Tuesday, January 10, 2006

"Poopy-Pants" Specter?

I, along with most bloggers, have found the bill signed by Pres. Bush, including a new level of idiocy about "offending" comments within blogs to be BS!

However, the ever-on-point Stephen Green at Vodka Pundit has it all wrapped up in sentiments I can endorse, and so do by posting his response to the legislation RIGHT HERE!

There are those who disbelieve the problem.....for instance read this from Instapundit!

For my part, the offensive comments issue....and let us presume here folks that the ones addressed in the legislation are the REALLY bad-mouth comments full of personal attacks and viperous labels/name calling....do a service to those who do not use said and same, but rationally issue discourse of any topic while at least trying to be somewhat sane. After all, my personal view of anyone letting lose with the rubbish of yell, cuss and scream has no arguement which they can use to convince... thus the yelling, etc.


Update: Eugene Volokh also has a lengthy review of his feelings about the law and its impact here!