Sunday, January 29, 2006

Obama Will Be President!

I am usually not one to prognosticate when it comes to such grand offices as President....However, having said that I will offer that Barak Obama, Democratic Senator of Illinois, and a black man, will be the first black to hold the office of President.


Let me extend several reasons.....

Obama is NOT the typical new Senator. He is a fellow who knows how to read the public. He is also a fellow who has exhibited the separation from the idiots of the Democratic party....Kennedy, Kerry, et al.....

Now, he sez....."Do not try the filibuster".....Instead he offers that the Democrats need to "Win an election" by offering new and public-supported goals! That, my friends, is a refreshing Democratic idea. One which has been unknown and has cost the Democrats three rounds of elections....and, I predict, will cost them 2006 as well! His idea elections, and then make the changes by having the votes. It is so simple it is almost funny.....but....he may well begin to move the Demos from their death-wish extreme left (Read: Dean, Kennedy, et al) movement back to a reality-based effort to actually be a positive party instead of the negative-based group which they now represent.

As a former President of the Kennedy-for-President fan club of my Illinois high school, and now an avowed GOP member, let me tell you his ideas will work.

Will anyone else listen?

I do not know, my friends!