Thursday, September 30, 2004

Belmont club joins in harangue of Reuters

The Reuters story of how the deaths of children in Iraq were related to USA troops/actions, is a dispicable story.....

I answered the call on "The Belmont Club" with a response.....which follows!

Reuters.....the image in my mind has to change!
For years as a reader and former newsman I found this fine organization to typify the conservative English edicts of truth and displays of continued open reporting.
How Sad!!!!!!
Now they display the liberal mein which has begun to encompass so many of the MSM disturbing to find it is pervasive beyond the borders of the good ol USA!
I salute "what was" in Reuters.....with a solid dry red hoisted in my glass! & Try desperately to find an end tot he liberalization of the MSM world-wide!

WE approach Debate #1...

This is obviously a trying time for the candidates...and for the public!

The debate (what a misnomer!!!) it is actually far from a debate.....

I believe Mr. sKerry will be UNABLE to refrain from his pompous, eliteist, superior, attitudes long enough to get thru this!

He is just TOO JOHN KERRY!.......

Hopefuly that will be the result!

If not, I am going to be highly surprised!

From Froggy Ruminatons.....

I responded to Froggy Ruminations a bit ago.......Read my response to his great answers on our Iraq/Afghan/etc. involvement........

Froggy, Jen, Denim Girl & others......

I agree wholeheartedly with Froggy's great job of illumination of the issues........however,

I find one item missing that I personally, and as a former radio-television journalist (many years ago), feel impacts considerably the entire situation.

The liberal media.

The pictures of Iraq, Afghanistan, and other events in the middle east are so completely distorted as to influence the perceptions of a great percentage of the population. That influence is very negative.....

Nothing of the good; nothing of the muslim-attacks-muslim; little of the things that are working. Only blood, gore, and a losing attitude.

I am ashamed sometimes today to admit I was a newsman. However, I assure you when I was we fought to present fair stories with both sides (oops sounds a lot like "fair and balanced") given space.

Keep up the good words Froggy!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Beverly Cocco, against the draft, but unaware!

My gosh folks, is this some surreal venture into "draftville"?

The Dems are charging the GOP with a "secret plan" to reinstitute the draft.......
The funny thing is the Dems have the only two bills filed for the draft reinvigoration program....
They wrote them, they filed them....NOT a GOP among them!

I was incenced as the Dems had a figure opposed to the draft, Beverly Cocco, in their corner....
BUT she is a Dem of the first water, and adrift in the field of "factual question"

I answered her in her site......will she respond??? doubt it!

Here is my filing on her site!

"Bev, you must have been smoking something MUCH stronger than I would like to think.....

Opposed to the draft, and opposed to the idea of a draft......

Well then, sister.....get a grip.....


Richard Cheney - OPPOSED TO A DRAFT

Two DEMOCRATS have filed bills in congress to institute a draft......


DEMS FOR!!!!!!

Read it and find a fault in this!

If you do, I'd like to hear about it so I could re-educate my fellow bloggers on how the idea of a draft is GOP!!!!
It ain't so, is not a thing you can show, prove, nor enforce.....

Wanna reply?????

I'll be glad to post it to my BLOG!

Duke DeLand,
Tampa, Florida
Hurricane Central!"

Strib guy, Nick gets it WRONG!

Nick, of the STRIB (St Pete Tribune) gets is wrong in his article about news and about BLOGGERS.....and I answered him, inviting a reply....

Wanna Bet?????

Course Not!

Here is my reply to "The Nick".....

My Gosh Nick!!!!!!!!!

Get a grip on yourself.....

You have come across as if the "blogs" were written by the demented idiots of the "my DVD an me are buddies" crowd.

I have a blog, Nick......

I am a NEWSMAN......not today, but from yesterday....from back when NEWS was a valuable and verifiable commodity......
A time when NEWS was written with BOTH sides represented......when NEWS meant you heard what left and right had to say!
NOT a time when you used your position to delve into why YOUR ideas are right and everything else is WRONG!

I was, in fact, an award-winning newman in editorials, medical programs, and in the field of documentaries....when radio was AM and we were creative, and prided ourselves on being UNBIASED!

Wish you could say the same....

Gonna reply to me?
I doubt it!

Paul "Duke" DeLand
Tampa, Florida

(A broadcast newsman from Illinois in the 60s/70s)

When does CBS "get it"?????


These Village idiots at CBS are in a downward spiral that has left them slightly fewer watchers than a 1950s rerun of some comedy.....

They allowed "Rather" to delve into Bush's Nat. Guard stuff with faked memos (they still have not admitted they are false)....and now they air a story that the draft is about to be reinstituted...something already debunked by hundreds of sites......

They say "two bills are pending before congress" and ignore the fact they are sponsored by DEMOCRATS!

How far can CBS go into the hole before they implode????

I hope not much further!

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I aried it out to Hugh Hewitt!

I sent a message to Hugh, via his request for the impact of the blogosphere on lives, and the time spent......

I hope I was expressing something he would find both intelligent and entertaining!
We will see......

Meanwhile, I find some responses to my stuff here in my little blog-spot...That is indeed comforting!

Friday, September 24, 2004

OK.....That IS Enough!

Folks, yours truly has now been approached by no less than four who wanted to provide "a good time"......and I am tired of it.....

Hurricanes, folks....what did you think I meant?
Dirty minds......

Seriously, I am, as my information would indicate, a resident of TampaTown.....Home of the former World Champ Bucs; and Current Stanley Cup-winning Lightning.

I have lived here for 27 years (as my bio will also tell you, I am an Illinois boy)......

Not once in that time has more than a single storm come close to me.....and I moved about a bit because of my then-profession (Economic Development Professional)......lived in Naples, Ft. Myers, Lakeland/Polk County, Orange Park/Clay County, and now in Tampa where I am in the medical field.......

These storms have damaged too many people I know.....and for much too long.

Things one does not anticipate.......(from a friend whose winter home is Punta Gorda)......
My roof is damaged & my boat has a hole in it.......NO repairs possible.....I am months behind the rest of those signed up for repairs.......

Family went days without power (we were blessed to have a short 12 hour outage and I went stir crazy without my trusty PC!)......some went weeks!!!!!

Think on it some and you might realize the impact of these lovlies of the sea......and this weekend it is Jeanne......which appears headed for son's place in Jacksonville! He may be joining us for a few days!

Thursday, September 23, 2004

P-A-N-I-C !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you describe a campaign that has resorted (given by reference, and not my own personal knowledge!) to such things as:

Notes to students from the DNC.......saying the draft will be re-imposed under a 2nd Bush administration......(NOTE: The only bills proposing such are those submitted by DEMOCRATS!)

Comments to Seniors in Florida that SS would be "savaged" to provide additional funds for "BIG BUSINESS"....something not possible under SS laws....though the Demos have managed to "drain" the SS funds on an annual basis for 20 plus years!

My gosh it gets better and better........NOW sKerry speaks out against the Iraq leader who is in Washington and thanking us for our involvement.....saying basically, "He does not know what he is talking about"! sKerry is operating like a run-away train........

The polls speak long and loud......NO ONE trusts sKerry!!!!! Not even Demos!

That is fact!

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I missed TOOOOOO Much

Gone a week plus as my PC was "inhabited" by a strange beast.....

I won....but lost so much time, and such a fine time for the blogosphere......

"Blather" loses......Blogs win!

However, the fact of the matter is the MSM, (read: CBS) has yet to capitulate. AND, I suspect they will never. Mapes is already being readied for the fall onto her own dagger.....will she go quietly? Of course.....the combination of her liberal motives for the entire thing in the first place, plus a sweet departing gift of $$$$$ will make her compliant. She will surely never bespoil the MSM so as to benefit THE BUSHES!

They, the MSM, cannot abandon their place; except, to abdicate their entire position in one move. Thus, you will see the fact you have already seen the continuation....of the MSM in their parkas of "We are the annointed".....

Something we bloggers will have to accept, for now!

However, The BLOGS have won a major victory. Never again with the MSM venture into such a drastic departure from vetting as they did on this issue! They will know the bloggers lurk out there, examining their every story.

That, my friends, is perhaps the best we can hope for!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

My gosh have I defeat the "evil" XP demon????

For two weeks I have been trojan-searching to find my problems.....
Hidden behind Norton SystemWorks, and Zone Labs Pro, I have still been unable to "blog"
Guess it was a setting after all....

I must have changed something.
Today I reset lots of things to allow more freedom, and HERE WE ARE....

NOW back to bloggin!

Test this!

Really.....a test.......My system has been locking me off all password-protected sites......

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Frogman Has it Right.....

Over at you'll find where blogger Matt has placed his reaction to the Beslan massacre of children/adults, etc. I added a comment or two....

Check it out....good stuff!

Saturday, September 04, 2004


I just fired this email off to several AP honchos, re: Wisconsin story lying about Bush & Wisconsin Republicans.....(also copied to Captain's Quarters)

"At some point the MSM, including the formerly mighty AP will begin to get the message that bald-faced lies exhibited today by them, regarding the West Allis, WI story, will be uncovered, and exposed thru the "5th column".......weblogs. The column is today's alternative to our formerly great 4th Estate!

As a man who spent 8 years of his life as a broadcast journalist....more years ago than I care to has been both disheartening and embarassing to see the media slide into open editorialism, disguised as news stories. We prided ourselves on going with stories only after both sides were presented in them. The major tool now is becoming the news-by-omission.....If it is not liberal, ignore it. If it is liberal bleat it loudly.

Wrong on this? I believe not. For instance, following the DNC the polls showed him with a "nudge"....well covered by the media. now two major polls (Zogby, Time) are out showing double digit leads among likely voters....but the lead is for Bush. Not a word showing on the pages of the MSM. How about you, AP?

As a once strong, and vital member of the AP should be ashamed. &, by the way, acknowledging their lie!

Thanks you for listening!

Duke DeLand, Tampa, Florida"

Wonder if it will even be read?

Friday, September 03, 2004

Defining Moment! - The Race is OVER????

In every race for any office there comes a defining moment.....some are sharply etched...some come on later, recognizable after-the-fact by most.

In this Presidential race the moment, I believe, has passed!

Bush WINS!

Not one; not two; not three; but four indicators tell me this.....diverse as they are.

1. Perceptions by voters.......Two polls, Zogby and the TIME poll are showing different numbers, however both show an 11 point lead by Bush for the August 30 thru September 2 poll of likely voters.

2. Panic by Candidates.......last night sKerry made a desperate, almost comical effort to discredit the Bush speech......he made several mistakes. The very fact of doing so illuminated the idea he and his crew are SCARED! Candidates NEVER do major appearances during the convention of the other party!

3. sKerry's midnight appearance was almost an out-of-body experience as he told lies....reciting items long since destroyed as to fact by many sources. He is speaking as if from never-never-land!

4. Even the Major media are beginning to report more correctly....more centerist.....a TRUE sign they see a loser in the making.

The rest will be money the millions and millions....but largely window-dressing.
sKerry will blame his staff, and surf off in to history bearing the moniker...."I voted for it, before I voted against it!"