Tuesday, January 31, 2006

So When Do We Restore Homeowner's Rights?

The FOX Story is Alito's Swearing in ceremony!

Bit much to suppose we are near this consideration, however, the addition of Alito provides me with visions of reversing the Kelo decision....and adding on.

The problem, of course, is a case on which to decide this. That may or may not be in the works. The reality is the decision might be never, or might be in segments, or might take years.

HOWEVER, The Roberts/Alito duet, provided by G. W. Bush will provide fodder for Conservative back-to-the-constitution decisions for 20-25 years!

I am pleased beyond hope.

Now, we must not rest. We must fill the courts down 1-2-or-3 tiers.....It is the prerogative of the party in the majority....despite the protestations, and yowlings of the Kennedy/Kerry/et al brigades as they stampede about trying desperately to avoid the change inherent in such a political domination.

I am a happy person.......but then of course, retirement approaching at the speed of light and only 7 months away could have some impact upon that!