Monday, January 09, 2006

11,000 & all is "Hell" - Just ask a Democrat!

Today the markets closed (NYSE) at MORE THAN 11,000 for the 1st time since 2001!

Read it again........

It is a Landmark!!!!!

The fact is it is the 1st time for the magic (guess so) level to be achieved since the "CRASH" caused by a runaway "dot-com" scandal of overpriced and over-valued items on principally the NASDAC........but then why worry?

WELL, because it could happen again if the demons of Democratic control took the reins and told us it will GROW forever!

Read it and decided folks. Can you believe the Clintonesque intonements of "forever" achievements? Or can we now be realists, and remember the Clinton chant when we go to vote in 2006?

Hope so!