Thursday, April 17, 2008

Pinot Envy!

Duchess & I have a fondness for wine. We are NOT any form of connoisseur, but rather folks who love wine.....

Sometimes our love of wine influences our purchases....sometimes, our love of wine allows us to share interest with others.

Tomorrow night we will be going to one of the places where we enjoy wines, and tasting....Vintage Wine Tampa. They hold weekly tastings...each with a particular type/etc. of wine. This week it is "Pinot Noir"...

Our friends are much more worldly than are we....they speak and travel in France and Germany...they are folks who understand wines, and they also find them much more enjoyable as "DRY" than do we.

I love the tastings as they are usually accompanied by some fine cheeses, etc.

I shall also seek my new favorite "Trimbach" wines....dry whites of the Alsace region! One of the Trimbach family attended our last tasting, and they were won-der-ful!

Love the wines!

The fluid of life!

Except, of course, our coffee fixation for the morning! Loves my coffee....usually a fine variation of the Paul Newman coffees......My Fave!