Tuesday, January 17, 2006

PLEASE! Do Not Begin Another Schiavo!

The death of an 11 year old, "vegetative state" patient....despite the cry of one's own support for an abused child....is NOT near a Schiavo incident.

It is happening now, as related by Fox here.

Please, please, Mr. Politician....Mr. "Right-to-Life"...etc. DO NOT Make this another cause to tout the keeping of a life. There is none here, and this little 11 year old girl has suffered more than we all collectively will ever. She is resting, but not with us.

Let the Schiavo fiasco be a mark for us, and let this young lady rest forever in the arms of the Lord!


UPDATE: Apparently this little one is showing some response signs.....wonder of wonders...God, let me be wrong! I sincerely hope this is a positive sign, and not just media pandering to some false signs such as the "Schiavo Smile".....Yes, I do love life.....