Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"NYT vs America", a Malkin Perspective

Long a fan of Michelle Malkin and her words, I am completely taken with her review of the NYT in the past year.....a succinctly put piece which everyone should review on the Real Clear Politics pages.

The article makes a really nice companion piece to the entire episode of the WaPo taking on blogger Bill Roggio for his trip to Iraq as an embed....a false piece which is righted by about everyone in the blogosphere, but perhaps covered best by the put-together of Hugh Hewitt.

MSM, determined to go down.....but NOT fighting. Instead, they remind me of the soldiers who continued to surge forward into blistering fire from automatic weapons, convinced that they were not going to last. By the time the MSM gets it right they will be: 1) so low in believeability and circulation as to be meaningless, and, 2) bereft of any base from which to operate at all.

How very obvious it is that they still stick by several precepts they simply find it impossible to drop, including....MSM can and should direct public opinion based upon their own interpretation; Bloggers are "untrained" and "unprofessional" (despite the fact many bloggers are current or former a healthy group of professionals who write much more readable and researched and verified pieces than they); and, MSM will prevail and need not be responsive nor responsible for their errors in fact...source...opinion.

Thus shall they diminish into a field of unimportant and unread blurbs. They remind me, in some ways, of the companies who have left the business world when they could not adapt....horseshoe manufacturers (though a friend of mine from my years as a broadcast journalist, took his horseshoe company into the modern world making wire)....buggy whip companies, etc.

Sad to see as I used to truly enjoy reading every morning from several of the national "rags" delegated to the bin of "search for where the bias is today"...