Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You Mean Bush Is Right? - Naw....Come On!

Yesterday Pres. Bush told us the economy is OK, just in a slowdown.

Flying in the face of a Main Stream Media which has used their largest megaphone for almost 18 months now to issue their clarion "The Sky is (economically) falling" call, the economy is still growing, albeit at a reduced rate.


Good old media....nothing they love more than a good disaster. Particularly if they create it!

Their constant reporting has had one major impact. People "think" the economy is bad. There would probably be mass suicide if a recession were to happen.

People today are way too far into the mode of Government taking care of them. What happened to independent Americans? Oh yeah.....welfare programs sponsored by your friendly power-seeking Democrats.

They happen to be sure that if we just give them ALL our money they can provide for us from cradle to grave.

Nothing like a good government program to solve everything.

Think I'll go check up on how much money I'd have if I taken my Soc Sec each month I worked and invested it myself in a nice fund......Actually that might not be a good thing. I might then go looking for friendly politicians to kick around a bit!