRINKING COFFEE FOR BRAIN PROTECTION? "Coffee may cut the risk of dementia by blocking the damage cholesterol can inflict on the body, research suggests. The drink has already been linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's Disease, and a study by a US team for the Journal of Neuroinflammation may explain why."

First rate coffee, red wine, Guinness -- you won't live forever, but you may live longer. And more enjoyably!"

I love it....the usual "oh no...followed by OK pattern!"


Presidential Candidate Pork Roll Call!

That title is a mouthful!

Three Presidential candidates; two are BIG TIME porkers. One has none.....

From the L. A. TIMES...

Golly, that was a surprise, huh?

Actually most folks who know anything about the three know Hillary and Obama are so busy proposing billions of dollars of NEW taxes and programs that they had to be the two piggies!

& Who do we want to elect?


Why Do The Poor Remain Poor?

Drake Bennett writes on why poor folks stay spite of massive programs to help:

"In the community of people dedicated to analyzing poverty, one of the sharpest debates is over why some poor people act in ways that ensure their continued indigence. Compared with the middle class or the wealthy, the poor are disproportionately likely to drop out of school, to have children while in their teens, to abuse drugs, to commit crimes, to not save when extra money comes their way, to not work.

To an economist, this is irrational behavior. It might make sense for a wealthy person to quit his job, or to eschew education or develop a costly drug habit. But a poor person, having little money, would seem to have the strongest incentive to subscribe to the Puritan work ethic, since each dollar earned would be worth more to him than to someone higher on the income scale. Social conservatives have tended to argue that poor people lack the smarts or willpower to make the right choices. Social liberals have countered by blaming racial prejudice and the crippling conditions of the ghetto for denying the poor any choice in their fate. Neoconservatives have argued that antipoverty programs themselves are to blame for essentially bribing people to stay poor."

The entire story is


I feel the final line in the above quote is most accurate. The more people are given in the form of government programs, the more these people will become "addicted" to those programs...and the less they will be motivated to help themselves.


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Another MAJOR Hillary Oopsie!

Misspoke Takes on a whole new meaning when the facts indicate Hillary was fired and almost disbarred by her actions.........


The story is explored by Neal Boortz today:


We touched on this yesterday, and I'm told that we've received a mess-o-emails asking me to put something about it on the Nuze today. Ok .. so here we go with the abbreviated version of Hillary's shenanigans when she was working for the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon impeachment mess. If you want the full story click here to read the column by Dan Calabrese.

  • Hillary Rodham gets a spot on the legal staff of the House Judiciary Committee upon the recommendation of a lawyer pal of Ted Kennedy.
  • The man who hires Hillary is Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat.
  • The House Judiciary Committee is investigating Richard Nixon with an eye on impeachment.
  • A question arises as to whether or not Nixon is legally entitled to counsel during the investigation. If so, his council would be allowed to cross examine witnesses appearing before the panel.
  • The concern about having counsel for Nixon cross examine witnesses centered on E. Howard Hunt. Democrats on the committee feared that Nixon's counsel would elicit information from Hunt that would be very damaging to the Kennedys.
  • Zeifman tells Hillary that Nixon is entitled to counsel. He cites documents in the committee's public file referencing the fact that Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas had representation four years earlier while he was being investigated.
  • Hillary removes the documents from the committees public file and places them under lock and key in her office where they are not available for media or public scrutiny.
  • Hillary then prepares a brief for filing with a federal judge which falsely states that there is no precedent for an official being investigated by the committee to have legal representation during that investigation.
  • Nixon resigns before Hillary has a chance to submit the brief in which she makes knowingly false claims.
  • Zeifman then fires Hillary. Hillary asks for a letter of recommendation. Zeifman says no. This was only the third time in Zeifman's 17 years with the committee that he had refused a letter of recommendation.

Zeifman told Dan Calabrese that if Hillary had actually submitted the brief she most likely would have been disbarred. We're trying to arrange for Jerry Zeifman to be a guest on the show today.

So .. all you Hillary fans out there. Here we have your hero once again hiding documents that could be damaging to her cause (Rose Law Firm billing records, Vince Foster's files) and then committing an unethical act in preparing a brief on a point of law she knew to be false. And you want this lady to be our president?

Oh ... and why haven't we heard about this before? It seems to me that the media would be interested in this level of dishonesty and unethical behavior by Hillary Clinton."

The beat just goes on and on and on with Clinton lies and cover-ups....