Monday, January 02, 2006

The Duke Turns 63!

I am one of the fortunate/unfortunate New Year's-born folk.

I started off on the wrong foot with my late father......1st by being born a week after due (Christmas Day!), and then by coming while he was on shore patrol in California...and located 65 miles up the coast when the approaching event was apparent. He drove the entire trip back to Long Beach Memorial in a jeep with blackout lights.

Then, to compound matters I waited til midday to arrive, and thus became #2 birth in Long Beach in 1943. The cost he and my mom the prizes associated with 1st born in any year.

As for my Mom....I was 9 pounds 15 ounces....Nuff said!

Today, at 63, and sadly missing both of my parents, I was amazed as our 35 wonderful guests (family & friends) to the annual event we call New Year's Birthday Party arrived with the usual WAY too much food, drink, etc.

My lovely bride, The Duchess, managed to completely surprise me with her gift. WE are going for a hot air balloon ride, complete with Champagne! I was totally surprised, and credit her with the smart-gift award for the year, right her on January 1st!

Thanks to all who read this little blog, and I pledge, as my ONLY resolution this year, to spend a lot more time with its care and keeping during 2006. This will be in part due my pending retirement in August from the hospital. The Duchess gets an early reprieve in April as she reaches 30 plus years as a Surgial Nurse there......40+ years in total....a LONG time in the operating rooms. She ends her career as the Cardiac Nurse Clinician in ORs that will complete part of the hospital's 21,000 surgeries this year!

May you one and all have a fine New Year!