Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where There's A Will...There's (OIL?)

Sayeth The Washington DC Examiner in an editorial.....

"New discoveries and estimates from places such as the Bakken Formation and from the Marcellus natural gas fields in Pennsylvania continue to show that the United States has the resources and the wherewithal to be almost “energy independent.” What is lacking is not opportunity, but will."

There is much more READ THE EDITORIAL HERE!

We, indeed, face a real challenge....If we allow the PC idoitarians and politically-fixed to chart our course, we'll never be energy independent. Kennedy stops wind generation to protect his sailing....Dems and similar green folk stop the ANWR drilling for arguments which are proven wrong. Wonder what they will find objectionable about drilling for oil in Montana, N. Dakota, etc.?

They will continue to push soy beans and other things similar for fuel production...until we have NO food!

Get your damned priorities in order folks. We CAN be independent. IF we can avoid the PC hysteria.