Wednesday, March 23, 2011

PrezBO Again Shows LOL......(Lack of Leadership!)

The entire Middle-East is disassembling, and Nero(OOPS...Obama!) Fiddles while it burns. He tried to feign kahones by announcing our involvement in Libya.....But that is fizzling quite badly. Now Yemen is blowing up and he has not a clue!

Go us your(non)stuff.......

This idiot is so clueless that the folks at local station IKYW (I Know Your Weakness) have decided to blank their tapes, and remove any knowledge of the clown-in-charge!

Seriously folks, we are on a ride from hell with this fellow who has not a clue, except how to manage his "clue-machines" and their "tell-me-what-to-say" idiocy!

My god, and the man enjoys a population of near 50% who still like him......Must be the folks who receive Govt. largess......

Oh my god, we are doomed!


Sunday, March 20, 2011


OOPSIE! The time is now, the place is here, but we know not what we fear!!!!!

The idiot-in-charge (Gadaffi) is killing his own people; and now arming his blindly-following class to seek out and destroy their own brothers......This despot is 3 decades beyond recall......

HOWEVER! PrezBO sez we will either "Unseat" the idiot; or, given his more recent language, do "nothing to halt his remaining in office."

Take your picks folks.....Who knows what next will leave the mouth of PrezBO!

Certainly not I, but then I am not part of the Brazil-forever-cha-cha-cha ongoing as PrezBO and wife and kids have a much-needed vacation.........


HOLD IT! The Semaphore is NOT Working!

Obama........"Gaddafi Must Go!"......

Obama........ "We are NOT going after Gaddafi"....."We are protecting the citizens of Libya!"

So.....which is it Dear President? Are we going to take the terrorist (proven many times) out? Or, are we going to protect his people and ignore the terrorists (the 800 lb. gorilla in the room!)....?

I am completely sure, at this point, and in light of the many previous stupendous decisions by PrezBO, that HE has NOT A CLUE! He is just doing his usual blathering public pronouncements. They mean nothing, and 5 minutes later he might reverse field completely.

This President has not a clue; he avoids decisions, and when he makes them (usually way beyond the "recall date")....They are then usually wrong! Hope and Change will land today/tomorrow/forever! But it will land with a THUD as it is tone deaf to the rest of the world....well, except for the small circle of his followers who will applaud, despite knowing there is NO SUBSTANCE.....NO FACTS INVOLVED!

We have to keep this idiot until 2011 (NOV.) when we can issue an official recall.....Then he will still attempt to implement his idiocy via legislation until he actually leaves office.

Sad Man....sad us....WE elected this vacuous man! Well, i didn't, but the majority did.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boo Hoo! - Refocus Things/Avoid The Issue

Rep. King is today leading hearings into the increasing radicalization of Muslims in the USA.... an occurrence which is repeating time-after-time.

In response, Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn. (Hint: He is the ONLY Muslim member of Congress!) Told the story of a Muslim who was involved in saving lives in the 9/11 disaster. (RE-FOCUS: Drive away the true story!....SOB!) Ellison is much the same as the C.A.I.R. officials, representing an organization which was an un-indited co-conspirator in the case of folks later convicted of conspiring to do harm to the USA. They lean toward making any form of communication a road block to actual looks at Muslim radicalization.....EXACTLY what King is addressing!

The only way the radicalization of Muslims in this country will be addressed is by solid, awake citizens recognizing the problem and avoiding the Liberals call for PC in all situations.

If it quacks like a duck, and walks like a duck....etc.

Damn these folks make life hard!


"Political Fear" Keeps Muslims From Talking!

If ever there was a need for the hearings Rep. King is holding today, this may be the crowning reason......The Muslims will not testify/speak out is because of violent Muslims????



This would be a cartoon, except for the Democrats still calling King "Racist" because of his hearings. You do realize the word "Racist" from a Democrat indicates the DEM has no further argument, and must resort to the tired, out-dated, meaningless word.

The hearings are MANDATORY if we are to leave the world of PC and begin to actually address the problem of radical Muslims, you know, the ones actually doing the terrorist acts!



Sunday, March 06, 2011

O-M-G! This is classic comedy!

If the Tea Party, my friends, does not seize this as a moment of complete failure by the two parties to adjust to the fact of the 2010 vote, then they are DOOMED! BUT, the Tea Party knows the "Old guard" is still in control....well, til we vote in 2012.

Now, in the face of insignificant cuts by the GOP as well as the DEMs, the Tea Party must either fold its tent and go home, OR, take action to insure 2012 is a repeat of 2010 with old-line pols dropping like flies! The early announcements are GOOD....MANY pols are deciding the time is right to retire......HUMMMMMMMM...Wonder why these folks of the "Elect me and I'll provide for you forever" class are suddenly, "Tired", "ready to be with family", etc.

One commentator on FOX compared the GOP cuts to less than $.50 of an estimated $10 debt increase this year. The DEM offerings of 6-10 Billion in cuts is PATHETIC!

What the hell are the GOP leaders thinking???? Have they not heard the drum beat? Do they believe the Tea Party was just trying to get GOP folks elected? They are numb to the fact of Tea Party goals. OR They are just too dumb to believe the Tea Party will be there in 2012.

I guarantee we will BE THERE! If you have not demonstrated a drive to cut spending, and to bring the budget into balance, you will be OPPOSED! It is simple......

Wake up and smell the "new" Roses!


Romney Using "Snowblower" Effect????

I am a sort-of Libertarian/Conservative.....I am also Tea Party. I am amazed at Romney for two reasons. 1. He is diving into the GOP Prez pool as if he had a solid background and support of millions. NOPE! 2. He is hiding from the truth of his MA healthcare fiasco.

He launched an "ObamaCare" in Massachusetts. It is failing. He cannot avoid this, and do not for a minute believe the DEMs will not tie him to this as an example that he is NO DIFFERENT than Obama!

I am amazed GOP folk actually consider him a major candidate. INSTANT DEATH!

Is it the Kennedy Hair?????

My choice, dismissed by lots, but the only candidate talking truth as did Reagan....Palin. She is being pilloried constantly by the LIBs...wonder why? THEY ARE AFRAID OF HER!

Yes they are.

I love her....well I also lust after her like I do several other stars in H=wood....BUT, You have to recognize that beyond the beauty she also speaks core truth...That is what drives the LIBs C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!

I Love it!


Wednesday, March 02, 2011


The GAO report......

"The U.S. government has 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, more than 20 separate programs to help the homeless and 80 programs for economic development. Here are the latest findings from the Government Accountability Office."

OH MY GOD!!!!!! & They are deliberating about cuts of a few cents per dollar of debt?????

We are in trouble plenty folks!