Sunday, April 27, 2008

CITGO - 7-11.....What is The Connection?

Many stories surfaced last year about 7-11 dropping CITGO like a hot potato.

I read the news and then began following the events.

What is the reason that the 7-11 folks, who supposedly dropped CITGO, are now showing NO signs on their properties indicating which fuel source they use?


If, indeed, you left CITGO, and you are allowing that that happened....then why not tell us, as consumers just whose gasoline you are selling?

Maybe you are deceiving us a bit? Answer this one folks.....I'd like to know, and I'll be emailing the 7-11 folks to see if they will tell me why NO gas ID is now available....

Wanna bet they will say "We are using several suppliers, and thus wish not to have a particular emblem on our stations?"

That don't get it folks!

I'll let you know IF I get a response!