Friday, April 25, 2008

OCC, One-Wheel-Cycles, & Me!

Check out this ONE-WHEEL-ELECTRIC BIKE! I looked, and read, and this picture came to mind!

I emailed Paul, Paulie, et al, and suggested a possible magnificent combination of the one-wheel and their great creative skills.....

Let you know what I hear...if I hear!

My connection to bikes? - Surprisingly I have had two......1st disaster was a 225cc Enduro (short for: "looks-like-a-dirt-bike-but-sucks-on-and-off-road!")...My 2nd was a real character of a bike.

The 2nd was a 750cc Suzuki "Water buffalo".....short for a 3-lung, water cooled, oil-injected, GT which had really, really strange performance. It was heavy as hell! Mine was a custom..."bubble" paint job over black; faring, hog tire, sissy bar, etc. The quirky three-lung had a bad habit of fouling the center cylinder around town (too much oil got the the middle cylinder), and then as you were settling in on the highway at say 60-70, the center cylinder would suddenly, and quite explosively ignite, and ZOOM!, you were doing 80-90....IF you managed to hang on!

Loved that bike......Traded it for a monstrous old Chrysler wagon when 1st in Florida and needing transport for three kids, and a wife.....Next day, the shyster auto dealer who traded me wrapped it around a tree. He lived, the bike did not.

Had a funny experience on it one night on Airport Road in Naples, where this all happened, as I was Southbound (on the old 2-lane Airport Road) and suddenly the large truck in front of me....towing a trailer with palm trees aboard...lost a right wheel and tire....of the heavy truck type. The wheel came behind the trailer, crossed in front of me, and then had a head-on with a Porsche...The entire assembly of wheel and tire came straight at me, passing so close over my head as to actually suck my helmet upwards from the vacuum created! I stopped, and stood beside my bike for about 10 minutes, trying to stop shaking. That precipitated the trade next day for the Chrysler.

I've wanted another bike since then, but Duchess sez if I get one, I also get a new address. She, as a 40-year surgical nurse who has seen umpty-thousand disasters of human wrecks from motorcycles, is right!