Monday, December 12, 2005

Tookie Goes Away!

I am sure it will occur.

This is a death long overdue.

I am NOT an advocate of the death penalty, however, I am an advocate of resolution within a few years(months), etc.

This man deserves NO respect as offered by his minions of supporters from Jessie Jackson to some really outspoken stars of Hollywood......

Let me enumerate the reasons he should go away!

1. He has NEVER admitted the killings.

2. He has avoided offering his "Crips" buddies up to authorities.

3. He has managed to find a following for his "writings" of childrens books....they were actually at the least co-written by another person, and probably completely written by them....

4. Largest sale of his "books" was just over 300 copies....he has NOT impacted the youth he portends to give guidance!

5. The massive "stars" effort on him is for reasons no one can imagine.....Except, of course for the "RACE CARD"....

If I killed 4 persons, I would die within 4-5 one would notice....but then I am white, and if I was deranged enough to kill 4 people, and be convicted of the act....I would NOT survive 20 plus years! He has lived more than enough years!

Let us live the death sentence!

The sentence was delivered more than 20 YEARS AGO!!!!!!!

What is a death sentence if it is delayed for decades?????

It is impotent for any criminal expecting to kill and be caught!

Tookie must die!


UPDATE: Done Deal! Now, can we move on and get the media back from their "stuck on stupid" mode? Doubtful, very doubtful!