Monday, December 26, 2005

& A Good Time Was Had By All!

Sorry for the absence.....but not really!


That special time when all else takes a back seat to the celebration of a birth 2,000 years ago, and its impact on our world. That special time when family gathers and! The picture, by the way, is one of my now four, ski village, seaside, and this one which is actually now about 6 buildings larger!

In our case we filled the house with multiple kids and grandkids. Even pulled the motorhome into the drive, hooked up power and had 4 sleeping there.

Nights brought fires in our outdoor fireplace while we sat, talked, ate and drank on the screened porch (Lanai according to my sister!). Several enjoyed the spa; all enjoyed just "being" family, as friends, and in good health.

Reflection back on the good times of the year. Also on the trying times such as daughter Terri tumbling down the steps of her Houston home, with our then 20 month old granddaughter in her arms. Grandchild fine....daughter with broken leg later requiring surgery and steel pins. Now she walks fine. Reflections also on our approaching retirement (Duchess goes out end of April with 30+ years at our hospital & I work til August just to complete another retirement year).

Now Christmas has been held.....Eve one part of family spent time with his family... One son, Little Duke, and family departed back for Jacksonville for work/other family. We Christmas at my family's place; her family place; and more.

New Year's looms large on the horizon, and as is our usual New Year's eve is of less importance than the 40+ expected for New Year's day. That day, my 63rd birthday, has become a huge family/friends celebration with tons of food, good times and some fine spirits. Ending, as do many of our cool winter nights with a fire.

May you all enjoy your celebrations as do we. May there be the spirit of Christmas in each and every day....The Spirit of Christ! The reason for the season!