Thursday, April 10, 2008

Airlines Fiasco Originates Where? Oh, and I Don't Care!

People by the hundreds of thousands over the past couple of weeks have been stranded by various airlines as they scramble to complete inspections/fixes. The tide seems to be gathering force.

The fault is.......Where?

Did the FAA not enforce for some time and then suddenly get on the stick with enforcement rules?

Did the airlines skirt the proper adherence to rules and find themselves in deep doo doo about following the rules?

Or, most likely in my mind, was it a combination of BOTH?

Whatever the facts, I am loving my RV more and more. Sure, gas is expensive....but I can still drive the thing 1,000 miles for less than $450.00 in fuel. We carry our own food, and i can stay in various free or nearly-free places. AND, as we are retired, we take the time to see the actual country thru which we pass. That is two of us, plus our beloved cat CJ, and our prized Sleep Number bed, all moving along together at a nice pace. Arriving rested, without standing in long queues, and I didn't have to sit next to the fat guy who snores.

End took us two days instead of one to go the 1,000 miles. We were in our own little world and had a view out our massive front windshield of everything.

I'll bet you cannot travel in any airline with two folks for $450......of course....IF your flight is not canceled, and IF you don't miss it because of a "special search", you will get there sooner.

Oh, and when I arrive our little Suzuki jeep-like-thingee is right behind us ready to drive at no rental cost where we stop.

But then, I am probably a bit biased by ownership. I do converse at my other blog on RVs with numbers of folks with motorhomes, and find NONE who are moving to sell over the gas prices.

It is all in the perspective folks!