Monday, January 16, 2006

Common Sense About Oil!

I sit here wondering how Democrats can possibly feel comfortable with opposing ANWR & Gulf of Mexico oil exploration/production.

They need to read and digest the following:

From the Guardian Robert Tait in Tehran tells us of Iranian oil price threats! Iran is a major part of oil exports worldwide!

From Nigeria the story of attacks by militants (read terrorists) on Shell & other oil producers wells. Nigeria is the 5th largest US provider of oil, by the way.

In the face of the facts......ANWR has an area which was officially designated IN ITS DESIGN as an oil production area; and, despite the most productive and horrific hurricane season ever the Gulf of Mexico had NO oil leakage from platforms...the fear of the enviros...The Dems are most likely to begin "jousting at windmills" in answer to the problems ahead in oil supply.

But then these are the same Demo folk who used most of last week to attack Alito, a man adjudged by most in the know and practicing law as a fine man of great principle, as if he were a mass murderer! Nuff Said!

The idiocy shall continue, and the only possible positive to these attitudes is a continued GOP domination of the legislature with a growing judicial conservative trend. And, that just may be enough for now!