Thursday, January 26, 2006

Hamas Won! er Lost! er Won!

Note: Story updated below...Duke

Oh yes, Hamas has WON the vote.....but will it give them power or grief?

Capt. Ed at Captain's Quarters had this negative take on the vote: Read it 1st!

I a not so sure, and answered Ed with this in his comments section:

I am actually somewhat pleased by this turn of events, Ed! Surprising?

In an analogy this result is the infamous "dog who finally caught a car"......

The fun part will be multiple:

How can a group dedicated to Israeli elimination possibly control with ONLY that avowed goal in mind and expect to continue receiving monies from any Western country?

How can the "snipers" (politically) who built this win on the base of a few dollars thrown to the poor and needy....While still pocketing millions....Now run the show and still claim the lack of money funneled to the people is caused by the "government" when they are that government?

How will they be able to wage war without any weapons other than their few rockets, and multitudes of small arms? They are so outgunned it is unimaginable!

I find their sudden exposure to leadership to offer many possibilities....Perhaps simplifying the equation which has existed with the Israel-Hamas-fatty triumvirate and their infuriating use of the triangle to always have one party seeking peace and another waging behind-the-scenes war.

Exposure to light may indeed provide the Hamas team with many problems...

Let us watch this develop.

Watch and see what the next few weeks brings!


UPDATE: As I had posted above in a comment to Capt. Ed, at least one Israeli leader agrees with my "wait and see" approach to reality setting in for Hamas.....

From an AP release:

Avi Dichter, a former Israeli security services chief, said he didn't expect terrorism to rise once Hamas takes over.
"The moment they become partner to the Palestinian government, reality will become a lot more complicated for them than it was when they were a terror organization alone," Dichter told Army Radio.
"I think it would be illogical — even insane — for them to toe the extremist line they have been following until now," he added. "I think we need to wait and see if common sense dictates."

I am still confident that the Palestinians, and perhaps even Hamas will realize the folly of a direct continuation of their earlier ideology...