Wednesday, April 23, 2008

BIG CLINTON WIN???? - That's Rubbish!

16 Delegate Votes!
That, my friends, is the net gain by Hillary in the PA vote. From the media coverage you would think she was leaping up to Obama
. He led by 140-160 Delegates....... That means he lost about 10% of his lead.

Get a grip folks and look at the facts. In many of our states the delegates are awarded proportionally to the vote. PA is one of those states. The difference is little.

Now, if Obama loses the rest of the states (VERY unlikely) he might have a problem, but would almost certainly still enter the Dem Convention with a lead.

Clinton's know how to play "perceptions" vs reality very, very well. And, our compliant liberal media go along. Even FOX was not too quick to explain this perception of what actually happened.