Sunday, January 31, 2010

Obama Cuts Are Fictional.....SPEND, SPEND, SPEND!!!!

The Obama charade of cuts in spending were alive for about 1.0 nano-seconds before reality reared its UGLY head.

This man knows nothing about cuts....or, as is more likely, he is completely tone-deaf to the vibes of the populace. He wants to:


The man knows no bounds......He is Sha-kaw-ga politics in the finest form.....If you disagree with me, I will kill you!

If he is allowed to enact an even-similar budget to what he proposes the populace should un-elect each and every person in the Congress who votes for it! A-M-E-N!!!


Dead Cat Bounce....Obama Gets Mixed Readout on SOTU Speech!

If a DEM....You're a DEM......
If A GOP....You're a GOP......
BUT...Obey-The-One LOST with Independents!!!!


Rasmussen reports on divided SOTU response....Unsurprisinging results!

except for, you know....the independents.....The WH must be in deep thought....or NOT, as they choose to ignore such things usually.


FINANCIALLY...We're In Trouble!!!!!


The people who caused this are NOT bankers....they are Congressmen. They were not the President...They were the creators of the laws....the Congressmen!!!!

They will die lying to protect the fact from public exposure...but they caused the problem.....AND they are NOT about to fix it!


Tea Party....Still Gooing Strong!

One of my favorite "in touch" people is also "Mr. Blogger".....Instapundit Glenn Reynolds.

Today he delivers a look at Tea Partys in his column at The Examiner:

"A year ago, the Tea Party movement didn't exist. Today, it is arguably the most popular political entity in America. The movement is already more popular than the Republican or Democratic parties, according to a recent NBC / WSJ poll .

Even in blue-state California, three in 10 voters identify with the Tea Party movement.

And, of course, Scott Brown's come-from-behind blowout in Massachusetts occurred in no small part because of money and volunteers from the Tea Party movement around the nation.

This is heady stuff -- and, for people in the political establishment, both Republicans and Democrats, it's worrying stuff. If political movements can bubble up from below, and self-organize via the Internet, what will happen to the political class?"

Glenn continues in his read-worthy column: THERE IS MORE TO COME!!!

As Glenn states, the DEMs and, to a lesser extent, the GOPs, really would like to poo-poo the Tea Party folk, even after the last three major elections of folks unexpected to win....They would like to. They cannot successfully. The Tea Party is now a fixture, and the November 2010 votes will tell a new tale. I am awaiting the number who challenge the established as completely inexperienced politicians....AND WIN!!!!


Friday, January 29, 2010

W-H-Y ??????

Why is MASS's Kirk still voting?

Where are the GOP lawyers who wished to halt him after the election?

Why oh why do we still have this man in power to vote for things the DEMs are slipping thru in huge numbers before they seat Brown?


God, but I wish the GOP was still a coherent force in our favor.....but they are in absentia!


Moon Or Bust! - Obama Is Set To Kill Space Exploration!

His new budget for the coming year DOES NOT include funds for space exploration....NASA gets the axe by this man who wishes to halt all space exploration.

Obama is going to find new enemies with this dastardly funding shortfall....Aimed at what I do not know. He has a mind of his own, and he is bent upon destruction of most everything this nation loves. How can he possibly seek this preposterous killing of the NASA budget?

He is amazingly clueless, or is he simply driven by a desire to destroy this country....and WHY do almost 50% of the population still find this ogre attractive????

Got me!



Victor Davis Hanson explains how PrezBO has directly avoided doing what he said by doing the opposite!

Oh Yeah! This IS Obama!!!!


RUH ROH!!!!......MSM Once Again Gets O'Keefe Wrong!

YIKES....Tell me it ain't so....tell me the MSM didn't jump through hoops to try to "pre-convict" James O'Keefe, the famed ACORN scourge when they could not find it in themselves to cover the original well-documented ACORN idiocy!

YEPPERS.....Boy O Boy this is G-O-O-D!!!!

James, here, pretty much sez.....Nanny, Nanny, Boo Boo!!!!

OMG, the MSM are completely clueless about NEWS....they are, after all, agenda-driven! How sad, sad, sad.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thank You Democrats.....Now We ALL Owe, and Owe, and Owe!!!!

DEMs vote, in unity for increasing our national debt limit to $45,000 PER PERSON!

(Why is Kirk still voting?)

Guess the Dems will not disallow him until MA gives him endorsement in....oh, I don't know....maybe 2012??????

Of course the GOP voted against this insanity! 60-40......

(Why is Kirk still voting?)


Even the AP Lists 10 Biggest Lies of Obama's SOTU!!!

This is delicious!!!!

& It is real......

Read it folks and know this administration is D-E-A-D!!!


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SOTU......Oh Give Me A Break!

I refuse......I will NOT discuss the PrezBO SOTU speech.


He is going to PUSH-PUSH to the Nth degree!

Nothing he sez, nor espouses is open for discussion.....

He is........wait for it......"THE ONE!" Immune to all and every option from outside his sphere.

The man is losing it as we speak.

Our President is an idiot who speaks several lost languages.....Mostly those whom no one else knows!



It's A Rounding Error, It's Lunch Money!

Charles Krauthammer on Obama's "tax freeze" is ">DEVASTATING!



I Got Your State of The Union.....& It Is NOT Good!

People, business, finance....all are nervous about the Obama actions & plans...& Personal Income Tax Revenue is diving....The entire story with lots more graphs and true views of a near-dead economy IS AT LIBERTYWORKS!

Tonight's magnificent new approach by Obama, one that will likely do nothing to assuage fears, is just another ego-talk from The One!

FOXNews Most Trusted!

For those who yell in a constant din about FOX being the trusted news source....OOPS!


Really not a surprise to most of us as we always knew they were "fair & balanced"...


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

PREZ-BO Solves our Deficit!!!!!

He will cut $250 BILLION from the deficit by means which are both undecided, and unknown.....

Thus he will reduce the growing DEM-supplied deficit by 2.5% as we accumulate a new national debt of $1 TRILLION each and every year!

Gollee, we is saving a LOT!

This is stupid, Obama-speak for "I am the are not.....Thus you must accept what I shovel!"

Much like the statement by PrezBO about his being the added fellow who makes things work for a bereft party of liberal idiots.


Monday, January 25, 2010

The "New" Tactic Is Evident.....Even Before Obama, Year Two Message Is Delivered!

There will be a truly magnificent message from PrezBO on the 27th.....

"I am Seeking Jobs!!!!!"

"I am Protecting The Public From Banks (BIG Business)!"

"I am The Messiah of Hope & Change!"

Never mind about that 1st is history!

His message will NOT change. This President knows nothing but charge, charge, charge! He cannot fathom saying "I WAS WRONG!" It is simply not in the man's vernacular! Period!

He has the gall to still believe he can tell the public he is for them, and expect they will BELIEVE!!!!! The man is hobbled by a mentality from his Chicago days which sez.....WE WILL WIN, by whatever method!

He is wrong, and the electorate will tell him so in November.

They will S-H-O-U-T out the message for him, and he will spend the final two years of his one-term Presidency in a funk which will produce NOTHING.

That may be the best hope for the country.

Let us change Congress in 2010, and then the Presidency in 2012....


May Day!, May Day!......DEM Support Falls!


GOP Leads DEMs in support for 1st time in YEARS!

& By CNN, no of the Obama team news media.

Support crumbles.....

But, But....."You Got Me Babe!"


"You Got Me Babe!".......

No, Not Sonny & Cher.......PrezBO Hizself!

Down 3 to ZIP in personal appeals to save elections, "The One" still feels he is the amazing leader of the band.....the one in charge....the ONLY one who matters when it is up front and personal.

YIKES....he is much more self-centered than even I thought....& I KNEW he was bad.


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Oh Boy, Oh Boy....The Answers....

We wonder, but we know.....They think "US" Stupid!

My God, but the PrezBO believes us totally incompetent.....

Quick, Quick......

Get this guy into criminal court....Mirandize know BEFORE they actually have proof he is a terrorist!

PrezBO in action. Ideology 1st....deep thinking, well maybe never!



The battle cry over Mass and the election of Mr. Brown is now clarion clear among the WH folks from PrezBO on down to the lowly, and beleaguered Mr. Gibbs, WH Press flak.

B-U-S-H........He cost us the economy, he is still responsible. We find new reasons to blame Bush each and every day. Bush cost us everything. Even the anger at Bush and his economy cost us Mass.

Right! & Bush started the Tea Party tens of thousands who mysteriously did not appear until after Obama and company enacted the (Lack of) Stimulus bill. They were afraid of Bush so they stayed hidden until he left office. The Tea Party folks are much more comfortable confronting PrezBO and his "open and transparent", CNN-loving style.

Right! Really, really weak PrezBO.....You are just NOT getting the message. Hell, I don't even believe you've heard the doorbell yet.


Friday, January 22, 2010

More Communication

PrezBO has stated, in the face of the defeat of the DEM machine in Mass and in-kind the end of the current ObamaCare bill, that he needs to communicate more with the people.

How? Well, let me see....I know, I'll regulate the hell out of banks...those evil-profiteering-money grubbers. That way, I am communicating with the people.

Except, Mr. PrezBO, the banks are reacting to your plans by pulling back, and looky there....the Stock Market is down 300 points in two days.

That's gonna do it alright, Mr. Prez. Why, in no time your communication skills have changed the subject from healthcare to "evil banks"....and the economy takes another hit.

This guy is not so dumb as fail to realize his efforts have consequences. He just cannot accept the fact he might have to work with the GOP on some things.....after all he has a mandate.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Tri-Fecta!

Here we are....the PJ (Pajamas) Media MEDIA BLAST on Scott Brown and much more!


I Just Have To COMMUNICATE More!!!!

PrezBO sets it all right, I just need to connunicate M-O-R-E!!!!.....Meanwhile, CBS reports that in his first year in office, President Obama gave 411 speeches, comments and remarks, conducted 42 news conferences, appeared at 23 town hall meetings, 7 campaign rallies, and 28 political fundraisers, and granted 158 interviews … plus trips to 30 states and 21 nations, and meetings with 74 foreign leaders.

If that’s not enough communicating for one year, imagine what 2010 will bring.

My GOD! We'll be inundated!

This clown of a "community organizer" will deafen us all.


It Ain't Over Til The Skinny Dude Leaves Office!

If the folks who opposed Obama-politics and succeeded in electing Scott Brown believe they have won, they are in denial as much as the "organizer-in-chief!"

President Obama came to office, not to do what he said in the campaign....BUT to do what he truly feels....he wishes to socialize the US of A. He will NOT fold his tent and go softly into the good night because Scott Brown was elected.

Obama will find a new way to attack. He will design/find a new method of advancing socialism in this great country.

If you think for a minute Barack Obama is cowed by the defeat of his chosen minion, Ms. do not understand Obama!

He wishes to advance his endorsed (albeit quietly) by his fave folks, Mr. Wright; Mr. Ayers, etc.

This man is no ordinary politician. He does not dance to the tune of the electorate. He does as he can to advance Socialism. "Hope & Change" to him is a plan for making the USA a miniature European state.

If the public does not grasp this in the near future, they will find themselves in trouble.

The good news is, the election of Scott Brown seems to indicate the public has seen at least the light that Obama and the Democrats wish to do this republic HARM!

We will see where this goes from here forward.


ObamaCare IS DEAD!

Long Live ObamaCare!!!!

I love it.....Pelosi sez, "I ain't got the votes!".....Reid is in hiding.

Obama is blaming Bush (again/still)....

This is more fun than if McCain had been elected.....well, actually it is probably really better....cause we got no McCain...just this lone Chicago "Organizer" who cannot organize the time of day....

Ya gotta love it.

He will be back...he will attack, he will try another ploy. We just have to wait to see what it is.

What a difference a (Massachusetts) day makes!



Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah!

Man, do you miss Bush yet????

I know I do and i didn't like the guy!


OH NO!!!!!

Obama has announced he will travel to Nevada to "Help" Reid retain his Senate seat.....

Let me see.....Obama is 0 for 4 tries as the "supporter-in-chief!" He failed in three state elections, plus his magnificent destruction as the Olympics spokesperson for Chicago.

If I were Reid, already saddled by losing polls, I'd be sending a message to the WH.....PLEASE do NOT support me!


It Begins......Pelosi...."We Cannot Pass Health Care!"

Sorry, we failed!!!

The DEMs once again have driven us to the door of GOVERNMENT CONTROL of OUR Health, and been defeated!

Yee Haw!


Pelosi Is Distraught!

Pelosi now admits "they do not have the votes to pass" ObamaCare!

What a surprise. I am hearing that there are TONS of DEM legislators at the national level...House and Senate...who are in terror for their existence.

My reaction?

Yee Haw!

Go Tea Party......Make it happen in 2010!


A Ticket to Ride For Obama?

I am Invincible...I am Obama...Hear Me Roar!
You gotta be kidding......


He'll be unable to avoid this reward for his efforts because he truly believes it just HAS TO BE someone else's fault.





Too true....

This should be shouted from the news media across the it would have been in times past. However, it will NOT be so shouted today. They are too busy covering Mr. Matthews and his "A vote for Brown is premeditated murder for healthcare" statement.

My God, what we as a nation, have become.


BUSH-BUSH-BUSH.....DEM Mantra Still Used To Explain Death Spiral of DEMs


My God, will Obama and Company E-V-E-R Take any responsibility? in 2012, It will still be Bush's fault Obama has failed.

This man is a clueless idiot product of the Chicago School of Politics-as-Usual.

He just cannot fathom why the plan is not working......Must be Bush!


Does This President "Get It?"....Not In This Lifetime!

WOW.....without a trace of irony, PrezBO has issued a strong rule that those contractors who have not paid their taxes may not participate in further government-contract bidding.

As one who has appointed a number of folks who were underpaid/not paid/failed to pay into his own administration, this is bordering upon the ludicrous! Obama is as tone-deaf as anyone I have ever heard of in government.

This is yet another brick in the wall of why Obama will remain Carter, II....and be a one-term President. Despite strong personal support...he cuts against the grain of reality at every turn, and seems oblivious to the fact.

Chicago politics produces really, really strange fellows....even if they have charm to begin with. I predict he will continue shooting himself in the foot until 2012 when the electorate will put this administration out of its misery.




The U. S. Supreme Court has issued a ruling which affirms the free speech of this great country as a right.....THIS IS HUGE!!!


The single-most-positive Constitutional reinforcement from the SC in decades, as far as I am concerned.




Just how many consecutive weeks must the change exist before it is EXPECTED???

Capt. Ed looks at the unemployment fiasco...

The surprise is that the media still utilize such verbs....Well, actually no, that is not a surprise from the media who hold close a man such as Matthews who called a vote for Brown a death knell for ObamaCare.

This must be Bush's fault....The stimulus, after all, saved zillions of jobs which never existed or already existed and were never-in-trouble!


But, But....You PROMISED Mr. President!

John Stossel Lists the broken promises....

& That is just a few of them......Maybe he'll apologize during a CNN ObamaCare debate broadcast!!!!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Election Headline of The Day!

Roy Edroso issued it:

"Scott Brown Wins Mass. Race, Giving GOP 41-59 Majority in the Senate"

Way too funny, and surely in line with the news stories all day long.


Yeppers......This sez it clearly....

Somewhere a Democrat is getting the message.....I believe it is in EVERY elected DEM House & Senate member's office.....Well, maybe except for Reid, Pelosi & a few more.


Will the DEMs Get The Message????

"If you lose Massachusetts and that's not a wake-up call, there's no hope of waking up."

-- Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN)

AMEN....but, as I posted earlier, it seems from the massive reporting around the blogosphere the DEM majority has or is getting the message. Wanna bet Pelosi & Reid's phone lines are burning up with calls saying "not me...I ain't gonna vote for anything!"?

He He


Abandon Ship!!!!!

The day after Brown manages Boston Tea Party 2, the Democrats battle cry is loud and clear as reported by Allahpundit at Hot Air; BAIL OUT!

This may become a stampede as Democrats vulnerable to November's vote seek to be 1st in line to check out of ObamaCare.


Boston Tea Party - Part Deux!

Looks to me like PrezBO was dead on!

He has given us....

HOPE....(the process does still work!)


....(Even Mass can go GOP....)

As one serious pundit commented last night....."OK, that was good...Now, WHO IS NEXT?"


"We Are ALL Tea Partiers Now!"

Ed Driscoll EXPLAINS!

Nicely put!


Has Done Everything Wrong!...

Mort Zuckerman...."Obama punted on the economy and reversed the fortunes of the Democrats in 365 days"

He details his argument here.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My Winners Are Your Winners....Unless They Lose!

My winners are Your Winners.....Unless they are NOT!

This is too much!


Monday, January 18, 2010

"Now Is The Time, This Is The Place..."

Excuse the headline quote from Savatage's Dead Winter, Dead album....The deception of the Democrats is all I fear at this point in the Mass election. Free of the lies, cheating, etc. Mr. Brown is our next Mass Senator.

I L-O-V-E the dilemma that offers the DEMs. Force the ObamaCare thingee through utilizing whatever chicanery they can find....OR, drop it and face the music of their base. The 3rd option is the one I HOPE we see.....1-5 DEM Senators drop out of the final bill. Of course, then the DEMs have the "nuclear option" of forcing this through with 51 votes, and then facing the music from voters in November. I still believe the calmer heads will prevail and the DEMs will abandon this farce.

Maybe I am dreaming. Reid and Pelosi seem to be bereft of reason at this point. PLUS, PrezBO is seeing his entire term of office slip away as we speak.

He He....what a difference a year makes.


Obama Lies Again....

In his speech in Mass yesterday, PrezBO notes that Brown is catering to special groups......

BUT....PrezBO is just off the track of meeting with Union officials and then granting them immunity from the rules the REST OF THE POPULATION must follow....for 5 years....By then, of course, the 5 years will be extended to ETERNITY!

Specials interests???? Obama is the picture of LIES in this instance...but he has a "protective media cover" which will NEVER expose the lies.....They must, after all, protect the PrezBO.

He is Their Dog in this hunt!


Healthcare....Crisis of Culture!!!!

Oh My GOD!

This nails what I have been saying for at least the last few years....

The Healthcare Crisis IS one of Culture...



Copenhagen, III ????

Krauthammer believes it is so....

So do I!


1 Day vs WEEKS?????

Amazing....the DEMs feel they can seat Martha Coakley, (D-Anointed One For Kennedy)...
"Meanwhile, Ed Markey expects Coakley in DC on Wednesday. “We’re all waiting for Wednesday morning when we have Martha Coakley joining us down there.” So I guess if Brown somehow does win he’ll be sworn in by Wednesday, too. . . ?" The story is from Instapundit.

How telling that difference, DEMs find they can seat a DEM in a day, however, the seating of a GOP winner could take weeks.....Gotta check their underwear!

These DEMs are so stupid, so transparent....despite the fact they have been completely opaque re: their plans and actions....that they feel they are on solid ground.

I believe Tuesday will find them spinning another tale....One not heard by the majority.

Another point is the plain and simple message the delay of seating Brown would send to the electorate....NATIONWIDE! We WILL cheat WHEN we need to!!!!


You Know You Are In Trouble When Ted Kennedy's Son Speaks For You & Does Not Know Your Name!

Oh Coakley, we knew you had 30% leads; you were the anointed one for "The Kennedy Senate Seat"; you rose and waved a regal hand to the plebiscite once and a while; you graced our venue with a limo motorcade; etc.

Now.....well, now you are "Marcia".....Why Ted's Son has so named you....You must immediately change your name from MARTHA!

What a fiasco!

May Day, May Day; Coakley pileup on aisle 1 through 200......


PrezBO is No Mo!

The change is huge!

The One, PrezBO, the man who had all the charisma in the 2008 Presidential election; the man who spouted "Hope & Change" constantly is now a small spark of his campaign self.

Even in BRIGHT BLUE (til now) Massachusetts he speaks, and then when a single man stands to heckle him, he seems tentative, disorganized, without resolve......Maybe Mr. Teleprompter had NO information to address the issue of this lone heckler. Removal of the heckler by security people did little to restore the luster to Obama.

Given the gravitas of the Mass vote in terms of the ENTIRE Obama agenda, this is astounding!

Most consider the impact of a lost 60th vote. Nay, say I! Obama is now fighting to maintain ANY say for the next three years.

IF Coakley loses....and now that seems highly likely....Obama faces the fact of mass defection from ANY form of vote for any of his major programs.....ANY.

The lone positive vote he MIGHT get is on ObamaCare.....IF the Senate uses the 51 vote reconciliation method. IF. That assumes compliance by the House....far less than a certainty.

A Loss in Mass makes every Senate candidate, every House candidate subject to similar possibilities this Fall. They know that fact. They know their vote for or against Healthcare will be remembered in 10 months. They have been shown the memory and the feelings vis-a-vis the Tea Party circuit they all enjoyed, and are still enjoying.

The choice then is ugly. They, the candidates of the Democratic Party for this Fall, will try to find a way to AVOID a vote on ObamaCare. They cannot win with a vote. Against, they lose their base. For they lose the right and MIDDLE!...

The Democrat candidates will find it hard to reverse the energy of the Tea Party folk even IF ObamaCare goes away.

Things are going to be interesting folks.....

Oh, and even if Coakley pulls a magic rabbit out of the hat.....Nelson, and several others may yet bolt ship, and even Pelosi has NO positive vibes about House approval at this point.

The vote in Mass, pro or con on Coakley/Healthcare is a shot fired so close to the bow of the Democrat ship they must all be shaking in their boots.

Ya gotta love it.

What a difference a year makes.


BROWN TO WIN!.......Man, I Hate To Put That Out!

BUT....Some things get seemingly obvious.....Brown gets, at least, local SEIU endorsers.
Maybe that is why the union-rich state of Mass is importing buses of SEIU thugs from other states. Locals do not want Coakley...oops sorry, Her Majesty, The Annointed Ms. Coakley!
You can read the entire thing with more pics at VotingFeMale!

So finally I feel more confident. The problem is, a DEM state as solid as Mass has a lot of folks who know how to plant things, delay things, miscount things, etc. Cheating is not impossible....

Even Ed Schultz would cheat to keep "The Bastards" (Brown) out of office!

Gonna be a nervous day tomorrow....but not near so nervous for we outsiders as it will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Run Brown, Run.....Latest Poll Gives Brown 4% Lead!

Got to be a TON of SCARED DEMs!!!

The implications are way more than the fact. This is (was) a STRONG-SECURE Democratic seat in the U.S. Senate.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A New P C Winner.....From A Democrat, Of Course!

"Disadvantaged" children became "at risk" so as not to offend their feelings....but now they are "AT HOPE!" as reported by Neal Boortz!

O M G !

That just beats anything I have seen, but in my mind I know there are many, many of the Socialists.....oops....Progressives who are working on new and illuminating words to help us make everything Okey Dokey!

Ya gotta love the minds that think that way. They are sooooo entertaining!


Monday, January 11, 2010

Brown Even Sounds Like A Senator!

"It's not Kennedy's seat, it's not the Democrat's seat....It is the People (of Massachusetts' seat!"

In tonight's debate between Democrat Coakley and Republican Brown for the MA seat, the above made Brown sound quite in-control and on-target to be elected.

In addition, today his on-line and phone campaign raised more than 1.1 Million dollars. In ONE day!

Go Mr. Brown.....directly to "The People's seat." You deserve it.


Global Warming....OOPSIE! Not For The Next 30 Years...

We're Going To Have A Mini-Iceage!

The scientific facts are coming out & this current cold, cold Winter is NOT a fluke! The map above indicates this current year's below-normal spots...They are in BLUE.

FOXNews is covering the story!

I just love it. I have been saying for years on this blog that GW was much ado about nothing. It is a huge way for scientists of some organizations to insure their grant money continues.

I will sit now and wait for the GW Nuts to try desperately to debunk the facts to maintain their little money-engine.


Sunday, January 10, 2010



Obama just is sincere enough to believe:

1. He was given a mandate to do whatever he felt would work.

2. He was the "Leader-of-choice" for all things involving decisions.

3. This bumpkin......bereft of ANY experience, decision-making ability/experience has a feeling his decisions are the WORD-OF-THE-PEOPLE....despite the polls to the contrary!

Welcome to Carter 2....Plus, plus, plus!


OH-Oh-Oh.........Just TOO True!

READ THIS.....Please!!!


& The Plebesite Objects????


My God We Are DOOMED!!!!!


YOU Are A Criminal.....NOT A Terrorist!.....& Your Reaction????


The Obamanistas have provided the Canary with his out.......You Are A Criminal, not A Terrorist!

Yeah.....& I am The 2nd Coming of Christ! N-O-T!!!!!

This frog, who tried desperately to kill 300 people as a "martyr to terrorism" is going to be a common criminal under the Obama guidelines....

How very, very nice.......We will probably get 300-fold absolution fr4om the Islamist Terrorists for Obama's decision.......

Wanna BET?????


O.K. For You, But Nadda For Me!!!!!! I Am Liberal, Hear Me Meow!!!!

O.M.G......Reid is "Exempt" from racist charges????

I'd guess that was a Democrat-instituted idea.

If a GOP member had said what Reid did, he/she would have been castigated/pilloried/and SOOOOO much more......

But this is Harry Reid, the Democrat voice and control of the Senate of the United States. He can do N-O default......default of the LIBERAL Media, of course.

Let us KNOCK this WONK off in 2010!

Har Har


Saturday, January 09, 2010

Watch For Sweat On Obama's Brow!

CBS News, in an exclusive, sez 20 more terrorists trained in new-style bombing!

YIKES! Comforting to me....Now I remember completely why I do not fly anymore unless FORCED TO!

Obama has to be having a serious case of heebie-jeebies! It seems clear to me this would be the fact why he finally stepped forward with some, at least, perceived strength on the panty-bomber....even if he did not cut out even one of those who either failed in their assignment, and looked like the buffoons they really are.


You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet!!! - Tea Party Plans 2010!

So you thought you heard a lot about Tea Party folks in 2009? HA!

FOXNews details early plans...already making ripples across the land!

My prediction is, you have seen just the beginning. The funniest fact to me is the Democrat office-holders are trying hard to disparage this massive movement even as they continue to vote-vote-vote on more and more diverse ways to spend money this country does not have!

My only advise to all of you....GET OUT THERE to a rally and see just how serious these folks well as to make clear in your mind that this is truly a GRASS ROOTS movement, not a bunch of hooligans. The only hooligans you might find at a Tea Party Rally is a small vocal band of purple-shirted SEIU Union thugs...!

I am excited even as I sit dumbfounded that the roll continues toward passage of the ObamaCare bill...even as CongressCritters try desperately to distance themselves from the thing....BUT, they are still going to vote for it.


Friday, January 08, 2010

Ya Make Em "Criminals" Instead of "Terrorists" & Guess What!!!!

He blew his own crotch up and burned his private parts....BUT he still PLEADS INNOCENT!!!

Gosh, could it have been because he is charged as a "Criminal" instead of as a "Terrorist?"

Yeppers, folks the Obama "We see no terrorists" theme is playing out as we expected. The trial of the Terrorist as a "criminal" will provide him with leverage, and a stage upon which he will be capable of lecturing the USA on his ideas and his ideals....All to a captive audience.....BUT, if charged as a terrorist in the military area, he'd not be heard from.

Much ike the terrorists we are going to try in New York as criminals instead of as terrorists.

Obama has never met a terrorist he could not call a simple criminal. They are just thieves.....despite the fact they wish to/have killed HUNDREDS!

Obama is a grey ghost of illusion, and a Socialist who pushes his agenda at all times. Safety-of-the-public be damned!


WELL HELLO MEDIA....Welcome to the Reality Show!

THE GOING GETS TOUGH when you LIED to.....well, E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E!!!!!!!

Let us hope the hype of Obama in the campaign/vs the reality of Obama, The Prez....are enough to alert even the dead-heads of the left that they elected a person who will do anything to SUBVERT The USA for Socialist ideals!

Can I get and A=MEN?


CUT CEO PAY!!!!! (Well, except for our PET companies!!!)

The Neal Boortz page tells a story you will NOT be hearing from the Obama Media (MSM)...

Neal Boortz
@ January 8, 2010

If you will recall back in December, Obama's pay czar announced pay limits for those evil corporations that received bailout money. Employees of bailed out companies can no longer earn a base salary of more than $500,000. Not only that .. but at least half of that salary would have to come in the form of company stock.

Now let's move on to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They have received more than $111 billion in taxpayer money to stay afloat. In fact, the Obama administration has since pledged "unlimited financial assistance" to Fannie and Freddie. Are you sitting down? OK ... then hear this. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Their two CEOs are getting paid as much as $6 million for 2009.

Didn't know that, did ya? Why would you when our lamestream media has been mum on the subject. They felt extremely compelled to harp on AIG and other evil corporations for private jets, salaries and bonuses ... but when it comes to Fannie and Freddie, according to Newsbusters, ABC and CBS offered a total of three brief mentions totaling 175 words and NBC didn't say a thing about it."

Whata freeking SUR-PRIZE!!!!!

Yeppers, the folks at MSM are still tuning to the "Hope & Change" delirium with which they have doctored their coffee for the past umpty months!

Go the US to the brink of collapse...financially....OH WAIT!, You A-L-R-E-A-D-Y HAVE!!!!!

Public, are you noticing? I'd guess so, by the Obama/DEM ratings fiasco....but not enough to my way of thinking.

Too many still believe the MSM hogwash!


Thursday, January 07, 2010

OH....OH...OH....Just Check THIS OUT!!!



SMOKE SCREEN!!!!!.....

President Obama, just back from a tanning experience in Hawaii....OOPS He does not NEED a tan....(boy will that get me a "racist" label....) has decided several things.....

Attacking the response of the TSA/Etc. to the Christmas Detroit bomber ( he is only a terrorist if Obama sez so!) is going to get him the chance to sound like Mighty Mouse as he adds flying agents to thwart such attacks, and sounds out loudly on the failures of the folks responsible.

OF COURSE this is subterfuge to keep your eyes off the bouncing ball of OBAMACARE!!!!!

If you are thinking of terrorists and flying, then OBAMACARE is not on your radar.

Obama is a specialist at the "SHA-CAW-GAH" version of three-card-monte! Distract the masses, and give them something else on which to chew, and push your hidden agenda so they don't see it!

Yeppers, I am sure that is what's afoot Watson! We'll have ObamaCare by "State-of-the-Union" time.....GAR-UN-TEED!!!!!



O.K.; O.K.; So Here's What We Do.....Ignore The Facts & Allow Bombers On Planes!

This is so far off the charts as to be idiocy! Bomb-seeking dogs lose their touch, but get to stay on anyway!


I wonder if passengers boarding at Philadelphia understand this situation? I doubt it since the folks in charge (?) didn't tell anyone else.

Were they planning on the mere threat of bomb-sniffing dogs to deter terrorists?

I don't think I wish to know what was in their minds.


Stand By For DEM/Obama Announcement That Gallup Polls Mean Nothing!

Rasmussen, please make room for the Gallup folks in the penalty box!
You just know the administration & congressional DEMs (plus a compliant MSM) are gonna have to choose whether they wish to ignore the poll, or attack its author.

Jeffery Jones of Gallup TELLS THE STORY...

Pretty soon there will be no pollsters left who can have an opinion free of criticism.

Love it!


OOPSIE!!!! Illinois Once Again Develops Egg-On-Face Syndrome!

Did they ever not have an operational failure system?

Illinois Panel Votes FOR Gitmo Plan.....Three Federal Prisoners Escape Illinois Jail The Same Day!

Ouch...that's gonna leave a mark....But in Illinois it is not now, nor has it ever been a priority that the people of the state (outside of a political few in Chicago) be considered in decisions.


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

He Just Doesn't Care!

Obama called for "Hope & Change!"

He has produced none of that.

Obama said we'd open up discussions on congressional bills to the public for transparency.

He now avoids that like the plague!

Obama called for an end to PORK.

He has not commented upon/vetoed/nor challenged ONE piece of pork from the thousands which have sailed across his desk.

Obama wanted Washington free of hacks and lobbyists.

He has hired hundreds of them with no comment.

Has the man done anything he said he would????

Oh, yes...he has called for ObamaCare....despite HUGE public opposition. & He and Reid/Pelosi are going to have it, no matter what. They will do so behind closed doors without ANY form of input or consideration from the minority party.

Anyone want to speculate what the DEM scream would be if the GOP was in charge and keeping them out of the picture?

Come on 2010 elections.....we have a lot of DEMs/Independents to replace.


Well, We Would Open This To C-SPAN, Except That We Won't & That's The Facts Jack!

Obama, Two-Faced liar that he he has his flack lying, covering up, digging deeper, etc.

Michelle Malkin covers it....

Openness....Transparency.....Shucks folks that was campaign talk. We never meant we'd ACTUALLY do either.

What a sham this President is; what a source of lies and double-entry cover-ups.

We meant what we said, except when we need to do otherwise.

ObamaCare W-I-L-L be the law, no matter what we have to do.....

Thanks those of you who sought "Hope & Change".....what will "The One"'s theme for 2012 be.....Hope & Change for now, but Nothing for later?



May Day, May Day....DEMs Dive in Polls & Candidates!

YOWZIR.....The Dems lose another leader......PLUS, PLUS!!!

& Then there is Reid, D-I Am Lost!.....He is sinking faster than an iron anvil in the Atlantic....

This must make the DEMs feel really, really positive......Maybe, perhaps the chief of waffle, known as Obama, will save the party with his brilliant oratory...After all, facts are just THINGS.....

Yee Haw.....

The DEMs are lost in 2010....


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pressure Builds To Open Healthcare Reconciliation Process To The Public!

C-SPAN leads the charge....

Even Harry Reid, in 2006, WAS Appalled by hidden items and lack of public transparency. Of course back then he was not addressing an Democrat production.

Hope & Change....Transparency....Lies from the Left.


Auto Compilation.....

And I do mean compilation....I WANT ONE!!! The vehicle is a "789"
It is built on a Corvette chassis (C-6), and is composed of three years of Chevy combined....57 Front...58 Side...59 Rear end.
Do you want to bet on the W-O-W factor of pulling up to a stoplight in this baby?

The auto is made, along with another and a third on-the-way by a small California company called N2A Motors.

Now that's what I'm talkin about!


Monday, January 04, 2010

Carter II......Yeppers He Is The Man!

Obama is Carter II....The new version!

Man-o-man he thinks/acts/believes as has Carter. He is now going to become Carter....The only question being will he be allowed a 2nd term because of GOP dithering? I sincerely HOPE NOT!


DEMs Eliminate GOP Involvement In HealthCare Resolution!

Gollee....The "Transparancy" & "Openness" of the Obama Administration is now a HUSK OF LIES!

The DEMs are going to railroad the Healthcare resolution between House and Senate through their own version of "WE ARE THE MAJORITY"....Instead of through the historic route of DEM/GOP negotiation and involvement.


The NON-Negotiable solution is designed to insure passage....vis-a-vis NO GOP participation.....WOW! Aren't you proud you elected these folks on the promise of "Open and Transparent" action????

You get the shaft from the folks who themed themselves as moderates, and then dived FAR LEFT upon election.


Michelle Malkin calls it The Death Of Deliberative Democracy!!!


Saturday, January 02, 2010

Boogidy-Boogidy-Bush! New (Old) DEM Mantra!

It is now 2010....The November elections are in sight. The DEMs are, and have been in power in the Congress since 2006. They have controlled the WH for an entire year.

The DEMs have presided over the decimation of the economy; and HUGE jump in national debt; and, so much more to drive the nation toward poverty status.

& Now they unveil their plans for telling the public to vote DEM in 2010.....


Yeah, that's the ticket!

It worked in 2006, even better in let's beat the dead horse some more! What could go wrong?



Friday, January 01, 2010

Democrats Kill School Vouchers For Poor DC Children!

The party for the minorities has struck out once again to stomp those minority folks back down into the dirt.

A highly-successful voucher program in Washington, DC has been struck down ON A STRAIGHT-LINE PARTY VOTE with Democrats opposing the program!

The question in my mind is when will the minority people see that what the Democrats want for minorities is for them to be quiet, and vote straight-Democrat...not to actually, you know, hope for any support programs. After all, Teachers' Unions oppose the programs which allow children to choose schools which actually function and educate. Thus the minority kids are the losers.

But the minority folk still vote Democrat, despite the fact the program was a GOP project, passed by a GOP Congress, and now has been ended by Democrats. None are so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE!


9 BIG Stories The Media Missed in 2009!

1st time I can remember this type list being compiled!

FOXNews, of course, has it!

The media are complicit in their own demise. They have chosen a route to follow which precludes coverage of anything which is anti-The One! Period.

In their effort to keep their story line intact, they avoid any possibly deviation.

This is NEWS???? No, News, as I pursued it 35 years ago, was finding the story and then exposing both sides...if there were two sides. Today news is themed. If it supports the theme you use it, if not it never sees the light of day even as the public learns of it via the web.