Thursday, December 29, 2005

Partisanship a Problem? No! However Vileness Is!

In an LAT commentary piece Jonah Goldberg comes out swinging against those who ask an end to partisanship in politics. I believe he has mis-read the entire effort to end the vile, attacking form of partisanship....not partisanship itself!

Check his comments here.

What I am personally tired of, and find completely mystifying in its very existance, is the vile attacking, dragging-thru-the-mud of top political people by: TOP POLITICAL PEOPLE!

Most are the extremist moonbats led by such as Dean, Pelosi, Kennedy, ad nauseum. There are obviously some on the extreme right as well, however I don't find them in a leadership role.

Having two parties provides us a balance of sorts. Having one or both parties led by idiots who make mad, crazy, ludicrous statements is unbelieveable. Yet, currently that goes on daily, and we have a biased MSM more than happy to expose every lying, shallow bit of dirt so dished.

That, Mr. Goldberg, is what people are against.....Not partisan politics!