Sunday, January 15, 2006

How do You Handle a Problem Like Iran?

Michelle Malkin has assembled a near-complete review of the Iranian crisis (& it is that!). The link-rich review is worth a long and detailed review here.

Within the review Victor David Hanson lays out what he sees as four possible options for resolution....none of them either pretty nor appealing as workable. Read his entire piece.

For my money there is a fourth possible method of dealing with the mad mullahs. Simply allow the coddling Europeans and Chinese/Russians to continue to pursue Hanson's option #1....until Iran gains the weapon and in some fashion uses it. A quick strike against Isreal or some equally close target. Then the justifications will all be in place, the oppositions will evaporate like fog under the sunlight of a nuclear explosion, and there would be no remaining opposition to sustained gunning of the Iranian sites.

This option, however, also has several defects. One; I am not sure the mad mullahs will use the bomb. I believe their apparent-idiot leader is not planning to bomb anyone, but to establish Iran as a nuclear power. The mere possession of the weapon, demonstrable by a "test" within his own borders, will give him and his supporters visible achievement in the eyes of the Muslin world.

In addition, even if they employ the weapon, the post-possession problem of eliminating the bombs would be huge compared to today's option of destroying the facilities which will produce its components. The bombs and their rockets can simply be dispersed through out the cIranian countryside in mobile launchers and would be very difficult to locate.

I see no easy answer. I do know that we have currently a leader who is not prone to completely judge what "needs" to be done in the light of the apparent "public vision". He is much more decisive than that, and his judgement will be tempered by knowledge we do not possess. I still trust the man and his views.