Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Happy Ho Ho to all.....even this late!

We are, after all, just half way there. Next comes New Year's Day.....
That is, concidentaly, my birthday! (I'll be 62 for those who might wonder!)

Had a great Christmas, and hope you all did as well. Have part of the family here, and heard from the rest! Great stuff.......

Christmas Eve - My Family celebration in nearby town....
Christmas morning - celebration at home with "Santa" and gifts
Christmas Day afternoon, her family celebration....across town...
Sunday - Down to Sarasota for Baptism of youngest grandchild!, then Christmas there.

Monday....went back to work to rest up!

On my birthday I'll be doing 20 pounds of Duke's Almost Famous Ribs (Recipe available upon request)
Plus about 10 pounds of pork roast, etc......we eat BIG on holidays!

More later, BURP!


Tuesday, December 21, 2004

There's a NEW Experience!

Yesterday I spent my day in the Chest Pain Center of Tampa General Hospital. Had chest pressure and shortness of breath. WOW the care and treatment and speed with which they completed an initial diagnosis was astounding!

Then, of course, one sits in for the long haul......two EKGs, 5 hours apart. Two sets of enzyme checks (changed enzyme levels indicate a heart attack). 4 needles inserted for various purposes.

Found two things......1. I have a major sinus infection....causing pressure and chest problems. 2. Sometime between my last EKG in 2000 and now, I had a minor heart attack!

Complete news to me......They explained 2% of heart attack victims have no pain!

Now I am off, soon as sinuses clear, for another stress test.

Getting older is hell......but beats the hell out of the alternative!


Thursday, December 16, 2004

MSM has no copyright on idiocy in reporting!

Home from work with the fall version of the "creeping crud" (don't suppose you can get this thru contact with sites such as Vodkapundit do you?)

Watching TV and a one hour special on the science channel explored the future of our solar system and mankind.

Prominent in their premise was the fate of mankind.....how as the Sun ages and expands we will be forced to move first to Mars, later to moons of the gas giants to survive.

They, however, missed several small details.......this is MANY millions of years in the future......

Man has been around for a .01 % of that time, and what is the likelyhood that he will be around 10,000 years from now.....let alone millions of years?

If still around in 10,000 years (I challenge this premise given our propinsity as a race to expose ourselves to all sorts of potential annhiliation scenarios), we'd almost certainly already have reached the stars and beyond!

MSM has no copyright on idiocy!

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Rummy's Revenge?

The good ol MSM have landed on the Rumsfeld appearance in Iraq with all four thousand feet.....

Headlines abound of the "tirade" against him.....Ha Ha!

Go check Drudge (www.drudgereport.com) and note the story of a newsman who reports back that he set up Rummy via his two soldier escorts as an embedded newsman. He laid out the questions, and even went so far as to coach them on how to ask...then sez he got to the microphone man and urged him to try these two soldiers.

Embedded questions which were NOT from soldiers....but set ups from a liberal MSM hack!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

EXCUSE ME!!!!!! AARP's position is by WHO???

I am missing some information here.......

My bride and I are members of AARP.....

Now we find "WE" have a position on the President's proposed program to offer people an opportunity to invest part of their OWN money for Social Security into a plan of their own.......

BUT the AARP has announced that we members are OPPOSED to that!


No One asked ME!!!!!

I had no contact, polling, inquiry, etc. from the AARP program about what "I" felt!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How come "they" can claim "we" have a position, when "we" were never asked, consulted, or given an opportunity to participate????????

Somewhere, somehow, there is something wrong with this!

If I am to be "part" of the program, then I should have a "participation". Is that TOO much to ask???????

For one, even thought it will not impact my retirement within the next 16 months I am amazed that the powers that be in AARP are decided FOR US!

HELLO! I Pay dues, I participate WHEN ASKED.....But I am not ASKED!!!!!

How can it be "OUR" position??????

PLEASE answer me!

(I am forwarding this to AARP!)

Cold Cure!!!!!!!

I had forgotten how to cure a cold....I seem to have fewer here in Florida, and the "Dukette", my lovely bride, reminds me that as we work at a major hospital we "build immunity" to most diseases......colds, flu, etc......works for her....still building for me!

Over at a Vodka Pundit I offered advise to him based on my learnings....

Blackberry Brandy! That is right folks.....just a shot or two on ice, warmed, whatever....you will sweat, and you will feel better.....

Then "Rob" answered there about using "Maker's Mark" for the same purpose....

Never tried it, but WILL next time!!! I L-O-V-E Maker's.....
Have for years!

Friday, December 03, 2004

"We has met the enemy & they is US!"

Over at Captain's Quarters><, I just posted a response to the cartoon-laden efforts at why the Dems lost.......references which have gotten out of control.....

Read it!

& Ed when I think about the Demos and their 666 reasons they lost the election, and the Gore election, and the house majority, and the senate majority......and most of the Governor's jobs....

I feel REAL strongly that they need a messenger to come to their headquarters bearing the almighty message they need most.......

The immortal message of none other than POGO from the comics.....


My God, I love it

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Open Borders.....How about "Consistency?

Michelle Malkin makes good points in her response to the "Open Borders" idiots.

Check it out: http://michellemalkin.com/mt/mt-tb.cgi/530

My thoughts are.......Why not make ALL borders similarly open??? What I mean is, let us make the demands on the "border-skippers from Mexico" the same as for those coming or applying to come from other countries?

Cut off the border, and treat all potential immigrants the same......

Bush might not like it, for whatever reason, but it would be "PC"!