Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is the USA in Line for Extinction?

Countries, "Empires" and regions have fallen from world prominence in the past 90 years....Many recently, and most of them were unanticipated collapses. There are more seemingly in line for a disappearing act and they are NOT Middle-Eastern nations. Mark Steyn writes of it, and Hugh Hewitt sums and adds additional posts from other bloggers on the topic. It is a scary read, but one EVERY person in the United States needs to read and reflect upon. Check Hugh's post but plan on a stomach turn or two as you do so.

I see it all as quite a definitive challenge to the USA. Can we, given our mainstream Democrats "anti-American" attitudes and blindness to what they are telling the world, manage to avoid being drawn into the maelstrom of Islamic growth and direction?

Most difficult to assess, however the fact that Democratic former Presidents and top pols of today find buddying up to Michael Moore...the pinup-boy anti-American...not only acceptable, but high on their agenda, gives me great pause to breathe deeply and hope for change in a reassessment by the Dems.


Update: HT to Hugh Hewitt for his link to my site regarding the Line for Extinction post above!
& For those reading this, please stick around and never know what you might find to love/hate!

Update2: Another trackback from below, and a new look at the story saying, in effect, we are missing our closest life-similar allies....the Mexicans, with a few additional folks from Central American countries.....check it out at The Real Ugly American's blog. The piece is long but well thought out, and in a strange way makes sense!