Sunday, April 20, 2008

OUCH! - That'll Kick Your Muslim Axx!!!!

Muktada Al Sadr, the raging lunatic of idiocy in Iraq......OK, well, he is NOT actually IN Iraq.....he's hiding in Iran so as not to be exterminated or captured in again issuing threats of expanded attacks by his "boys"...even as his militia is looking more and more like a bunch of roving wild dogs, and less and less like an actual militia!

Now it gets really, really good! You know how the Muslims, particularly the kill and kill some more type, hate to have women a part of anything, except at home? Well Condi Rice today gave the Mucky One his due as she dropped a bunch of verbal bombs on him and labeled him a "COWARD"!


He must be sputtering like a misfiring Volkswagen at this point.

You will notice he will not respond to a mere "woman" as she hands him his lunch!

Ya Gotta Love IT!