Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So When Do We Restore Homeowner's Rights?

The FOX Story is Alito's Swearing in ceremony!

Bit much to suppose we are near this consideration, however, the addition of Alito provides me with visions of reversing the Kelo decision....and adding on.

The problem, of course, is a case on which to decide this. That may or may not be in the works. The reality is the decision might be never, or might be in segments, or might take years.

HOWEVER, The Roberts/Alito duet, provided by G. W. Bush will provide fodder for Conservative back-to-the-constitution decisions for 20-25 years!

I am pleased beyond hope.

Now, we must not rest. We must fill the courts down 1-2-or-3 tiers.....It is the prerogative of the party in the majority....despite the protestations, and yowlings of the Kennedy/Kerry/et al brigades as they stampede about trying desperately to avoid the change inherent in such a political domination.

I am a happy person.......but then of course, retirement approaching at the speed of light and only 7 months away could have some impact upon that!


Monday, January 30, 2006

110 - Do It Again!

Samuel Alito will be the 110th Supreme.......Court Justice, that is!

The vote today to halt the idiotic surge of the "few" Democrats, plus Lincoln Chaffee, our RINO Senator, was 75-25.

Tomorrow Alito will BE a Supreme, and tomorrow night Bush will introduce him to Congress during his "State of the Union" Speech.

Before Bush leaves office at least one more Supreme will be replaced, and then the GOP-Conservative operation can insure a long-term Conservative Court. Avoiding the past 20 plus years of Liberal leanings.



Sunday, January 29, 2006

Obama Will Be President!

I am usually not one to prognosticate when it comes to such grand offices as President....However, having said that I will offer that Barak Obama, Democratic Senator of Illinois, and a black man, will be the first black to hold the office of President.


Let me extend several reasons.....

Obama is NOT the typical new Senator. He is a fellow who knows how to read the public. He is also a fellow who has exhibited the separation from the idiots of the Democratic party....Kennedy, Kerry, et al.....

Now, he sez....."Do not try the filibuster".....Instead he offers that the Democrats need to "Win an election" by offering new and public-supported goals! That, my friends, is a refreshing Democratic idea. One which has been unknown and has cost the Democrats three rounds of elections....and, I predict, will cost them 2006 as well! His idea is....win elections, and then make the changes by having the votes. It is so simple it is almost funny.....but....he may well begin to move the Demos from their death-wish extreme left (Read: Dean, Kennedy, et al) movement back to a reality-based effort to actually be a positive party instead of the negative-based group which they now represent.

As a former President of the Kennedy-for-President fan club of my Illinois high school, and now an avowed GOP member, let me tell you his ideas will work.

Will anyone else listen?

I do not know, my friends!


Tampa Invaded!

Annual invasion of Tampa, FL by the pirates of Jose Gaspar (an alledged event no one ever proved actually took place) Is the biggest celebration in our city on the Gulf..

Well, once three years ago there was a bigger celebration when our Buccaneers won the Super Bowl!

This invasion led by the ship (actually a huge barge populated by 300 pirates, and towed by one tug while pushed by a second) takes place the weekend before Super Bowl each year.....

Instead of imaging what 850 boats in one waterway 300 feet wide look like, just take a look!

The amazing thing in all this is that the boats....at least 2/3rds of them....end up in the turning basin by the Tampa Convention Center where the Gaspar docks and the scurvy pirates take over the town.

The day-long celebration attracts more than 100,000 people.

Yes, there is a little drinking!


Friday, January 27, 2006




Perhaps Business with the chance for CHANGE!!!!!

Those seem to me to be the choices we face for the election of a new leader for the GOP.....

As is usual, Instapundit sez it all so very much more succinctly....
here....go read it!

I also support, but perhaps much more openly, the election of the one candidate who "MIGHT" make a change.......one we, the faithful, wish!!!!!


Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Won! er Lost! er Won!

Note: Story updated below...Duke

Oh yes, Hamas has WON the vote.....but will it give them power or grief?

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters had this negative take on the vote: Read it 1st!

I a not so sure, and answered Ed with this in his comments section:

I am actually somewhat pleased by this turn of events, Ed! Surprising?

In an analogy this result is the infamous "dog who finally caught a car"......

The fun part will be multiple:

How can a group dedicated to Israeli elimination possibly control with ONLY that avowed goal in mind and expect to continue receiving monies from any Western country?

How can the "snipers" (politically) who built this win on the base of a few dollars thrown to the poor and needy....While still pocketing millions....Now run the show and still claim the lack of money funneled to the people is caused by the "government" when they are that government?

How will they be able to wage war without any weapons other than their few rockets, and multitudes of small arms? They are so outgunned it is unimaginable!

I find their sudden exposure to leadership to offer many possibilities....Perhaps simplifying the equation which has existed with the Israel-Hamas-fatty triumvirate and their infuriating use of the triangle to always have one party seeking peace and another waging behind-the-scenes war.

Exposure to light may indeed provide the Hamas team with many problems...

Let us watch this develop.

Watch and see what the next few weeks brings!


UPDATE: As I had posted above in a comment to Capt. Ed, at least one Israeli leader agrees with my "wait and see" approach to reality setting in for Hamas.....

From an AP release:

Avi Dichter, a former Israeli security services chief, said he didn't expect terrorism to rise once Hamas takes over.
"The moment they become partner to the Palestinian government, reality will become a lot more complicated for them than it was when they were a terror organization alone," Dichter told Army Radio.
"I think it would be illogical — even insane — for them to toe the extremist line they have been following until now," he added. "I think we need to wait and see if common sense dictates."

I am still confident that the Palestinians, and perhaps even Hamas will realize the folly of a direct continuation of their earlier ideology...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I'm a Chevrolet Corvette!

You're a classic - powerful, athletic, and competitive. You're all about winning the race and getting the job done. While you have a practical everyday side, you get wild when anyone pushes your pedal. You hate to lose, but you hardly ever do.

Take the Which Sports Car Are You? quiz.

I got this thru Instapundit's wife's site (HT-Instapundit), Dr. Helen, who is a Dodge Viper...

Better check yourself......and let me know if any of you are VWs!


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Hoo-Rah!!!! (I'm not that jaded!)

Call me an old softie....call me sentimental.....

I saw a rocket lift off.....I read the story, and I was filled with emotions....

9 Years from now (hope I'm still around) the probe will reach its destination....

It will travel 3 BILLION MILES....

From AP via FOX here is the story.

Look, in my lifetime we have launched our 1st satellite....sent man to the moon....have rovers running about on Mars....have flashed by most of the planets and have a space station! However, this tops them all.....

"To infinity and beyond" as one cartoon spaceman sez from a recent movie....

Infinity, no.....beyond imagination as I was a teen, YES!!!!

I love being alive now. I love the advances, the adventure, the achievements.....

Let me live long enough to see more.....perhaps CONTACT!

Who knows! Gotta Love it!


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Cause the MSM Won't Tell YOU!

The story is too good....the justification for the recent attack by the US into Pakistan......The folks killed were NOT family and friends....Nope!

WE GOT ONE!!!!!!

Check out Michelle Malkin's report here.....

The fact is the MSM, as usual, wants us to believe the locals scream of "private citizens killed"...but the facts are three MAJOR players, led by the dude mentioned above have been taken off the table!

GO US!!!!!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

PLEASE! Do Not Begin Another Schiavo!

The death of an 11 year old, "vegetative state" patient....despite the cry of one's own support for an abused child....is NOT near a Schiavo incident.

It is happening now, as related by Fox here.

Please, please, Mr. Politician....Mr. "Right-to-Life"...etc. DO NOT Make this another cause to tout the keeping of a life. There is none here, and this little 11 year old girl has suffered more than we all collectively will ever. She is resting, but not with us.

Let the Schiavo fiasco be a mark for us, and let this young lady rest forever in the arms of the Lord!


UPDATE: Apparently this little one is showing some response signs.....wonder of wonders...God, let me be wrong! I sincerely hope this is a positive sign, and not just media pandering to some false signs such as the "Schiavo Smile".....Yes, I do love life.....

Monday, January 16, 2006

Common Sense About Oil!

I sit here wondering how Democrats can possibly feel comfortable with opposing ANWR & Gulf of Mexico oil exploration/production.

They need to read and digest the following:

From the Guardian Robert Tait in Tehran tells us of Iranian oil price threats! Iran is a major part of oil exports worldwide!

From Nigeria the story of attacks by militants (read terrorists) on Shell & other oil producers wells. Nigeria is the 5th largest US provider of oil, by the way.

In the face of the facts......ANWR has an area which was officially designated IN ITS DESIGN as an oil production area; and, despite the most productive and horrific hurricane season ever the Gulf of Mexico had NO oil leakage from platforms...the fear of the enviros...The Dems are most likely to begin "jousting at windmills" in answer to the problems ahead in oil supply.

But then these are the same Demo folk who used most of last week to attack Alito, a man adjudged by most in the know and practicing law as a fine man of great principle, as if he were a mass murderer! Nuff Said!

The idiocy shall continue, and the only possible positive to these attitudes is a continued GOP domination of the legislature with a growing judicial conservative trend. And, that just may be enough for now!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

How do You Handle a Problem Like Iran?

Michelle Malkin has assembled a near-complete review of the Iranian crisis (& it is that!). The link-rich review is worth a long and detailed review here.

Within the review Victor David Hanson lays out what he sees as four possible options for resolution....none of them either pretty nor appealing as workable. Read his entire piece.

For my money there is a fourth possible method of dealing with the mad mullahs. Simply allow the coddling Europeans and Chinese/Russians to continue to pursue Hanson's option #1....until Iran gains the weapon and in some fashion uses it. A quick strike against Isreal or some equally close target. Then the justifications will all be in place, the oppositions will evaporate like fog under the sunlight of a nuclear explosion, and there would be no remaining opposition to sustained gunning of the Iranian sites.

This option, however, also has several defects. One; I am not sure the mad mullahs will use the bomb. I believe their apparent-idiot leader is not planning to bomb anyone, but to establish Iran as a nuclear power. The mere possession of the weapon, demonstrable by a "test" within his own borders, will give him and his supporters visible achievement in the eyes of the Muslin world.

In addition, even if they employ the weapon, the post-possession problem of eliminating the bombs would be huge compared to today's option of destroying the facilities which will produce its components. The bombs and their rockets can simply be dispersed through out the cIranian countryside in mobile launchers and would be very difficult to locate.

I see no easy answer. I do know that we have currently a leader who is not prone to completely judge what "needs" to be done in the light of the apparent "public vision". He is much more decisive than that, and his judgement will be tempered by knowledge we do not possess. I still trust the man and his views.


Friday, January 13, 2006

An Appeal from Center-Right Bloggers!

Note: This first appeared on the Truth Laid Bear, who has headed this effort.

We are bloggers with boatloads of opinions, and none of us come close to agreeing with any other one of us all of the time. But we do agree on this: The new leadership in the House of Representatives needs to be thoroughly and transparently free of the taint of the Jack Abramoff scandals, and beyond that, of undue inlfuence of K Street.

We are not naive about lobbying, and we know it can and has in fact advanced crucial issues and has often served to inform rather than simply influence Members.

But we are certain that the public is disgusted with excess and with privilege. We hope the Hastert-Dreier effort leads to sweeping reforms including the end of subsidized travel and other obvious influence operations. Just as importantly, we call for major changes to increase openness, transparency and accountability in Congressional operations and in the appropriations process.

As for the Republican leadership elections, we hope to see more candidates who will support these goals, and we therefore welcome the entry of Congressman John Shadegg to the race for Majority Leader. We hope every Congressman who is committed to ethical and transparent conduct supports a reform agenda and a reform candidate. And we hope all would-be members of the leadership make themselves available to new media to answer questions now and on a regular basis in the future.


N.Z. Bear, The Truth Laid Bear
Hugh Hewitt, HughHewitt.com
Glenn Reynolds, Instapundit.com
Kevin Aylward, Wizbang!
La Shawn Barber, La Shawn Barber's Corner
Lorie Byrd, Polipundit
John Hawkins, Right Wing News
John Hinderaker, Power Line
Jon Henke / McQ / Dale Franks, QandO
James Joyner, Outside The Beltway
Mike Krempasky, Redstate.org
Michelle Malkin, MichelleMalkin.com
Ed Morrissey, Captain's Quarters
Scott Ott, Scrappleface
John Donovan / Bill Tuttle, Castle Argghhh!!!
Duke DeLand, Pekin Prattles

Clinton Phone Taps were "O.K." to NYT!

William Tate, former journalist write in an article in The American Thinker of the difference between a Clinton (Read Democratic) Presidency and a Bush (GOP) Presidency in the eyes of our US of A MSM folk.

Glenn Reynolds issues his standard "Heh" and leads us to the article...HERE!

So, can someone ask the NYT why the difference? Perhaps they cannot even see a difference. Their blinders are showing!

How completely pathetic is this?


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Alito: Our Constitution!

Powerline quotes Alito, during the hearing, on the influence of other countries on our interpretation of laws......You have to read this...The best quote I have seen from Alito.

& I say AMEN!


Condi is the ONLY Choice!

Dick Morris is quoted in my post at "Condi for President 2008" about why Condi is better qualified than Shrillary to run for President.....read it and you'll understand.

I must confess to a really strong feeling about the need for Condi. She covers so many areas positively as a GOP candidate! Woman, self-achiever, minority....not necessarily in that order.

She has to be completely interesting to just sit with and visit....


Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"How to Change a Stinky Diaper!"

Stephen Green has one one of those......"You had to be there"moments....here!

At age 63, just achieved January 1st, I am a past-pooper-changer of the 1st water....

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt; the hat; the jacket; and, the "Double-Diaper" award for valor above and beyond the call of duty.....

Brother Green, you are a rank amateur.....but I still feel for you as I recall my 1st days in such a position!


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Unfair Contest - Judges vs Senators!

I am but a lowly computer person, and while experienced in broadcasting and speaking to large groups, I am a "newby" when it comes to answering the convoluted and often self-serving questions of U. S. Senators.

What reallllllly gives me cause to cheer is the apparent complete control of the situation that Roberts and Alito enjoy over the Senate question process.

Is it just me, or do these two giants of Judicial performance make the supposed "Senior Congressional Body" look like they have yet to learn the art of questioning?

I keep seeing jabs by Kennedy, et al, at Alito, and the answers come so strong, so detailed and so very, very organized as to make me feel the Senators should have remained in the locker room!

That may be a bit prejudiced, but I truly feel the Judges are ALL OVER these Senate folk!


"Poopy-Pants" Specter?

I, along with most bloggers, have found the bill signed by Pres. Bush, including a new level of idiocy about "offending" comments within blogs to be BS!

However, the ever-on-point Stephen Green at Vodka Pundit has it all wrapped up in sentiments I can endorse, and so do by posting his response to the legislation RIGHT HERE!

There are those who disbelieve the problem.....for instance read this from Instapundit!

For my part, the offensive comments issue....and let us presume here folks that the ones addressed in the legislation are the REALLY bad-mouth comments full of personal attacks and viperous labels/name calling....do a service to those who do not use said and same, but rationally issue discourse of any topic while at least trying to be somewhat sane. After all, my personal view of anyone letting lose with the rubbish of yell, cuss and scream has no arguement which they can use to convince... thus the yelling, etc.


Update: Eugene Volokh also has a lengthy review of his feelings about the law and its impact here!

Monday, January 09, 2006

11,000 & all is "Hell" - Just ask a Democrat!

Today the markets closed (NYSE) at MORE THAN 11,000 for the 1st time since 2001!

Read it again........

It is a Landmark!!!!!

The fact is it is the 1st time for the magic (guess so) level to be achieved since the "CRASH" caused by a runaway "dot-com" scandal of overpriced and over-valued items on principally the NASDAC........but then why worry?

WELL, because it could happen again if the demons of Democratic control took the reins and told us it will GROW forever!

Read it and decided folks. Can you believe the Clintonesque intonements of "forever" achievements? Or can we now be realists, and remember the Clinton chant when we go to vote in 2006?

Hope so!

A Voice of Sanity in Higher Education?

Professor Mike Adams has long been a favorite read of mine. His clear-headed discourse on various topics is a refreshing break from much of the clutter of the media, and even the blogosphere.

His current column, "Attention Surplus Syndrom" is a wonderful explanation of how colleges and universities should be conducting classes.

His explanation: My philosophy of teaching is so simple it can be summarized in these two sentences: I only care about learning and retention, not your yearning for attention. If students show their ASS in my class, they do not pass.

Are there any questions before we start?

You have to go read the column!


p.s. I have invited Mike Adams to be our next interview on "Pajamas Interviews".

Saturday, January 07, 2006

"Dive...Dive" - The Dems Die on Alito!

Yep, the facts are there.....the Dems are seeking ANY method, argument, reasoning, that will disrupt the march of Alito to the Supremes!

Check The Captain at Captain's Quarters as he gives us the fruit of the Demo effort....

I am almost laughing.....and the event should have repercussions which will launch us thru the Alito nomination easily! Love this....LOVE this!!!!!



Thursday, January 05, 2006

No Baloney on Global Warming!

OK! Now I am serious......I hope some others join me!

The fact is: Global change in temperature is cyclical!

NO serious scientist challenges that fact!

Today we face changes and melting of glaciers etc......there is MUCH more, according to the "death is us" proponents of the global warming ideal.....

Why cannot we simply plot the changes we can chart of the past thousands of years, and then let these speak for us?

Are the conservatives too afraid to espouse such? Are the global warming folk too afraid to set out the facts......NOT the melting glaciers, not the supposed warming of the oceans, but a TRUE perspective of what HAS BEEN in the past!

Gosh, I'd love that one!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Global Warming? - Global REPEAT!

The minions of the "global warming, we will all die" opinion seem to be bereft of the facts offered up by science!

How nice to simply miss the facts of articles which undercut these ideas!

My most sincere response to this, offered up not as fact from science, but as fact from studies of the past.......

This is a cyclical problem folks.....Man's ideas, as offered up primarily by liberal extremists, seem to ignore fact.....the manufactured data seemingly supporting these "global warming" ideas, and giving us "proof" that we are endangering Mother Earth ignore the fact of what has gone before!

My primary thought on this is "WE (read earthlings) are NOT powerful enough, have not the means nor methods to produce substantive changes in the EARTH!

She (female identification noted) will survive, and flourish LONG after man has any impact upon this little globe.



Is the USA in Line for Extinction?

Countries, "Empires" and regions have fallen from world prominence in the past 90 years....Many recently, and most of them were unanticipated collapses. There are more seemingly in line for a disappearing act and they are NOT Middle-Eastern nations. Mark Steyn writes of it, and Hugh Hewitt sums and adds additional posts from other bloggers on the topic. It is a scary read, but one EVERY person in the United States needs to read and reflect upon. Check Hugh's post but plan on a stomach turn or two as you do so.

I see it all as quite a definitive challenge to the USA. Can we, given our mainstream Democrats "anti-American" attitudes and blindness to what they are telling the world, manage to avoid being drawn into the maelstrom of Islamic growth and direction?

Most difficult to assess, however the fact that Democratic former Presidents and top pols of today find buddying up to Michael Moore...the pinup-boy anti-American...not only acceptable, but high on their agenda, gives me great pause to breathe deeply and hope for change in a reassessment by the Dems.


Update: HT to Hugh Hewitt for his link to my site regarding the Line for Extinction post above!
& For those reading this, please stick around and explore....you never know what you might find to love/hate!

Update2: Another trackback from below, and a new look at the story saying, in effect, we are missing our closest life-similar allies....the Mexicans, with a few additional folks from Central American countries.....check it out at The Real Ugly American's blog. The piece is long but well thought out, and in a strange way makes sense!

Monday, January 02, 2006

DNA Revisited - Should Re-tests be Allowed?

The question sometimes looms large.....particularly when a life is involved. Convicted and tests "prove", but then new evidence becomes available, or some slant indicates the original tests might have been not to the highest standards.

One of the questions seems to be.....WHY? Why do the folks who "got the conviction" seem so absolutely obsessed with making sure there are no re-tests allowed?

Their arguement is always, "it has been done".....but, if they, as the representatives for the law, are opposed to re-tests, is it because they really feel the tests are just extra "stuff", or, perhaps, they are really afraid they will be proven wrong.

If it were me I should like to be proven wrong if it involved someone sentenced to death or even life....or perhaps, even a few years.

Ego gains position here as these lawyers are almost to-the-man/woman seeking advancement of their prosecutorial career through the convictions they obtained. Sometimes innocent or guilty may take a back seat.

Too bad these folks do not REALLY believe in our laws and their protection of the "innocent"...even if once convicted.


The Duke Turns 63!

I am one of the fortunate/unfortunate New Year's-born folk.

I started off on the wrong foot with my late father......1st by being born a week after due (Christmas Day!), and then by coming while he was on shore patrol in California...and located 65 miles up the coast when the approaching event was apparent. He drove the entire trip back to Long Beach Memorial in a jeep with blackout lights.

Then, to compound matters I waited til midday to arrive, and thus became #2 birth in Long Beach in 1943. The cost he and my mom the prizes associated with 1st born in any year.

As for my Mom....I was 9 pounds 15 ounces....Nuff said!

Today, at 63, and sadly missing both of my parents, I was amazed as our 35 wonderful guests (family & friends) to the annual event we call New Year's Birthday Party arrived with the usual WAY too much food, drink, etc.

My lovely bride, The Duchess, managed to completely surprise me with her gift. WE are going for a hot air balloon ride, complete with Champagne! I was totally surprised, and credit her with the smart-gift award for the year, right her on January 1st!

Thanks to all who read this little blog, and I pledge, as my ONLY resolution this year, to spend a lot more time with its care and keeping during 2006. This will be in part due my pending retirement in August from the hospital. The Duchess gets an early reprieve in April as she reaches 30 plus years as a Surgial Nurse there......40+ years in total....a LONG time in the operating rooms. She ends her career as the Cardiac Nurse Clinician in ORs that will complete part of the hospital's 21,000 surgeries this year!

May you one and all have a fine New Year!